Share your favourite erotic fantasy & if yours gets chosen, we will publish it on our Bedroom Fantasies blog. We may also include your story in our monthly EDM. You may submit as many entries as you would like but we do have some general guidelines we ask that you consider for your story to be chosen.

We will choose stories based on what we believe are acceptable in content. We have provided a general guide below to help you when writing your story. Please ensure you follow our suggestions for your best chance of being chosen.

Story Guidelines:

  • Please limit story length to no more than 3500 words if possible.
  • Stories of 1000 words or more are encouraged.
  • Be imaginative & creative as possible.
  • Story must be written by you and not plagiarised or copied from other sources.
  • Please check your grammar & spelling before submitting.
  • Punctuation is important.
  • Use paragraphs to break up the story.
  • Keep topics tasteful and within legal boundaries.
  • Rape fantasies are not acceptable. We cannot allow stories that promote rape as an acceptable behaviour.
  • Other fantasies that will not be accepted include, incest fantasies, references to minors/children or references to sexual encounters with animals.
  • BDSM stories should not promote non-consensual violence against another person.
  • Content should not be disturbing or cause emotional conflict.
  • We welcome stories from all walks of live as long as they follow our general guidelines. We love diversity and are very happy to include a wide range of topics into our Bedroom Fantasies.
  • Please read some of our previous Bedroom Fantasies to see what has been previously accepted.

Public Information You Share:

  • We ask that you provide a sudo-name / alias that we can use when posting your story if it's selected. This name doesn't have to be your actual name.
  • Please provide your suburb or a general location that is acceptable to you that we can share publicly to let readers know where the story comes from. We feel this helps readers connect better to the story.

To participate, you must read and agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Submit Your Bedroom Fantasy

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