Taken by Brothers - Bedroom Fantasies #37

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Taken by Brothers her first time having sex - Bedroom Fantasies Australia

The door shut with a soft click and then it was just me–and two gorgeous young men who looked like they’d been carved by gods. Luca Jones and Cole Frayne worked with one of Kayla's friends and had thus been invited up to the cabin for our yearly celebration. I was not a self-conscious person by any means but as their attention focused on me, I couldn’t shift my mind from just how large my thighs were, how square my shoulders were, how rough and calloused my hands were. Can they tell that one breast is bigger than the other? Can they see that roll on my stomach?

I shifted slightly on the couch, taking a nervous sip of my drink. God, why did Kayla have to leave? It was so much easier to be confident with her by my side. Her slim body and dainty voice complimented mine–we brought out the best in each other but alone, I had no one to check my volume, or to draw attention when I was uncomfortable.

I blinked at the sound of my name. Lifting my gaze hesitantly, I met the dark eyes of Luca. He stood leaning against the dining table with his arms crossed over his chest casually. His lips turned up into a soft smirk and my stomach did a backflip at the sight.

“Sorry?” I stuttered out.
His smirk widened.
“I said how long have you been playing netball?”
“Oh, about 15 years,” I said. “I, um, started when I was 7.”

I swallowed nervously, tapping my fingers against my glass. My eyes darted around the room, desperately trying to find something to focus on. Something that wouldn’t cause a shiver to run down my spine, or heat to pool between my legs. I was out of luck, though, because almost immediately my eyes landed on the form of Cole sitting on the couch opposite. His gaze poured into mine, a sly glint shining in his eye.

“You seem tense, Raelynn,” he said, voice like velvet.
Words failed me and I jumped at the sudden movement as he rose from his seat. He chuckled, moving to pour himself another scotch.

“It’s not us making you nervous, is it?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at me. I opened my mouth to attempt a denial of any nerves when a gasp escaped me instead, as hands softly gripped my shoulders from behind. Luca’s breath caressed my ear as he whispered softly.
“Do we intimidate you?”

I dared not move an inch, as his breath trailed down my neck. This wasn’t my area of expertise. I’d never been in a situation where things could actually escalate properly–nor with such jaw-droppingly beautiful men.

Cole’s hand brushed against my own as he took the glass from me, and he knelt in front of where I sat, a hand on each of my knees, his eyes never leaving mine.

My heart pounded in my chest and I struggled to keep my breathing even. As Cole pushed my thighs apart, my hands clenched the cushions tightly. The skirt I wore gave him a clear view and my breath caught as he pressed a kiss to the inside of my thigh. I couldn’t watch for long though, as Luca hooked a finger under my chin and turned my face toward his. He brought his lips down to mine, stopping a hair’s breadth away. My focus was split between the two men and as Cole’s mouth inched closer to my nether regions, Luca’s hands began explorations of their own, trailing down my arm and reaching under my shirt. His lips, however, never came any closer and Cole never quite reached his goal.
They were teasing me, I realised. They wanted me to make the final move. The thought sent me into an abrupt panic. What am I supposed to do? What if I do something wrong? What if they don’t like it?

My panic must have shown on my face because Luca suddenly pulled back to look at me curiously, before his eyes widened slightly.
“You’ve never been touched.”

My cheeks burned and I looked away as Cole paused his actions.
“Don’t be embarrassed, love,” Cole’s voice had turned husky. “We can teach you.”

Luca gripped my chin once more. “Just relax and do what feels natural. We’ll guide you.”

My nerves faded at the gentle words, excitement and anticipation replacing them as sparks went off in my stomach. Luca’s lips descended onto mine and I could have melted then and there, as heat flooded through my body. I felt Cole’s deft fingers slide off my panties and a muffled moan escaped my lips as he entered one inside me. Luca never stopped kissing me as he swiftly swung a leg over the back of the couch. I barely noticed as he stripped me of my shirt, Cole’s pace increasing with his thumb rubbing circles on my clit. Pressure began to build and my body shuddered through its release. I was denied time to rest, however, as Luca immediately pulled me onto his lap. My hips instinctively began grinding against the bulge in his pants and his lips made their way down my throat, teeth dragging across my skin. I had no control over my voice, as mewls spilled out like water from a tap. Luca’s nimble fingers undid my bra and he pulled away to stare at me. His hand ran up and down the side of my ribs for a moment, his touch electrifying me, before they stopped just below my breasts. As I pulled him in for a kiss, his thumb flicked against my nipple, sending shock-waves over my skin. I gasped against his lips and he grinned against mine. Slowly, he kissed his way down my neck and I arched into him, desire clouding my mind as my eyes slid closed. One hand tangled itself in my hair, pulling my head back further so that torso was on display for him.
“How’s the show, brother?” Luca said.

I opened my eyes to see Cole sitting opposite us once more, this time clothes discarded, lazily stroking himself. My mouth went dry at the sight and his eyes darkened, staring at me.
“Perfect,” he purred.

Luca lifted me up once more, burying his face into the crook of my neck. I moaned as his mouth and tongue worked against me, knowing there’d be plenty of evidence later.

“What are you thinking right now, Raelynn?” he asked, not lifting his head.
“I’m thinking,” I gasped. “I’m thinking you’re wearing too many clothes.”
His body shook slightly as he chuckled in agreement.
“Perhaps you’ll assist me then?”

I blinked, suddenly unsure again, but Luca just smiled and took my hands in his own. He brought them up to his chest, leaning in to whisper near my ear.
“Start with the buttons.”

I did so, taking my time to undo each and every one of them, before slipping my hands underneath the shirt. Luca kept his position, allowing me my explorations. Once I’d slid the shirt from his broad shoulders, there was a rustling behind me. Cole had stood from his seat. He said nothing, but there must have been some silent exchange between the men because Luca stood up, taking me in his arms.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and brought his lips back to mine hungrily. God, he tasted like whiskey and cigarettes, and I’ll be damned if that didn’t turn me on further–though I had a feeling I’d end up in hell anyway.

I heard a door open and shut and then I was gently–so gently–laid on a bed. Luca took my skirt with him as he straightened up. I was completely bare, spread out like a feast just for Cole and Luca. I squirmed under their gaze but the moment I moved to cover myself, Cole growled, gripping both my ankles in warning.

Hesitantly, moved my hands back to my sides, fisting the sheets as he knelt by the bed. His eyes were level with me once again, without clothing to obstruct his view this time. I couldn’t stop the sharp squeal as he yanked me towards him. His mouth lowered and my breath caught. The moment his tongue moved against me, I was set on fire. He growled his approval at my moan, licking and sucking at my entrance. My back arched as he entered two fingers, pumping inside me while he lapped at the juices. I cried out as his thumb pressed against that sensitive spot, my second climax of the night rocking through me.
I turned my head to the side and met Luca’s eye as a slow, predatory, male smile spread across his face. Having already rid himself of his pants, he strode over to where I lay, still quivering. He gently tugged me upright.

“That’s twice we’ve given you release tonight. I think it’s time to return the favour, don’t you?”

I peered up at him from under my lashes and, biting my lip, nodded shyly. He brushed a thumb over that lip, sliding it inside my mouth. I obediently swirled my tongue around it and his eyes flickered behind me. As he removed his thumb, I twisted to see what had drawn his attention.

“You had some sharp words for the others earlier,” Cole murmured from the top of the bed. “Let’s see what else that wicked mouth can do.”

Luca guided me so that I was positioned on my knees between Cole’s legs. Nervously, I took him in my hand, gently stroking once, twice. I glanced up to Cole’s face at his intake of breath. His head was pressed back against the pillows, eyes shut tightly. I realised then, the power I held over him–so I leaned down and put my mouth on him.
“Fuck,” he hissed, hips bucking.

As I began working on him, hands gripped my own hips, lifting them into the air. I froze as Luca nudged at my entrance. Cole looked down at my pause, understanding immediately shining in his eyes.
“It will only hurt for a moment, love.”

I hesitated only a second longer, before giving my reply by sliding my tongue over him and leaning back against the other male in invitation. Luca needed no other confirmation and slid in. And in. And in.

He steadied, as I cringed at the intrusion, but true to Cole’s words, the pain faded quickly, replaced by a burning need for friction, for movement.
Luca seemed to read my mind, pulling out and thrusting back in slowly–so tortuously slow. Again, he pulled out and in, faster this time, filling me to the brim. I moaned around Cole causing him in turn to groan at the feeling.
With each pounding stroke, my head bobbed along his length, that glorious tension building up for a third time. Cole’s hand fisted my hair, pushing himself further down my throat to the point where I was almost gagging on him.
This time when I went over the edge, both men joined me, filling me from either end.

As I lay atop of them I desperately tried to steady my breathing. I was weak and every inch of my body trembled. It seemed I would have to find a second wind however, as after a few minutes, both Luca Jones and Cole Frayne began to rise again.

Submitted by Margaret B from Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

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