Weekend Away - Bedroom Fantasies #46

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It was following a breakup that we talked, having been a friend I could confide in with anything for years.

“Come visit,” she said. “We’ll spend the weekend chilling out, going for drives and forgetting the world.” Sounded like exactly what I needed.

In the two-hour drive to her place, I was finally feeling good about life, excited to see my friend after a long gap between visits. The excitement grew with every kilometre under my tires. By the time I arrived, my heart was thumping in my chest! We had once had an encounter before, a night shared together, but what had cemented her firmly in my heart and life was the connection between us, natural as the coursing of a river. She was someone I could not live without being in my life, nor I in hers.

When she opened the door and leapt at me for an engulfing embrace, my soul was singing and I felt nothing other than pure joy and contentment! Ahh, I was alive again! I stashed my things in her room while she told me we’d have to share her bed as there were only two rooms and her housemates were home for the weekend. That was fine with me; there was never any inkling in my mind of any kind of mischief between us. The one occurrence before was a one-off thing that I never imagined would be repeated, and it was years ago. Sure, there had been a few flirty and revealing Snapchats over the years, and more than one very revealing discussion, but we had a friendship where those types of things were discussed openly.

I have to admit that I couldn’t help but notice the way her jeans hugged the fine curves of her behind as she danced about the kitchen while she cooked; mesmerizing is the only way to describe the way she moved. We spent the evening eating her delicious cooking alongside a shared bottle of Shiraz, and being hypnotised by the way her blue-grey eyes sparkled as we talked, her naturally husky voice producing words spoken like silk. As much as I had decided in my mind there was no chance of anything sexual between us, I had to acknowledge that everything she did sent a shiver down my spine and a piercing grab at my heart.

We settled in the lounge to watch an old horror flick, with her sprawled relaxingly on the couch and I at a friend's distance in a recliner. As we watched, my eyes kept drifting back over to her, laying so languorously, her flaxen hair spilling backwards over the armrest like a waterfall frozen in time. My heart kept urging my arm to give in to the desire to reach over and run my fingers through it, but my mind held fast and firmly refused to let it happen. I wouldn’t cross that friendship line.

Finally, we retired to bed. God, how cute she was when she returned from the bathroom in a striped t-shirt and flannelette pyjama pants, one of those women that can look amazing in anything she wore. As she climbed in beside me, my mind was now fighting with itself about how it would feel to spoon with her, how her petite frame would feel wrapped in my arms and curled up against me. It was torture...

The following morning I awoke, tired after a restless night as my mind wrestled with desires and imaginings.

“Morning,” she mumbled with a voice like honeycomb, still half-asleep and hair perfectly messy. I watched discreetly as she walked out to go shower. As I heard the water start, my mind began to race again...

She’s nude right now, and only two plaster walls are separating us...

God, shut up brain! It would not, and all I could think of was her slipping off her clothes and stepping under that stream of steaming water, running in beads down her milky white skin, desperately wishing that I was slipping in there with her.

That’s it, extremely cold shower for me when I have one.

We went out touring for the day through the hills, chocolate factory visit, wineries, a long walk through manicured gardens, photos of her walking with her little dog under an archway canopy of wisteria, and chancing upon a roadside jam donut van on the way back again. Such a day, the troubles of life forgotten and the simple pleasures of the time together, it was how life is meant to be.

A quick round of shopping for tea and back to hers for another sumptuous meal, good music cranked up as we cooked together while singing, laughing, and a quick waltz across the tiled floor to a good old country tune. If nothing else had happened that weekend, it was a day I would always savour in my memories.

Two of the wines we had bought that day were devoured, and again we settled in the lounge, flicking channels for a while. After a big day and the two bottles of wine, we were both a bit tuckered out. Those silken lips parted again to spill words like liquid sugar.

“I’m going to go get ready for bed, come in when you’re ready..."

I gazed at her fine behind, slack-jawed as she sauntered towards the bedroom...

I waited a good 15 minutes, trying to quiet my mind and calm my heart before arising from the lounge to head for bed. Knocking on the door that was slightly ajar, I heard no response and slowly pushed it open. Maybe she wasn’t in there?

Oh well, I’m hopping into bed anyway.

As I relaxed into the pillows, eyes three-quarters closed, tired from the day, I heard the door slowly open across the carpet. 

Through just-open eyes I glanced across to the door, only to take in the fact of how a girl in plain old pj's could look so damn ravishing. My eyes were not closed for long! She stood there in the doorway, bedside lamp casting perfect shadows across her body, which was clad in a two-piece from our favourite adult shop, a sheer lace gown draped from her shoulders. My heart stopped completely. No more imagining what the curves of her body looked like, or how her bare skin looked against the contrast of dark lingerie. The coy smile on her face showed that she knew she had made the impact she was aiming for. 

The expression on my own must have given it away, I’m not sure what it was as I’d lost all sensation or control of my facial muscles but I’m sure it was a combination of shock, ecstasy, and a kid on Christmas morning. 

As she alluringly took the first step into the room, I noticed a pair of studded leather cuffs with white lace trim dangled from her right hand. A mixture of naughty and nice, my scrambled mind somehow managed to put together coherently.

I ran my eyes over her again and again as she took each slow step towards where I lay on the bed, trying to memorise perfectly every inch of how she looked because in all my fevered dreaming, I’d never have imagined this perfection that stood before me.

As she reached the edge of the bed with hands firmly on her hips, she asked, “So, do you like?”

I replied with a long “Uh-huuuuh!” but I’m certain that what fell from my mouth was nowhere near that intelligible.

“Good,” she replied as she cast a leg across me and slid down to straddle my waist. Her light weight and the softness of her skin was like a touch of heaven, my senses in overdrive at hyper awareness.

“Here is what is going to happen,” she said firmly in her throaty tones. “You are going to take these,” she placed the cuffs on my chest, “and restrain me however you want to. Then...”

She slid her hands softly upwards along my chest to reach behind the pillow my head rested on, her barely covered breasts scant centimeters from my face and the barest scent of her vanilla body wash emanating from her neck. I could feel every detail of her taut, white stomach against me.

“ will take this...” She was so close I could feel the slight vibrations of her voice in her chest. She slowly drew backwards to sitting upright to reveal in her hands a blue and black spreader bar with stainless steel joining rings. “...and you will position me the way you want me. After that, I am yours to do with as you please. I am now your plaything.” The smile on her face told me that she was every bit as excited and desiring of this as I had been for a long time. 

My heart was almost beating out of my chest, my ears hot and burning with the blood coursing through my body. I sat up to meet her face to face as she sat astride me, wrapping my arms behind her lower back. “You will be safe with me. I will put you through what may at times seem like punishment, but afterwards I will care for you.” I breathed, and I finally took the chance to press my lips against the perfect softness of her own.

I released my arms from behind her and put my hands to her upper arms motioned for her to slide off me onto the other side of the bed. I arose as she kneeled there, walking slowly around the end of the bed to stand behind her and brushed the hair from one side of her neck. As I slid my arms around her waist I leaned in close to put my lips softly to her neck, drinking in the scent and heat of her body responding to my touch, a slight whimper escaping her throat as I kissed at her neck. 

With a slight pinch of the teeth on her skin, I took her by her left wrist and brought it gently around behind her. Slowly the first cuff was applied, just firmly enough to give the sensation of pressure, and the second wrist was brought around to meet it as her breath deepened, letting out a sigh that sounded like relief to finally be restrained. 

Holding tightly to the links of the cuffs, I applied a little pressure backwards to indicate she should stand. Without a word from either of us she understood and complied, scuttling backwards on her knees to the edge of the bed and stood. I released the links of the cuffs to reach up and slowly stroke down her arms and waist until I was holding her by the hips. I took a step back to take in the perfect curvature of her scantily clad behind, the sheer material hiding nothing from my view.

From her hips, my fingers slid into the waistband at her side and achingly slowly I slid the lingerie from her body, ensuring they lightly skimmed along her thighs creating a ripple of goosebumps on her flesh. As they hit the floor I again took control of the cuff links and motioned her forward onto the bed. “Kneeling” was the only word I spoke and it cut the silence of the room like a knife, the only sound aside from the rustle of the bedsheets as she complied and the heavy breath escaping both our lungs. 

I trailed my fingers across her bare ass, staring the whole time and savouring its perfection, then down the back of her thighs to place my hands between her knees, pushing firmly against them to spread them out slightly further. She complied like a perfectly good girl. I leaned across beside her to retrieve the spreader bar she had produced and as I picked it up, a thought struck me. This was mere inches from my head all last night and I had no idea. How much secret pleasure had she taken in that fact, knowing I was laying there completely unaware? The realisation made my heart race again. She planned this! It’s not just something that happened, this was something she wanted to happen as much as I did!

As I drew back past her with the spreader in hand, I looked at her from the corner of my eye to see her watching me intently, eyes glowing in excitement and antici...pation. I grinned and gave her a wink, which caused her to release even more of a beaming smile, but oh, if only she knew what was coming her way soon. As she turned her head to watch me stand back upright, I instructed her firmly. “Eyes front, little one,” the words again cutting through the silence of the room. As I strapped the spreader between her thighs just above her knees, I could feel the heat radiating from her, growing my own excitement as I could sense her pulse racing. Taking hold of her upper arms again, I motioned her forward and guided her face down into the bed, bent over at the waist.

I stopped for a moment, relishing in the level of power and control I had right now, living out something I had often fantasised over in the past. The sight of her exposed body before me, to do with as I wished to bring us pleasure together. And then I remembered: the top drawer. 

I stood still for a few more moments, letting her mind wonder about what was going to happen next until I reached over and slid the drawer out. The sound told her what I was up to as I saw her flinch ever so slightly, and when I looked, I saw why. In the drawer were a few items, but the ones that captured my attention immediately were the graduating beaded butt plug and the leather crop. Like a surgeon, I laid out the selected tools beside her on the bed, almost to dare her to turn her head to look at what I had picked out for use.

But she would wait to discover that, for now it was time for my favourite thing. I lowered to my knees and grasped her hips pulling her slightly back towards me so I could finally run my tongue across her naked skin, an urge that I can never resist caving to. My lungs filling with her musk as I drew in to her, I knew the effect I was having and I felt utter fulfillment in that moment. What I had told myself I was wrong about was entirely false.

With the first touch of my tongue to her flesh, I heard a gasped moan fleeting from her, muffled slightly by her face being on the mattress. At this, a similar long sigh of contented happiness escaped my own lungs, completely indulging myself in the moment as I licked and kissed my way higher up, fingers tightly holding her at the hips.

As I reached her ass I took my time to soak in the firmness of it and the sensation of her incredibly supple skin; it was even better than I ever could have imagined. I couldn’t help but to bite into her cheeks as I made my way slowly inwards and down again to reach the main part I wished to pleasure with my tongue.

With the gentlest touch I traced slow circles, fighting the nearly overpowering urge to bury my face and learn of her taste. The quiver of her legs told me she was desiring it as I was. I could hold back no longer and dove in with one long and hard separating tongue stroke right in the center, the sweet flavour of her penetrating my mouth; I was on fire with delight and pleasure as she pushed herself back hard against my lips and I pushed back against her, nose tickling against her ass. At this moment there was nothing I wouldn’t do for her, no request she could make would be turned down, and I was as much at her mercy as she was at mine. Louder moans and sighs accompanied every movement I made as I flicked my tongue teasingly around her clit and sucking at it with great delight. This is what I lived for!

It was time for the tools selected earlier to join in as I blindly reached over for them, moved slightly from the twitches of her body on the bed. I brought the beaded anal plug up between her restrained legs, running it along the flat of her stomach back towards where my mouth was busily at work. She realised in an instant what I had in my hand as a giggle and an “ooh” escaped between the heated breaths she was taking. Pulling my head back a little I made room for it to slide upwards between her and my tongue, her pert little ass wiggling frantically as it skimmed across her lubricated skin. Slowly back and forth it ran while I flicked my tongue around it anywhere I could, her wetness spreading with each stroke.

“In,” she pleaded with me. I was in charge but I couldn’t deny her when the tone was so desperate. I leaned back to allow room and also so I could watch as the first bead slipped inside of her, then gently popping back out again as I used one hand to keep her sufficiently spread. In again but deeper, the second and third bead engulfed within her as a primal groan seeped from deep within her. “More!” she demanded. Time to remind her that I am in charge now...

My hand came down firmly with a sharp crack on her ass cheek, the beaded plug clenched firmly as the strike rang. “Excuse me?” I asked.

“I am sorry, Miss didn’t mean to be bossy,” she replied quietly as I gently rubbed her behind where it had been struck, but I could hear the pleasure at the admonishment in her voice. “Good girl,” I said as I began to draw back on the plug, pleased to see her trying to follow it backwards. As a reward for being good, she pushed back to find my tongue again entering her warmth and the tip tickling along the inside of her, another low moan as she pushes back harder again.

I bring the plug up again to slip into her alongside my tongue and I feel it struggle against her tightness, I can't miss watching so I pull back as the beads stretch her as it hits the fourth one. She freezes her movements as I gently push it forward against the resistance and she softly gasps, “Please.” As it finally squeezes into her body I watch with delight as I see her muscles clench and spasm around it, swallowing it further into her tightness. I smile to myself as I realise she must have never gone this far with it before, taking deep fulfilling pleasure that I was the one to step to a new level.

For a short while I just grasp the end ring of the plug, pulling it backwards to stretch her again, building to the point of allowing the fourth bead halfway out before being squeezed back in again, her hands clenching open and closed behind her back, desperately in need of something to grab hold of with each repeated motion and the cuffs preventing her from finding anything.

She has relaxed enough, and I can no longer not be inside her myself. Achingly slowly I withdraw the plug with a soft slurping pop accompanying each bead's exit, and place it in her hand. Now, it’s really my turn...

I rise from my kneeling position on the floor, cheekily running my lips and tongue across her exposed ass once more on my way past and sliding my own pants off. Grabbing at the cuff links again I cannot contain myself and hold her firmly In place as I position myself at her entrance, forcing myself to be calm against the urge to drive myself inside her. This is trust, I cannot break it.

She knows what is coming next and I can hear her breath quickening. My mouth dries in anticipation but it matters not; I have been waiting for this moment. The heat of myself and her swirling in the air like a sexual miasma, the tension between us is palpable, already she is letting loose small moans of want.

Softly we touch, sliding my tip against her to make the entry as tender as possible. A knot of excitement has taken control of my stomach as I can wait no longer and start to push my way inside her, feeling her buck backwards with a loud moan that’ll have woken the neighbors, but I care not! The silken sensation of her engulfing me is more pleasurable than any I’ve ever experienced, lungs burning as I’ve forgotten how to breathe. A few slow strokes and it’s time to meet with her as deeply as I can, each re-entry met with a wail from her that matches the length of each stroke.

I drive myself deep within her, the tension of her body around me like a vice. Being with her is more than I could ever have fantasised, our bodies in a rhythmic motion as I hold her by the wrist cuffs, pulling her harder and harder back onto me every minute. I glance down and see her frantically rubbing the beaded plug against her ass, almost desperate in her motion.

“Does Miss want that used?” I ask in breathless tones.

“Please, yes” she manages to pant out while I thrust into her vigorously.

"Then what does Miss say?” I reply, gasping for breath as my heart pounds like a jackhammer.

“Please, please fuck my ass with it,” she cries out in a begging way.

“Then Miss will get it.”

I cease driving myself into her for a moment and take the plug from her restricted hands. Drawing myself out far enough to once more slide it along her and myself, I bring it back across her ass, spreading the dampness we’ve created. Slowing my breath, I lightly rub it around her ass until I softly push that first bead in. She tenses at first and I pause, knowing that she is desperate to have it inside her and the excitement of the moment is seizing up her body. It finally pops into her ass and she lets out a satisfied sigh but there is no rest before I have the second bead pushing its way inside her as well creating another moan to escape her lips. I work it slowly back and forth, watching her relax enough that the third will slide into her more easily.

As I push it into her, I feel not just her ass tense up but like a ring has been placed over me that keeps growing tighter and tighter. “More...please,” she begs, and I oblige, even more turned on by the desperation in her voice. As the third bead sinks into her, I slide myself back into her as well, acutely aware of the sensation I’m receiving from the beaded plug buried in her ass. With each inch forward I can feel them ripple against me inside of her and her throaty groans tell me she is well aware of it too.

She is a gift, an honest to God gift put on the earth for me, I muse to myself. “You’re being a very good girl for me,” I whisper to her. A muffled moan into the mattress is the only reply I hear.

Sweat rolls down my chest, the silence of the room well and truly destroyed by the sounds of our bodies slamming together. There is no holding back anymore, this is now pure, hard fucking as I hold her by the shoulders in her downward position with one of my feet on the bed beside her legs, slamming myself into her as deep as I can with every stroke, and the continuous sounds emanating from her mouth along with disjointed cries of “fuck yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” only encourage me to go harder still. I give one command: “Up,” and pull her into a half upright kneeling position, the change of angle putting more pressure on the plug now firmly pushed up against her ass, as well as on myself inside her.

One of my hands leaves her shoulder to support her by the base of her throat, mostly on the collarbones but enough to make her exhausted breath even more raspy. I can feel the vibrations in her throat as one continual moan bounces off the walls, jolting with every thrust. The change in position sends us both into overdrive, I can feel she is going to last as long as I will...

Her body clenches and spasms around me and my own responds in kind as she screams in one long “Ohhhhhhhh-huhuhuhoooooohhhhhh” as we climax together. My driving has stopped and I stay buried as far in her as I can, revelling in the simultaneous release of our sore and exhausted bodies. The aftershocks of orgasms from us both set the other off into another pulse of spasm, souls and bodies completely acting as one, being in a moment of oneness.

As the shocks subside, I lower her back down onto the bed and release the cuffs from her wrists. I see the redness and chafing they have caused from our rough play. She rolls onto her back and I sink into the bed beside her, both panting to catch our breath and soaking in the sensation of the endorphins flying through our systems.

Our hands find each other and our fingers interlace, a feeling so perfectly natural that I have never had before. I’d never let go of this hand again in my life.

Submitted by Cicada from Victoria, Australia

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