Bedroom Fantasies

Sexy Swingers Club

After chatting to the attractive couple at the club bar, we decided to take things to a private room. Immediately, the other woman and I start kissing, tongues ravishing each other. Our own husbands undress us both, and I take her to the bed with my husband following close behind...

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All Male Orgy for Hubby - Bedroom Fantasies #36

I have an amazing wife and I've found that not only have all my fantasies now got her in them, even if she's not directly involved, but that her presence also increases the erotic thrill. As a pan-sexual male I have limited experience with other men but find the idea of being the centre of a group session particularly arousing...continued.

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Sexynews #22 - Coming of Age

Coming of Age: The party downstairs was starting to get a bit wild and loud. Jake knew the woman was now ready to take him. He thrust his penis fast & hard inside her, hoping to coat himself with her wetness so that he could replace the fingers in her arse with his very willing cock....continued!

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Just What the Doctor Ordered:  Dr. Taylor nodded and placed his hand on my thigh. I glanced up through my tears and realised how ruggedly handsome he was. Was he always this cute? He's much older and has greying hair but damn he's fine. His green eyes surveyed my face, down to my cleavage again and flickered back up to meet my gaze. I parted my legs slightly as my heart began to race...continued.

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Ass Play: I would love to walk in on my wife with a butt plug in her ass and a vibrator in her pussy. Then she then turns around and asks me to lick the juices off her vibrator. I started doing this this as she starts sucking on my be continued.

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