Bedroom Fantasies


I am at home alone, and it's a balmy night. The windows and blinds are open to let in the light breeze. I’m tucked up in my cotton sheets, trying to doze off, when I feel someone's eyes upon me. I sit up and look around the room. There’s no one here. Out of the corner of my eye, I see movement coming from the window.

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Sexy Surprise for Hubby

Sitting naked, my eyes blindfolded, and with my ankles bound to the chair, I await the arrival of my husband. I feel myself quiver with excitement as he opens the door.

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His Domain

He grabs her hand and leads her to the bedroom. This is his domain and she belongs to him now — mind, body, and soul. 

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Seducing the Handyman

You see, I haven’t had sex for months. Maybe I should pay for a handyman? A strong, handsome, young man who will clean my yards and help with heavy lifting. And maybe help with other things too…

He will notice the fact my legs are nice and shaved in my short shorts every fortnight when he comes around. He will notice the hungry looks I give him while biting my lip as I think about all the things he could do to me!

He’s in my kitchen fixing that tap that’s been leaking for months now. I walk up behind him in the sexiest red dress I own. He turns around at my entrance and stares at me, finally understanding what I am after, what I am hungry for.

He takes my body into his strong arms as if I’m as light as a feather. He pulls my dress up, slides my G-string to the side, and bends me over my kitchen bench. I squirm in anticipation of what’s to come. He ties my arms behind my back with the rag that he wipes his forehead with, preventing me from moving. When he enters me, I scream — he is HUGE. He grabs a tea towel off the bench and stuffs it into my mouth.

Gagged and dripping wet, leaning over my kitchen bench, not able to move, I take all of him! Every last inch. He reaches down, moving his hand down my belly, getting closer to my clit. Slowly, he rubs my throbbing clit and I feel as if I’ve gone to heaven. He is a sex god!

The intense pressure is building, and I squirt for the first time ever all over the both of us and my kitchen floor. He grabs my hips with his strong hands and gives three big thrusts, and I feel him. I feel his warmth inside me! As I stand up, he unties my hands and gives me a smouldering look.

As I leave the room to clean myself up, I wink and tell him I’ll see him next fortnight. 

Submitted by Kayla from Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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“Doing alright, little one?” Their voice is gentle, teasing me with rhetoric they already know the answer to. My hips buck as soft hands dig blunt nails into my thighs, trails of pink skin left in their wake. Their mouth presses warm and wet and tantalising everywhere except where I need it the most, dragging a whimper from my throat…

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Sexy Swingers Club

After chatting to the attractive couple at the club bar, we decided to take things to a private room. Immediately, the other woman and I start kissing, tongues ravishing each other. Our own husbands undress us both, and I take her to the bed with my husband following close behind...

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Those silken lips parted again to spill words like liquid sugar.

“I’m going to go get ready for bed, come in when you’re ready..."

My heart stopped completely. No more imagining what the curves of her body looked like, or how her bare skin looked against the contrast of dark lingerie. The coy smile on her face showed that she knew she had made the impact she was aiming for.

As she alluringly took the first step into the room, I noticed a pair of studded leather cuffs with white lace trim dangled from her right hand. I ran my eyes over her again and again as she took each slow step towards where I lay on the bed, trying to memorise perfectly every inch of how she looked because in all my fevered dreaming, I’d never have imagined this perfection that stood before me...

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Spring Love - Bedroom Fantasies #44

As our tongues find one another, my hand slowly moves between your thighs. I can feel your breathing getting heavier just as I begin to touch you. By this time my greediness has taken over. I undo my jeans and kick them across the room; you’re still bent over the couch. I grab your hands and place them on your ass. “Spread for me,” I order.

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