Bedroom Fantasies

The Sin - Bedroom Fantasies #39

My heart hammered as I passed under the heavy wooden arches. The candlelit interior swirled with dust, a hushed silence filling the echoing room. I breathed deeply to try and calm my heart, feeling the chaotic beat trembling in my sweaty hands. I was still warring in my mind about whether this was a mistake or not...continued

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The Farmer:  Sex was the last thing on my mind. I had been driving home from my parent’s farm when the lights dimmed, spluttered and went out, the engine dying immediately after. I let it roll off onto the embankment cursing my luck....Continued.

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Bedroom Fantasies #13 - Secret Love Affair

Secret Love Affair: I've long had a fascination with my best friend's brother. We've met a few times, briefly and flirted a bit on Facebook but I never imagined it could be anything more. My biggest fantasy is bumping into him one weekend while visiting my friend and letting things get out of control...continued.

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