Urethral Sounding is a relatively new form of sex play that is quickly gaining in popularity among adventurous men looking for something new and exciting to try. Initially started as a medical procedure used to clear obstructions from his urethra, it has been discovered to bring intense orgasms for men when done properly. Because the nerves in his penis are densely packed with sensitive nerve endings, sounding allows him to stimulate those nerves directly. Urethral stimulation can offer many positive benefits. 

Surprisingly enough, Urethral Sounding can also directly stimulate the prostate gland when inserted deep enough. The prostate is a small gland located between a man's penis and his bladder. Urethral Sounds allow him to get much closer to the prostate than a prostate massager and can give him the most intense orgasms he's ever experienced. Prostate massagers work by indirectly stimulating the prostate gland through the anal cavity which can still give him some amazing orgasms but direct stimulation is going to be even better.

One of the biggest benefits to Urethral Sounding for men is that he can experience harder erections increased stamina, better orgasms and if he's lucky, he might even be able to experience multiples. Read more on our Buyer's Guide about Urethral Sounding and how to properly use these rods.

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