Bedroom Fantasies

All Male Orgy for Hubby - Bedroom Fantasies #36

I have an amazing wife and I've found that not only have all my fantasies now got her in them, even if she's not directly involved, but that her presence also increases the erotic thrill. As a pan-sexual male I have limited experience with other men but find the idea of being the centre of a group session particularly arousing...continued.

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First Lady Love:  It was a cold winter evening and I was walking home, after closing up shop. As I reach the corner of my block, I notice a woman passing me by. She slows her pace as she walks past me but there was something familiar about her that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. She looks me straight in the eyes and smiles at me in a strangely unsettling way. I smile back shyly...continued.

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Dominant & Bisexual: Being a closet polyamorous and bisexual male, I would thoroughly enjoy expressing myself in a mature group setting with other like minded individuals who pass no be continued.

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