Spring Love - Bedroom Fantasies #44

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Spring Love - Bedroom Fantasies #44

It’s the middle of the day and the sun is shining directly onto you. The aroma of the freshly blossomed flowers fills up your little alcove. You’ve been basking in the sun, in a flowery sundress, silently thanking spring for this perfect weather. You’ve been reading the same book for the last few days; I find it cute how you like to read. I come upstairs just as your lips touch the glass you’ve been sipping gin out of all afternoon. Something in me stirs and I haven’t seen anyone, any thing or any moment as perfect as you are right now. I grab a glass with ice and walk towards you. You hear the door slide and you look up at me with those beautiful, Tennessee whiskey eyes. In that moment, I know you are all I’ll need in life. You pour me some gin and I take a seat next to you. You’re glowing. The sun is second to your beauty.

I place a hand on your leg and gently run my fingers up and down them as you continue reading. I sip the gin. I feel you shift your weight in your chair ever so slightly. If I wasn’t paying attention, I would’ve missed it, but I am paying attention. You rub your neck and close your eyes. I grab the book out of your hand and place it on the table in front of us. I turn to face you and place my finger and thumb on your chin and move you to face me. With every bit of passion like when we had just first met, my lips collide with your lips. Time slows. The universe stops. Just two hearts beating in time with each other. Your lips are perfect; I’ve always liked how they fit in perfect with mine. I bite your lip and almost like clockwork, you shuffle in your seat so you’re on the edge of it.

As our tongues find one another, my hand slowly moves between your thighs. I can feel your breathing getting heavier just as I begin to touch you. I can feel the lace lingerie that you're wearing… you planned for this, didn’t you? I slide my hand underneath it and a welcomed chill runs down my spine. My lips disconnect from yours and they find their way to your neck. Biting. I know you like biting. As my fingers start to tease you, I move to your ear. “You’re soft,” I whisper, as I ease a finger inside you and almost simultaneously, you let out a gasp.

Almost instinctively, you grab my hair, bringing your lips back onto mine. As your kisses start to get harder, my hand grabs at your lace panties and I take them off you. Red. You feel me smile. I break away from your lips.

“You look so fucking good in red,” I mutter as I pull you more towards the edge of the chair. Our tongues find one another again, just as I slide a finger back into you. You feel so fucking good, petal. Just as quick as the sun retreats behind some clouds, I’m on my feet, pushing the chair against the wall. I’m over you now and you look so… vulnerable and cute. A new type of urgency comes over me and I’m kissing your neck. My finger deep inside you, while the palm of my hand is… rubbing your clit gently but fast. I feel you squirming in your chair. It’s like you read my mind because I can see you lick your lips just as I lick mine. As the sun reappears and hits us, I’m in between your legs, my hands holding your thighs up.

I could do only this everyday for the rest of my life and I would be content,’ I think as I start to softly bite your thighs, making my way up them. Just as I reach the apex of them, I move my hand towards your tits and up your neck. You grab my wrist and slowly put my fingers in your mouth.

Good girl.

I move my hand back down to your thighs, firming my grasp on them. I start off with soft kisses, appreciating every inch of your pussy. When I feel your hands move to my head, those soft kisses are anything but. You taste so fucking good. The remedy to every ailment that my soul has and ever will have. I hear your moans getting louder and can feel your back arching as my tongue finds its way to your clit.

Out here on this balcony, the sun melting the ice into our gin, I want you to melt for me. With my tongue still on you, I work my hand back up to your mouth and just like that, you follow my instructions as you again work two fingers into your mouth but this time, you grab my hand and place them where you want them to go. I slowly slide two fingers deep inside you with ease; you’re all wet… for me. My fingers start fucking you faster as my tongue does the same. Your moans get louder but then they stop, and you grab my wrist and lead me to the couch.

“Lay on the couch,” I tell you between bated breaths. You tell me you don’t follow instructions as you bend over the couch and tell me to get on my knees.

I like when you’re in charge, so I more than happily oblige. I kiss down your back and start slowly pulling your dress up. Your hands are digging into the couch as I place your dress up around your hips, leaving you exposed and all mine. I do as I’m told now and get on my knees, taking in all your fucking beauty. I grab your ass and bite it, leaving marks. I can hear you try to cover your moans so in between bites, I start spanking you, starting gently but getting just hard enough to leave my hand prints across your ass. You adjust your stance, so your legs are spread wider and I know that move. It’s an invitation… isn’t it, my love?

I more than eagerly accept it and make my way closer to you. My hands on your ass, spreading you. I’ve never felt this greedy in my life but here I am, kneeling before you, ready to do whatever I can to please you. I take my time, soft kisses across your pussy, wanting to savour this moment. You have other plans as you push my head right into you, holding me there. My tongue finds its way inside you while my hand begins leaving more marks across your ass again. You grab a fistful of my hair and you control the tempo as my tongue fucks you. As your grip loosens, I make sure to lick every inch of your pussy and ass… I want you to feel so good because of me. I spit onto your pussy and gently slap it but I can tell by the way your legs are shaking that you enjoy it. I slide another two fingers deep inside you and make sure you’re dripping for me as I get up off my knees.

By this time my greediness has taken over. I undo my jeans and kick them across the room; you’re still bent over the couch. I grab your hands and place them on your ass.

“Spread for me,” I order you and you’re listening to instructions again because that’s what you do. My cock slides into you with such ease, like it was made only for you. Your hands grab onto the couch as I grab a fistful of your hair. Have I told you that I really like your hair? But for some reason it looks even better when it's between my fingers.

As I start to pull your hair, my free hand grabs at your right hip, clutching onto it. I start to fuck you fast, syncing up with your moans. In between them, you’re begging for me and it only makes me go harder. Now both of my hands are on your hips, holding you still as I fuck you harder and faster. Not caring who can hear us, I’m more vocal now, telling you how good you feel. I pull you up closer to me and I grab your neck. Your dress falls and stops us from continuing. You get up and take it off. The sun is hitting you from behind and you look like an angel, though I really know that you’re anything but. Petal, I’m so fucking obsessed with your body. As you’re standing there in front of me, I go to kiss your neck, but you stop me and push me onto the couch…

“My turn,” you say with a cheeky grin.

You take my top off and bring your lips to mine, but you don’t kiss me. Instead, you bite my lip and move your hand up my leg. Your lips move to my neck and now I can see why you love biting so much. Your lips move back to mine just as you grab my cock. A short intake of air fills my lungs. You’re so… gentle yet still in charge. I know I’m bent to your will because I go to kiss down your chest to your tits and you push me back onto the couch. Rough.

Okay. I like this.

You’re in between my legs now, my cock in your hand and you’re just… teasing me. Playing slowly. At this point I’m begging. Pleading you to take me into your mouth.

You look at me and for a split second, I see that devilish side of you in your eyes. Without a second’s hesitation, you take my cock into your mouth and instantly my head falls back into the couch, my eyes closed, and I can honestly see galaxies colliding. It feels so fucking good. As I snap back to this reality, I sit up and run my hands through your hair. You look up at me with those Tennessee whiskey eyes, and I’ve fallen in love with you all over again. You must be reading my thoughts because you smile. I grab your hair and pull you up towards me so I can kiss you harder.

My breathing heavier, sliding two fingers inside you and fucking you. After a little bit, I push you back and stand up over you. You look at me, almost pleading. I grab my cock and you open your mouth wide. You take me in and now I’ve got my hands on your head. I control the tempo while you look up at me, my hands through your hair, holding on tight. Your nails digging into my back only makes me go harder. You push off me, stand up and push me back onto the couch but this time you climb on top of me. Your legs on either side of mine as I start to kiss your neck and you guide my cock back inside your wet pussy… fuck. I love how you feel.

My hands are firmly grabbing your hips. They fit right into place like a perfect jigsaw puzzle. Your hands are across my chest as you take control of how you want to fuck. You’re bouncing on my cock now and moaning. You sound like the sweetest symphony and I never want you to stop. You stop and look at me. I can’t get over how pretty your eyes are. I’d say they teleport me to another place but there isn’t any other place I want to be except for right here with you. I pull you closer to me and kiss you. Again, our lips collide like galaxies crashing into each other. I move my lips to your neck, biting it again, hearing your breathing get heavier. I hold your hips and thrust into you. My cock deep inside you. Fucking you hard but fucking you slow, so you feel every bit of it until I’ve teased you enough and then I get faster. In one swift move, I lay you on the couch and I’m now over you.

My cock is still deep inside you but my lips are on your perfect tits. I put your legs over my shoulders and slide my hand from your tits to your neck, grasping at it. You’re more vocal now, so I know that means you like it. My hand grips your neck tighter and I’m fucking you harder. In between your moans, you can hear my moans. You push my hand off your neck, your legs off my shoulders and now your hands are on my back… almost like you’re holding me in place. You look at me with those beautiful eyes, you bite your lip.

Out of breath, you whisper, ‘Do it’.

And just like that, I cum inside of you. Our moans are in sync, your eyes roll into the back of your head.

The light from the waning afternoon sun still filters through and is hitting us. You still look as angelic as you did on the balcony. You’re laying on the couch and I kneel beside you.

“I love you,” I manage to tell you and it feels like the first time all over again.

“I love you too,” you reply in that sweet voice that always becomes you when you’re in this state.

I kiss you again, but this time it’s soft and innocent. “If you want to jump in the shower, I’ll get the coffee started and then I’ll join you.” I tell you. You nod and make your way to the bathroom. Love was a laserquest but now that I have you, there’s no way I’m letting you go.

Submitted by Diamond from Victoria, Australia

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