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by Kate Jones - The Age Newspaper

Leading adult shop poised to sign a deal with major retail chain

Vibrators and lubricant aren't commonly found in the light and bright surrounds of your local shopping centre. But that could soon change with adult entertainment chain Sexyland set to move into traditional retail space.

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Alicia Silverstone is all about eco-friendly products.

Even sex toys.

Silverstone is endorsing an environmentally friendly vibrator, called The Leaf, but what makes it so "green?"

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by Clive Paget for LIMELIGHT - the Classical Music and Arts Website

Pressing a finely tuned vibrator against the throat, it turns out, can loosen up all sorts of tensions, enabling improved vocal range and projection. The claims come from Professor David Ley, the university’s voice and dialect coach, who led the project.

Continue Reading › Stronic Eins is the first in Fun Factory’s new line of “pulsator” toys.

Instead of vibrating, metal balls move around inside the toy causing a rhythmic thrusting motion.

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