Friends with Benefits - Bedroom Fantasies #34

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Friends with Benefits - Bedroom Fantasies #34

It had hurt so much when my partner left me after 10 years. He had just taken off one night without a word and messaged me the following day saying he had gone back to his native country and would not be returning. I told myself that I would NEVER, FALL FOR ANOTHER MAN AGAIN! The pain was too much.

A good friend of mine asked me over most weekends. He and I had been friends for years. We spent time together listening to music and singing along and just talking about life in general. When we were together time seemed to pass by so quickly.

After a few months I found myself checking out his tight arse whenever he was bent over cleaning or cooking. His smile began to melt my heart.

I soon found that my pussy would get so moist whenever I was around him. He would brush past me, his hand slightly touching my breast, he would lean over me from behind and the feel of his breath on my neck would send tingles up and down my spine.

I thought that I was hiding it well, but apparently not!

I was so hungry for him, I just wanted to feel his breath on my neck, his hands on my tits, his cock rubbing up against my pussy, she would get soooooo wet now, every time I saw him.

One day he teased me about it, “You want me sooo badly, don’t you?” “No, no I’m good”, I said in a less than casual manner. “I think you’re lying to me”, he laughed.

We spoke about it and I told him if he wanted to be ‘just friends’, that was fine, I would just switch “her” off. “Probably best” he said, “don’t want to ruin a great friendship.”

Months went by and we continued to see each other, each weekend.

Then one night he rang me asking me to pick up him and a friend and take them home because they’d been drinking. So, middle of the night, I find myself getting dressed and going out to get him and his friend.

We dropped off his mate first and then it was time for me to take him home.

As we drove around town, he said “Well look at that! My rock hard, throbbing cock is out!” He had unzipped his pants and there in the passenger seat beside me, was the man I so desperately desired with his cock fully on display, and what a cock it was – so hard and thick – I could see it pulsing as the veins on it stood out. I tried to keep my eyes on the road, stealing glances at his cock, every now and then, “Yes, yes it is,” I said.

I continued to drive. Soon he had his hand under my dress and was slowly rubbing his hand along my thigh and up to my pussy. I could feel her getting so wet at his touch, but I remembered what he had said all those months ago, “Just good friends. Don’t want to ruin a friendship.”

His touch was more than a little distracting. We went and parked up beside the ocean. He said “I can’t believe you. Here I am with my throbbing hard, pulsating cock out telling you I want you and that I want to be inside your wet, wet pussy and you are telling me, ‘no, no we are just friends’. I have wanted to fuck you on a number of occasions and tonight here I am finally telling you I want you, I want to be inside you.” “You are just drunk”, I replied, “get back in the car and let’s get you home.”

As I started to drive him home, he began tracing his hand up my thigh again, slowly he lifted my dress a little higher and started rubbing and squeezing my nipples. Soon he had his head in my lap and was sucking, biting and pulling on my nipples. Trying to concentrate on driving was becoming near on impossible.

“I think we should keep driving,” he said. I continued heading towards his house, as he continued sucking, biting and pulling on my nipples and rubbing my clit with his hand. I could not take it anymore! I turned on the indicator to turn right, “Where are we going?” he said cheekily. “Somewhere we can park up, where you are not going to make me crash the car!” I laughed.

I pulled up into my driveway and we went up to the front door, I fumbled with the lock in the keyhole, he was so close behind me, his breath on my neck, his rock hard cock, pulsing at my arse. “Nervous?” he asked. Finally, the key turned in the lock and the door swung open.

I stumbled inside, him following close behind me. He put his hands on my arse and pulled me to him, our lips met for the first time, our tongues twisted and twirled on each other – the desire and passion between us was incredible!

My temperature was rising by the minute. I could feel my breasts rising towards him, my pussy was soaked. His rock hard, throbbing, thick cock was rubbing up against me. This was the moment I had dreamt of.

I ripped off his shirt and started running my hands over his abs and his pecs, he pulled my dress slowly off over my head. We kissed hungrily, our tongues teasing, slowly twisting on each other as I slid my hand under the waist of his pants and slowly slid them off, over his bulging cock.

He kissed and sucked on my neck, nibbling on my ear, as I ran my fingers through his hair, tracing my fingers along his neck.

Soon he was rubbing my clit with one finger, while he was slowly inserting one finger from his other hand into my pussy, tap, tap, tapping at her walls. While he did this, I rubbed the tip of his cock, slowly rubbing and flicking just the tip of his cock. As he inserted a second finger into my pussy, I took the head of his cock in my hand and slowly rubbed back and forth. The whole time we were doing this our kisses were getting more and more sensual, our tongues desperate for each other.

I led him to my bedroom. He lay me on the bed. We continued to kiss hungrily. Soon his rock hard, throbbing cock slid into my wet, wet pussy filling me. I arched my back to force his cock deeper inside me – so deep his balls were slapping at me. Still this was not deep enough – he placed my legs over his shoulders and began to thrust and pound his cock deeper and deeper into me. Each time he thrust I moaned.

Soon my pussy juices covered his cock and dripped down covering his balls, he was not able to hold it any longer and soon his cum was filling me. This was ecstasy, pure Heaven – what we had both desired for so long had finally happened.

He lay beside me spent. I lay my head in the crook of his arm and gently stroked his chest with my hand – placing gentle kisses along his chest and slowly, gently massaging his balls.

“That was the first time we fucked, but it sure as hell won’t be the last!” he said. “Why did we wait so long?” I replied. “I don’t know, but we sure won’t be waiting that long again” he replied.

Submitted by Lee Lee from Victoria, Australia

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