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The restaurant is booked. I'm sitting sipping on a scotch, waiting for you to put the finishing touches on the masterpiece that is YOU. You walk into the lounge room looking like the sexiest thing I've ever laid my eyes on. Walking straight across the room, you put your hand on my face, kiss my mouth and say, “Take me to dinner, babe…”

The seating at the restaurant is old-school booth-style seating. We are shown to our table and you sit first, sliding into the back of the booth. As you put your hand on the seat to move, the lighting catches your legs, and I can't move for that split second as I'm mesmerised by their beauty. The soft, off-white dress you have on sways slightly as it's not a slim-fit dress. The white material of your dress looks amazing against your brown skin.

The wine is poured and dinner is ordered. Time now stops as it's only you and me, no distractions, no one to interrupt. It takes less than five minutes for me not to be able to resist touching the inside of your leg. 

Can I let you in on a secret? I let you get into the booth first, knowing you'd be guarded against the view. I can't stop my hand from probing around your thigh; it's warm, soft, and very inviting. The little finger of my left hand loses control and pushes the side of your panties away from your leg, allowing my finger to help itself to your soft, sensitive lips. You reach for your wine and take a small, sharp sip, knowing what's going on under the table.

Within two minutes, you are all soaking wet, my fingers are driving you crazy. At this point, you do something I didn't expect. You lean over to me and say, “Can I get past? I need to go to the ladies' room to remove my underwear so you can get all your fingers in me, not just your little one.” I move and let you pass. 

Sat waiting for you, my mind is saying to itself, My god, she is a dirty bitch, but my dirty bitch. You arrive back at the table, and I move to let you in. You reach up, hold my face and put your two middle fingers against my lips. “Taste my fingers,” you command. I can already smell your womanly scent as you put them to my lips. I oblige by letting you rub them against my tongue; the taste is amazing. 

You put your hand under the table, knowing that my cock must be throbbing by now. No surprise as you grip my hard cock like a vice. Dinner is served, and between each mouthful of food, someone has hold of the other one's body parts. My cock throbbing in my pants, and your soaking wet pussy under the table is just aching to be touched and fucked by my hard cock.

Putting ourselves back together, we leave the restaurant and head back to the car. Driving home, you have my cock in your hand, and your hand slides up and down easily as you made me pre-ejaculate about five times so I'm soaking. You now take command of the situation and tell me to pull over in the side street. The street is abandoned with no one in sight. You turn around and look at me.

“I'm going to open the back door of the car. I'm going to kneel on the back seat, lift my dress, and pull my panties down just below my pussy. You're going to walk around the car to my side, open your pants, and pull down your underwear. Don't say anything to me at all. Then, get your cock and, without any probing around, thrust yourself straight inside me.”

I obey every order you give me. The next thing I hear is you taking a massive breath of air as my cock thrusts deep into your soft pussy. Commanding me, you tell me to hold your hips, and fuck you until I explode inside you. The excitement is far too much for me to keep control. Trying to hold on is impossible, holding your hips, with your dress above your sexy soft arse and your panties revealing all you are as a woman. There is no holding back. You take a deep breath once more as you feel my man juice flowing into your vagina. The warmth seems to calm you, you immediately push me back, turn around and sit facing me, you slide your lips over my cock so you can taste both you and me at the same time. I look down at you, thinking, is there anything hotter on this planet than YOU? Your eyes look up into mine, shining in the moonlight. You say, “Now take me home and make love to me please, babe.” I reach down to take hold of your hand and say, “It would be my pleasure…”

Submitted by Mistress Chef, Australia 

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