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Sex Toy Cleaners & Care

Keeping your sex toys clean and hygienic not only protects your body from germs, it also helps to prolong the longevity of your toys. Our Sex Toy Cleaners provide optimum care for your toys and provide a safe, effective way to properly clean your sex toys before and after use. Most sex toys come with cleaning directions located somewhere on the packaging. Be sure to read carefully before discarding so that you properly care for your sex toy and extend its longevity.

Every sex toy is different and not all toys are made from the same materials which means some toys may require special cleaners so it's very important you know how to properly clean it.

The good thing about sex toy cleaners is that they are specially formulated to gently clean and disinfect your intimate sex toys without causing irritation to your own skin. Let's face it, these toys are making contact with very delicate skin tissues. The last thing anybody wants is to develop a rash in their intimate areas by using soaps that might be fine on the outside but might not be so friendly on the inside. Washing your toys with the appropriate cleaners should eliminate that possibility.

You may also want to purchase a sex toy bag or case to store your precious sex toys in. This not only provides a bit of discretion from prying eyes but also helps maintain proper hygiene. Proper sex toy care is essential to ensuring your toys stay clean and safe to use.



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