Swingers Club - Bedroom Fantasies #35

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Swingers Club - Bedroom Fantasies

My husband and I have been into swinging on and off for a while now. We used to get up to some really crazy stuff, but haven’t done much of anything like that for a good couple of years now, and before the last time it was a few years before that too. It’s not that we’ve lost that adventurous side to ourselves, it’s just that having kids made getting out and doing this sorta thing pretty hard. But now that the kids have started to get a little older, and we’ve found a reliable babysitter, we’re now able to get out and have some fun every now and then.

Tonight is one such night, last time we had an opportunity like this we went out clubbing and got blind because we could, that was what I wanted to do, and this time it’s his turn to do what he wants, and he sorta surprised me by saying he wanted to go to a swinger’s party (well, not THAT surprised). What made this night a little different than previous parties we had gone to though, was the agreement beforehand that I would take a submissive role and do as he commanded for the evening. Maybe he thought it would make me less apprehensive, maybe he just enjoys controlling me, but he decided that a fun role-play would be to have me be his plaything to command for the night. 

I’ll admit, at first I was nervous about the prospect of this, but nervousness is just a different form of excitement. Part of me wondered what he would have me do, but I knew I could trust him not to make me do anything I’d regret, and I’d be lying if I said the thought of him taking control of the night, and of me, didn’t get my heart racing in a way that it hadn’t it a long time.

Before I knew it, we had arrived at the location. It wasn’t far from our place, which was convenient. The house was large, but unassuming. The large number of cars parked in their driveway and all down the street was a bit of a giveaway that something was going on there, and as we got out of the car and approached the house we started to be able to hear the music pumping from inside the house, and the drowned-out chatter of a large number of people inside. We got to the door, and gave it a knock. I pulled my coat around me slightly conscious of being out in the open, trying to cover myself more. We stood there for a moment before the door opened and we were greeted by a beaming woman standing before us. She was pretty, in a homely and normal way. She looked like she was in her late 30s, or early 40s. She was wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt and a short skirt. Being the door-woman, it made sense that she wouldn’t be wearing scanty clothing to potentially show the whole neighbourhood every time she came to the door. With the door open we could now hear the music clearly and loudly. “Hi, I’m Nathaniel and this is Amanda…” Nathaniel said to the woman. She immediately jumped in: “Oh hi! We spoke on the phone earlier! Welcome! So nice to see you, please come inside.”

We stepped into the house and she closed the door behind us. “Hi Amanda, I’m Sammy, it’s lovely to meet you.” She said, shaking my hand. “If you want to take your clothes of, or not, there’s a closet just through that door there where you can leave your things. I’m here all night, and I make sure nobody takes anything that isn’t theirs, don’t worry.” Nathaniel responded, “Thanks, yeah we’re probably overdressed at the moment” and laughed to himself. He then turned to me and said matter-of-factually, “take off your clothes.” I felt a moment of mental hesitation, as my normal social programming reflexively told me not to strip in front of this woman I’d just met, but I immediately took my coat off and held it in my hands, revealing my outfit beneath for the first time. I was wearing black lingerie with lace trims, accompanied by stockings with matching black lace around the tops, and capped off with garters. The length of my legs was exaggerated by a pair of black heels beneath it all. I stood there somewhat sheepishly for a moment before Nathaniel took my coat from me and went into the coat room with it. Sammy smiled warmly at me, “You look absolutely incredible! It’s always nice to have new people come to these things, but it’s especially nice when a couple as attractive as you both comes along.” I thanked her, and was returning the compliment when Nathaniel returned, wearing less clothing now himself. He was standing there just in boxer-briefs which nicely highlighted his package, and had unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his abs and chest. “I’ll give you the tour quickly,” said Sammy, and we proceeded to follow her down the hallway.

She walked us past room after room, pointing out bathrooms, a couple of sex rooms which presently had mattresses on the floors but nobody getting naughty yet. The lounge room had a dance-floor which currently only had a couple of women and a male dancing in a silly manner to the music, but they looked like they were having fun. There was a smoking area outside, and otherwise it was a pretty normal, suburban house. What made it different was that the entire place was quite dark, but with randomly places coloured party lights around the house, making it feel strangely like a nightclub that had perfectly copied the aesthetics of a house. Conspicuous too were the couples milling around the place, or standing closely against walls and in corners, chatting away, but noticeably looking us up and down, checking us out, as we were escorted through the venue. “Well, that about covers everything,” Sammy said having completed the little walk-through. “If you have any questions, please just ask myself, or anybody here really. Most of these guys are regulars and know the house and the rules of the place. It’s all pretty standard, as I understand you’ve been to these kinda things before. No means no, don’t do anything without permission first blah blah blah, I’m sure I don’t need to be telling you this stuff, most of all, make sure you have a great night! Now, I’d better get back to the door, as we’ll be having more guests arrive soon, this is the time of the night where it usually starts getting a bit busy."

With that she turned tail and made off down the hall, leaving Nathaniel and I standing pretty much in the centre of the lounge room. We looked at each other and he said, “Well, seems like a nice enough place. I’ll go get us some drinks made up and what I want you to do is to dance here until I get back. Give people a bit of a show, it’ll help break the ice. I’ll be back in a minute.” With that, I was left by myself. I looked over to the dance floor and there was now a few more people, about 6, looked like 4 girls and 2 guys, all getting their groove on. I felt a bit awkward about it, but told myself that I had agreed to do what Nathaniel tells me for the night, so I walked over to the dance floor and just started dancing. Within a couple of minutes I was starting to feel a bit more comfortable. The ice was breaking, I was enjoying the music, and the people dancing around me flashed me smiles in the shifting disco lights, and the smoke machine was going off occasionally, hiding us all in a smokey cloud. I was starting to lose myself in the music a little bit when I felt somebody press up behind me. Initially I thought it was Nathaniel, but when his hands rested on my hips and started swaying with me to the music, I knew it wasn’t him. I tensed up for a moment, but kept on dancing. The unknown man brought his face just over my shoulder, and whispered in my ear: “It’s ok, we’re just dancing. Relax.” And he started moving his body with mine, pressing his crotch up against my butt. I looked around, but couldn’t see Nathaniel anywhere. I thought to myself, “well, I am just dancing, and that’s what Nathaniel told me to do. If he gets mad, I’ll deal with it,” and relaxed myself into the rhythm with this invisible stranger. I started to enjoy the feeling of his hands holding my hips, occasionally moving up to my waist and wrapping his fingers slightly over my exposed belly.

My curiosity eventually overwhelmed me and I turned around to face him, and found myself looking up into a slightly older, but very handsome man with tidy, but rugged good looks. He smiled at me and I returned the gesture. I wrapped my arms around his neck and returned to dancing, this time facing him. I was enjoying his attention, and feeling his body up against mine. I was suddenly aware that I was actually starting to get quite aroused. He lowered his face to mine, and I raised mine to his. I could feel the warmth of his breath on my cheek, and I had to draw myself back slightly. I knew I hadn’t been given explicit permission to do anything besides dancing yet, so was unsure about what to do to proceed. Then, I felt another body press up behind me, and a fresh set of hands wrap around me; this time I recognised Nathaniel’s touch. “Come with me,” he told me, pulling me gently away from the man and the dance floor. I looked back at this stranger for a moment, and Nathaniel turned to look at him too, “You coming or what?” The man didn’t hesitate to follow us both into one of the secluded rooms.

We got into the room and immediately Nathaniel told me: “Hands on the wall.” I complied, putting my hands on the wall in front of me, arms outstretched. “Keep them there.” He commanded. He grabbed my waist and pulled it back a bit, until I was bent over slightly. I felt him tap the insides of my legs with his foot, and I shuffled me feet apart until he stopped, leaving me with my legs spread past shoulder-width, but not uncomfortably so. I felt a hand which I assumed was Nathaniel’s wrap around my hair, and pull it backwards gently, so my head was tilted upwards slightly and I could only look straight ahead at the wall in front of me. Next thing I know, I feel a pair of hands running over my protruding ass, squeezing each cheek intermittently. My heart-rate started to increase. A hand reached around and cupped one of my breasts, lightly rolling it around, as the pair of hands worked their way around my hips and I felt some fingers sliding under my panties and over my public bone. A finger moved over my slit, and lightly pressed against my entrance. I became aware of how wet I was getting, as it wiggled back and forth, working its way between my lips. The finger curled up and the tip slid upwards until it hit my clit, where is started to slowly and lightly circle. I let out a soft moan in response. With the finger continuing to circle my clit, the other hand returned to my ass, this time sliding underneath my panties from above and continuing all the way down until it too was at my pussy. The hand at my breast left, only to pull my panties down to my thighs, before returning to massage my other tit. The hand between my legs started to rub up and down my pussy as my excitement grew from the fingers working my clit. My breathing was getting heavy. A finger pressed against my entrance and met slight resistance before pushing through and sliding up inside of me. I groaned out in pleasure. The two hands working together were really starting to do a number on me, the finger in my pussy gently working in and out, and gently brushing my spot as it did, and the fingers at my clit didn’t miss a single beat. I was really starting to get worked up now, and I could feel the familiar pressure of an orgasm building within me, as blood started flowing to my chest and face. Another finger entered me alongside the first, and I noticed that I was really wet at this point. “Oh, oh… ah!” I uttered, getting closer to my destination, when abruptly the fingers stopped and left me near the edge. “Oh?” I mumbled disappointedly. I tried to turn my head slightly, but the hand gripped my hair more tightly, telling me I wasn’t meant to look.

I felt somebody move behind me, and the familiar feeling of a cock started rubbing its head up and down my exposed pussy. It was hard as a rock, with no give in it at all. I instinctively arched my back to stick my butt out further, allowing easier access for whoever it was. With a slight push, the head popped between my lips and in a single movement slid all the way in until I felt his skin pressed against my ass, and a loud moan escaped my lips. The man stopped there for a moment, deep inside me, and I felt fingers return to my clit and start circling them once again. The cock pulled back slightly, then slowly went back in, then slowly out, and in again. It wasn’t forceful, but it was deep, and the fingers at my clit were rapidly getting me back to my prior level, and I started to gasp and moan as pleasure swelled up between my legs. The cock inside me began speeding up, and was now fucking me at a good pace. Every thrust pushed me forward slightly, pulling my hair against the hand that held it, so I pushed back against his dick to try and stop myself from being pushed forward by him. I was starting to get close to the edge again, and I felt like he was too, if the hardness of his cock was anything to go by. “Oh shit. Oh, oh. Oh, I’m going to come soon, oh, I’m going to come!” I gasped, as his cock started fucking me faster and harder. “Oh, fuck! Oh fuuuuck!” I groaned out loud as the pressure within became too much to withhold, and the release of it sent waves of pleasure up through my body and my pussy convulsed around his cock. I heard some grunting, and felt him push as deep into me as he could, and his cock throbbed powerfully as he came strongly. My pussy continued to grip is cock as it twitched for a while, and I started to catch my breath and return to reality. I felt the cock slowly pull out of me, before flopping out leaving me feeling somewhat empty. SMACK! I felt a hand crack on my butt and I quickly snapped back to my senses. “Great job baby, but there’s still a lot more coming…” Nathaniel whispered into my ear, and I trembled as he kissed me deeply, pushing his tongue into my mouth. The night was just getting started...

Submitted by Nathaniel from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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