Do you fantasise about the thrill of having an orgasm in public? Have you ever imagined climaxing right in the middle of a shopping centre or while riding the bus or train home? Or maybe you work long days at the office and find yourself needing an occasional release to help get you through the day. Well Panty Vibrators make it possible to enjoy a climatic release anywhere and everywhere!

Satisfy your exhibitionist tendencies and push your boundaries by incorporating Panty Vibrators into your sex toy collection. Most come with a remote control and are whisper quiet for discretion but before you buy, make sure the toy you choose includes all the features you really need. Some of the features many women look for include: powerful vibrations, whisper quiet, remote control, battery life, speed settings, level of comfort and ease of use.

Imagine going out on a hot date wearing a pair of hot vibrating panties and feeling the vibrations stimulating you all night long, preparing you for a climatic ending when the lights go out. Or wear the panty vibrator at the dinner table in your favourite restaurant and let your partner watch as you reach climax right there in front of everyone. Can you climax quietly or are you going to put on a show? Make things even more interesting by handing over the remote to your partner or lover while you're out and about and see what kind of mischief he or she gets you into. 

Panty Vibrators are the hands-free vibrator that stimulate you right where you need it while your hands are busy elsewhere. Studies have shown that women are far more likely to experience an orgasm when they use some form of stimulation. Clitoral stimulation specifically increases her chances dramatically. 

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