Little Miss - Bedroom Fantasies #45

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Little Miss - Bedroom Fantasies #45

The house was empty except for us. No fear of being disturbed or interrupted. You stood in the middle of the bedroom floor. I laid your collar on the bed before turning to you and beginning to undress you. After removing your top and bra, I let my fingertips graze your nipples and smiled as they hardened. My mouth watered slightly at the idea of sucking on them soon. My hands moved to your pants and I slowly pushed them and your underwear down, sinking to my knees as I did. With my face level with your pussy, I leaned in and inhaled your scent. Lifting your feet one by one to clear the pants away, I then stood.

I began to circle you, my hands touching here and there. Your thigh, your shoulder, your hip. I could feel my cock begin to harden. Standing behind you, I place my hands on your shoulders and push down.

“On your knees.”

Once you are on your knees, I retrieve the collar and slowly place it around your neck, the chain and handle hang down the front of your naked body. Once it is in place, I stand back and remove my clothes. My hard cock points at you with drops of precum forming at the tip. I moved toward you, cock first. It brushes your lips before I take a hold of your head and push my cock into your mouth. I moan as I feel your tongue start to swirl around my cock. A moan escapes my throat at the feel of being in your hot mouth. Holding your head with both hands, I look down at you. You look up at me at the same time. I then begin to thrust harder in and out of your wet mouth. Face fucking you in earnest, my balls slap your chin. I halt suddenly with my cock buried all the way in, your nose in my pubic hair. I hold it for a count of five before pulling it all the way out, your saliva dripping from it.

I bend down and take the handle of the leash. Pulling it tight, I pull you upright.

“On the bed, on hands and knees.” Once you are in position I let the leash go and kneel at your side. I reach under you and grasp your right breast, squeezing it firmly. My fingers find the nipple and twist it while my other hand roams across your back. My left hand slides between your buttocks and grazes over your arse and then further down to where I can feel the heat radiating from your pussy. I let a finger slide between your lips, gathering the moisture. I think of bringing it to my lips and tasting you. It makes my mouth water. I decided to go for the source. I shift behind you and place my face between your legs. Your smell fills my nostrils. I lean in and extend my tongue. I run it along your pussy lips and thrust it into your wet hole. My hands grip your arse cheeks and my fingers dig in hard to spread them further apart. Moving my face up slightly I allow my tongue to circle your arsehole. I allow saliva to gather there, knowing what I want to do soon. I spend several minutes going between your pussy and areshole, getting both wet and slippery.

Coming back upright, I lean forward and take up the leash handle. I pull it tight again, to keep you in place. I move forward until my cock touches your pussy lips.

"Little Miss, you may push back onto my cock slowly."

The sensation of your hot pussy slowly sinking onto my cock is heavenly. Once you have taken my whole cock, my lust begins to take over. Pulling on the leash with my left hand, my right hand grips your hip. Slowly at first, I begin thrusting my cock in and out of your hot pussy. Before long, my body is smacking hard against yours as I slam into you. My right hand slips under you to play with your clit. You begin to moan and a grin creases my face. My right hand releases your clit and moves to your arse. My fingers circle it, before one wet finger pushes in. I then begin to finger fuck your arse while I am pounding your pussy.

With a hard thrust, I bear down on you until you are forced flat on the bed. My left hand grabs onto your hair, the better to hold your head in place. My cock slides out of your pussy and I move it up higher, the head of cock leaving wet smears across your arsehole. I teasingly push the tip of my cock against your hole before pulling back. I do this several times. “I want to hear you say it, Little Miss, say what you want.” I wait for a heartbeat.

“Please Sir, put it in my arse.”

I push my cock down and back into your pussy. “Now, Little Miss, I don’t think you really mean it.” I am slowly sawing my cock in and out of your dripping pussy. You try to raise your head but I keep it down on the bed.

“Please Sir, fuck my arse, fuck it hard.”

The grin across my face says it all. I take my cock from your pussy and slowly push it into your tight arse.

“Good girl.”

When my cock is buried deep in your arse, I say, “You may use a hand to play with yourself.” With that said, I begin to slowly start thrusting in and out. The pleasure of fucking your arse is immense. Every now and then I can feel your fingers in your pussy, pressing against my pumping cock. 

I let go of your head and grab both hips with my hands, all the better to fuck you harder and harder. I can feel the pressure building in my balls as my orgasm approaches. I bend over and grab your hair, pull on it and using it for leverage to fuck you as hard as I can. I cannot tell who is grunting, if it is you or me, but I no longer care.

“Cum for me, Little Miss.”

I feel your body shudder and your whimpering as your orgasm sweeps through your body. With a few more thrusts, my cock begins pumping hot cum deep into your arse. I groan as the last of my cum spurts out. With my cock still buried, I lay down on your back kissing your shoulders and stroking your hair.

We shift to our sides and I pull you in close to spoon you as we drift off to sleep.

I wake up to find you kneeling beside me. You have already showered and smell clean and fresh. Your collar is in place and the sight of it and your naked body makes me smile.

“Good morning, Sir,” you say.

“Good morning, Little Miss,” I reply. I feel my cock stirring. My hand touches your thigh and I allow my hand to roam. I can feel the warmth of the shower on your skin still, which speeds up the hardening of my cock. I push the covers down and look at you.

“Suck me.”

You obey without question. Your warm tongue bathes my cock bringing it to full hardness. You lick my cock from the tip to its base. I shudder at the feel. Your mouth moves to the head of my cock and you slowly take it into your mouth, your tongue wrapping around it. My hand moves between your legs and my fingers stroke your pussy lips. Already a dampness has begun to form.

You continue to lavish my cock with your tongue, one hand moving to my balls. You gently stroke my ball sac before wrapping your hand around it and lightly squeezing. My hips thrust up into your mouth at the sensation and a moan escapes my lips. My fingers begin to probe your pussy, spreading your wetness onto them. One finger begins to penetrate and curls against the walls of your pussy. My thumb strokes your clit at the same time. My other hand moves to your soft hair, gripping it, and pulling your mouth off my cock. I pull on it, bringing your face to mine. I press my lips against yours, my tongue enters your mouth to entwine with yours. I kiss you hard, pulling your face against mine. My fingers continue to play with your pussy.

I sit up slowly, my fingers press harder into your wet pussy. My other hand shifts from your hair to your throat and grips around the collar as I slowly shift you onto your back. Once you are lying flat, my knee spreads your legs apart. With one hand on your throat, the other moves to support my weight on the bed. I shift from kissing your lips, down to your neck. I begin to nibble and bite there, feeling you tense as I do. I allow my hips to lower, pressing my hard cock against your groin and slowly hump up and down across your pussy.

My head goes lower to a breast, where my mouth latches on to a nipple. I suck it into my mouth, my teeth press into your tender flesh. Your hips thrust up to meet mine and I grind hard against them. My hand on your throat grips tight and I can almost feel your pulse under my fingers through the collar. My teeth bite down on your nipple and you whimper. My own pulse begins to race. My hips grind into your harder.

My free hand moves to grip one wrist, pushing it against the mattress. I release your nipple to the open air and move my mouth to your ear. “Guide my cock into your pussy, my good girl.” I feel your fingers grip me and pull me towards my goal. I allow your hand to guide me. The head of my cock encounters the wet entrance to your pussy. With all else forgotten, I slowly push in with a lustful groan. I bury myself in the warm embrace of your pussy even as I suck my breath in. Releasing your throat from my grip, my hand shifts to your free wrist. I grab it and force it to the bed above your head. With both wrists restrained, I look you in the eye as I slowly begin to thrust into you. Your groans and sighs arouse me further and thrust harder into you. I look down at your face and see the pleasure there which thrills me from head to toe. I focus on pushing my cock in and out of your wet centre.

I can sense your orgasm approach from the tightening on my cock to the moans you elicit. I pull out of you and quickly slide down your body until my mouth latches on to your wet hole. I lick and suck at your juices, savouring your taste. My head turns occasionally, to nip and bite your inner thighs. Each time my teeth connect you shudder. I latch onto your left inner thigh, pulling your flesh into my mouth, sucking hard. Your hands grip my head, holding me there. Pulling away suddenly I look at the mark my mouth and teeth have left behind.

I quickly rise above you and without hesitation plunge my cock back into your wanton pussy. I begin to slam my hips hard against yours. The tension is rising. I grab your ankles and push them up, almost until your knees touch your shoulders. I am now pumping my cock into your pussy as hard as I can. My feet push into the mattress to find the purchase to keep hammering into you. I can feel your pussy start to grip my cock as your orgasm approaches.

With a rudeness that leaves you gasping, I pull out of you and climb off the bed.

“Little Miss, it is time you helped me with my shower. I will finish what has been started later.”

Submitted by Corvus79 from Mount Evelyn, Victoria, Australia

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