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Whenever the idea of 'realistic sex dolls' comes up, society generally tends to think they're a taboo item that only stereotypically lonely, awkward, or even creepy men would ever want or need to buy. However, the truth is that the world of sex dolls is highly stigmatised when it is about so much more than just sex, and it actually caters to all demographics of people, from singles to couples of all genders and lifestyles.

With isolating events such as the lockdowns, border closures, and quarantines due to COVID-19, it's no surprise that Lifelike sex dolls like Kitty are now one of Sexyland's most commonly sought-after adult toys. A realistic sex doll can do a lot more than just get your rocks off with their oral, vaginal and anal love entrances though, and using one can have a host of other benefits outside the bedroom!

Why are Sexyland's Lifelike sex dolls so popular?

1. Realistic sex dolls provide intimacy for those who crave connection

Unsurprisingly, sex dolls make great Lifelike companions for people who don't have the time or energy to devote to finding and building a relationship with the human of their dreams. This could be due to disability, an extremely busy schedule, or a variety of other personal reasons, none of which should stop anyone from enjoying whatever company they choose to keep. For issues of confidence, you can even use a realistic doll to practice sexual techniques and improve your stamina to impress future human partners!

Sexyland's range of dolls are incredibly Lifelike since they're anatomically correct and make perfect practice buddies, with superior materials and build quality! Beautiful female dolls like our sexy Ashley are realistic in look and feel thanks to their soft and supple TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) skin that closely replicates human skin, right down to the pore details. We also carry male dolls with realistic penises, mouths, and anuses like Jason for folks who are after a handsome stud to call their own. All of our dolls have titanium alloy skeletons so the dolls can stand on their own, and are fully posable into almost any position a human can pull off!

2. You can use a Lifelike sex doll to stand in for a real partner

Whether due to quarantine, long-distance relationships, or a partner's passing, many people find themselves unable to physically be with their special someone. Building a sex doll to realistically represent a lover can be a therapeutic way for widows and widowers to stay close to their deceased partners, especially if they're not ready or not planning to move on.

For long-distance couples, a sex doll doppelganger can help you maintain and express physical affection for each other, even when you're not together - you can even customise the doll to resemble yourself and send it to your lucky lover's doorstep to remind them of you!

All of Sexyland's Lifelike dolls are fully customisable in a variety of categories, including height, bust and/or penis size, eye and fingernail colour, hair colour and style, skin tone, and anatomical aesthetics like the nipples and vagina. With so many customisation options, you're sure to be able to build the doll of your dreams!

3. A Lifelike doll can be a outlet for sexual fantasies you can't act on in real life

From niche roleplay to fantasties that are just too improbable or impractical to set up, sex dolls can be the perfect way to satisfy your urges without the hassle of finding a partner who shares the same preferences or kinks. Sometimes it may even be the simple matter of your sex drive being higher than your partner's. The more outgoing dolls in Sexyland's range like Amanda are always down for whatever dirty deeds you desire, and have no objections to being part of your wildest erotic dreams, anytime, anywhere!

Sometimes your partner won't be able to scratch a specific itch you have through no fault of their own - it may just boil down to different body types or anatomy. In cases like this, a doll that caters to specific niches could be just the thing you need. Sexyland carries something for everyone, from the classic knockout figures of slim but curvy sex dolls like Kitty and Ashley, to dolls like Lydia who have a realistic, chubbier figure for those who love a little extra junk in the trunk. We even have muscular female sex dolls that are graced with rock-hard abs like Eva, and dolls with full pregnant bellies like Elizabeth. For something a little different, we also stock realistic male sex dolls like Jason, as well as hermaphrodite dolls like Cameron who has both female and male anatomy like breasts, a vagina, and a penis!

If you've ever considered buying a realistic sex doll online or in person, there's no better time to give it a go than now. With innovations in posable skeletons and materials that mimic the feeling of realistic skin, sex dolls have never been more lifelike. Check out Sexyland's full range of lifelike dolls here, and remember to have more fun shopping!


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