Our Naughty Little Secret

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The idea of being out in public with naughty intent. Taking a moonlit walk into the busy part of the city with you. People are sprawling across the pavement, enjoying their night out, and we’re secretly playing with each other. 

Using discreet toys, daring each other to try and trigger a reaction while the other tries their hardest to hide their erotic ecstasy. Every person we walk past adds to the sense of danger... Do they know? Could we have been found out? Did they hear us? All this adds fuel to the pleasure that will build throughout the night. Our naughty little secret.   

We teased each other throughout the evening as we walked through the nightlife, had dinner with a drink or 3, and headed to the beach to have a romantic walk with a naughty twist. Every desire to moan must be withheld, each press of the button, each change in the vibrations making it harder and harder to control ourselves, the idea that we could be found out sending chills down our spine, magnifying the intensity to the point we can almost no longer control each other…

That is until we get home, where we can finally unbind ourselves, releasing all the built-up feelings into a night of passion! Now, to find the perfect toys to help this fantasy become a reality… 

Submitted by Jarrod from St Albans, VIC, Australia

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