Bedroom Fantasies

Spring Love - Bedroom Fantasies #44

As our tongues find one another, my hand slowly moves between your thighs. I can feel your breathing getting heavier just as I begin to touch you. By this time my greediness has taken over. I undo my jeans and kick them across the room; you’re still bent over the couch. I grab your hands and place them on your ass. “Spread for me,” I order.

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Midnight Romp - Bedroom Fantasies #43

You quietly slip handcuffs onto my wrists and link them to the bed. You slip the blindfold over my eyes, which causes me to stir and wake up. I fight but can’t do anything as I’m restrained...continued.

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Erotic Birthday Present for Hubby - Bedroom Fantasies #42

All of them looked down to see Frank’s manhood trying to escape captivity, like a wild beast restrained against its will. Frank lay on the bed, almost in a trance. “Suck mine, too, Frank. I want some of what she’s having,” Alexis lamented as she brought her delightful breasts to his face. “You have to learn to share. You have two lovely women with appetites that need to be satisfied, doesn’t he, Jaz?”

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Surprise Swinger Party - Bedroom Fantasies #41

Watching them lean in was like watching a movie in slow motion. Alice had to get up on her knees to get closer. On all fours she began to crawl towards Nathan and from my new vantage point I could see down her top again. Nathan put his hand on the side of Alice’s head, tilting it ever so slightly, he leaned in and kissed her. She teased him with her tongue, the same way I had with her, as their kiss intensified they closed the space between them. I wanted nothing more than to be part of the action...continued.

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The Sin - Bedroom Fantasies #39

My heart hammered as I passed under the heavy wooden arches. The candlelit interior swirled with dust, a hushed silence filling the echoing room. I breathed deeply to try and calm my heart, feeling the chaotic beat trembling in my sweaty hands. I was still warring in my mind about whether this was a mistake or not...continued

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Horny Housewife gets an Unexpected Surprise from her Son's Friend

Janet jumped as her thoughts of whether to use her dildo or shower massage tonight were interrupted by Kevin, the 18 year old son of her best friend, Carla. He was home from college and had joined his parents for the party. This was usually her alone in the house, away from people, part of the festivities...continued.

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Taken by Brothers her first time having sex - Bedroom Fantasies Australia

The door shut with a soft click and then it was just me–and two gorgeous young men who looked like they’d been carved by gods. I was not a self-conscious person by any means but as their attention focused on me...continued.

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Swingers Club - Bedroom Fantasies

My husband and I have been into swinging on and off for a while now. We used to get up to some really crazy stuff, but haven’t done much of anything like that for a good couple of years now, and...continued.

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