Spice things up with some Massage & Sensual Oils and discover new ways of adding a romantic touch to your day. You'll find our massage oils to be a divine treat to your senses as you and your partner indulge yourselves in a bit of erotic foreplay. Scented massage candles help set the mood and heighten the senses. With so many delectable choices to help set the mood, you're sure to romance the night away.

Some scents are designed to inspire sensuality and sexual arousal in both men and women and when preparing your evening of romantic pleasures, many couples benefit from adding scented oils, creams, candles and other aphrodisiac & pheromone infused elements into their plans. Massage & Sensual Oils help stimulate the senses and relax the nerves so that you and your partner can indulge in sensual play for hours.

Set the mood by spritzing a bit of linen spray on the bed sheets, prepare your lingerie in a specially designed lingerie wash, light some scented candles, run a luxurious bath using some Dona bubble bath or bath salts, pour you and your lover a glass of wine and relax. After a romantic bath and maybe some cuddling and gentle love making, take the sensual play into the bedroom. Slip on some sexy lingerie, embrace your lover gently on the scented bed sheets and begin massaging their skin gently with a luxurious massage oil. Feel the gentle glide of skin on skin and the sexual tensions building between you both. Let it go. Enjoy.

Browse our extensive range of aromatic, aphrodisiac & pheromone infused Massage & Sensual Oils for the perfect evening of sensual seductions.

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