Bedroom Fantasies

Surprise Swinger Party - Bedroom Fantasies #41

Watching them lean in was like watching a movie in slow motion. Alice had to get up on her knees to get closer. On all fours she began to crawl towards Nathan and from my new vantage point I could see down her top again. Nathan put his hand on the side of Alice’s head, tilting it ever so slightly, he leaned in and kissed her. She teased him with her tongue, the same way I had with her, as their kiss intensified they closed the space between them. I wanted nothing more than to be part of the action...continued.

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Swingers Club - Bedroom Fantasies

My husband and I have been into swinging on and off for a while now. We used to get up to some really crazy stuff, but haven’t done much of anything like that for a good couple of years now, and...continued.

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Kinky Holiday on the Sunshine Coast

Matt and Michaela had been looking forward to their holiday to the sunny Sunshine Coast for months. Noosa was Michaela’s favourite and she had been ordering new bikinis for a couple of weeks so that she would have new ones. Little tiny triangle ones that showed boob underneath...continued.

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Bedroom Fantasies #27 - Game Night

Karen and I had been together for six years. I have always found strong-minded women more appealing. Karen is just that, very intelligent and quick to pick up on some of my more obscure jokes. We have never been part of the Swingers scene, until this experience...continued.

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Sharing My Wife:  My wife, Julia, and I have always been pretty open about our fantasies. She’s always told me about her interests in other men & I’ve told her about women that turned me on. There’s always been this back and forth banter about going out with our other lover, even though neither of us actually had another lover. Then COVID-19 crept up on us and we suddenly found our lives changing dramatically...continued.

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Bedroom Fantasies #10 - Summer Swing in Public Place

Summer Swing in Public Place:  Early summer, I spent the day with my wife in the city. She's wearing a long maxi dress. We head to a bar for dinner and end up hitting the dance-floor there. It gets pretty hot so she ties her dress up in a knot, pretty high on the side. It's gotta be almost at her hip but I can't see her panties at all....continued.

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