Bedroom Fantasies

Erotic Birthday Present for Hubby - Bedroom Fantasies #42

All of them looked down to see Frank’s manhood trying to escape captivity, like a wild beast restrained against its will. Frank lay on the bed, almost in a trance. “Suck mine, too, Frank. I want some of what she’s having,” Alexis lamented as she brought her delightful breasts to his face. “You have to learn to share. You have two lovely women with appetites that need to be satisfied, doesn’t he, Jaz?”

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All Male Orgy for Hubby - Bedroom Fantasies #36

I have an amazing wife and I've found that not only have all my fantasies now got her in them, even if she's not directly involved, but that her presence also increases the erotic thrill. As a pan-sexual male I have limited experience with other men but find the idea of being the centre of a group session particularly arousing...continued.

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Sexynews #22 - Coming of Age

Coming of Age: The party downstairs was starting to get a bit wild and loud. Jake knew the woman was now ready to take him. He thrust his penis fast & hard inside her, hoping to coat himself with her wetness so that he could replace the fingers in her arse with his very willing cock....continued!

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