Summer Swing in Public Place - Bedroom Fantasies #10

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Bedroom Fantasies #10 - Summer Swing in Public Place

Summer Swing in Public Place:  Early summer, I spent the day with my wife in the city. She's wearing a long maxi dress. We head to a bar for dinner and end up hitting the dance-floor there. It gets pretty hot so she ties her dress up in a knot, pretty high on the side. It's gotta be almost at her hip but I can't see her panties at all. She tied it up so casually with the tie that was in her hair but I notice it straight away. It makes me nervous which is such a turn on.

I immediately drag her closer to me and start running my hands down her legs, as casually as I can at first, brushing past the edge of the dress near the knot, trying to feel if she's wearing anything under there at all. Her cute ass has been swaying at me all day. I just assumed she was wearing a G-string.

As my hand is right at the knot, she spins around. It can't have been planned but as she does so, her dress catches at my watch. My hand that was reaching around to cup her arse is now sliding around her side to the front. I feel the tiniest prickles across my palm as her shaved lips brush past my hand. She comes to a stop half way around with her arse grinding up against me and my fingers nestled right on her sex. I can feel her dripping. OMG have she been naked under that dress all day and I have not done a thing about it?

It was so fast. I almost lost myself right there and was about to dip my fingers into her when she casually brushed the caught bit of dress from my wrist and continued to turn around. She whispers into my ear, "do you like it?" I could have blown my load right there. I can't even think of a sexy or witty response, but she doesn't wait for one. She just keeps dancing.

I look around the dance-floor a bit. I swear most of the eyes are on us. Then from a guy sitting at the bar, I get a cheeky thumbs up. Yep that just happened! My wife flashed everyone in the room but me and it looks like they enjoyed the view almost as much as I enjoyed the quick caress of my wife's most intimate places.

My cock is pushing hard at the front of my jeans now, after a little more dancing she leans back in, "I think i need another drink". I don't even hesitate, she has me completely at her command now. I will do anything that this goddess requests and not think twice. The bar was pretty busy. While I was waiting, I kept looking back over at my wife dancing alone. She looked confident though in her space, damn sexy, and would occasionally return my look with a smile before getting back to her groove.

After a bit, I noticed the thumbs up guy is no longer sitting at the bar. He is approaching my hot wife. I'm torn between waiting for my drinks and getting back over there before this guy tries to cut in. Thumbs up guy doesn't miss a beat. He winks at me and raises his drink in a kind of salute when he gets to her. She didn't notice his approach but he gets her attention anyway and introduces himself and offers her his drink. To my amazement she takes it as if it was hers all along and they start dancing and chatting. I'm getting pretty nervous now, I'm a pretty jealous kinda guy but it's my turn now so I get my drinks and head back over to the dance floor.

To my relief, as I get there she looks up at me, super excited to see me and hands the guy his drink back and takes the new drink from me. Phew! I'm a bit relived now. I thought I was going to have to fight this guy off but that action from my wife set me right at ease. She then introduced Sean the thumbs up guy. He made small talk for a bit and then disappeared back into the rest of the dance floor.

Back to dancing, back to grinding. I told her how worried I was about that Sean guy, at how jealous it made me but how much it made me want her even more in that moment. A little while later to my surprise Sean comes back and is dancing next to us, this time with a girl probably a foot shorter than my wife. She was a bit younger than us but pretty cute, totally non-confrontational. We all get chatting and Sean introduces Eloise, but friends call her lolly. I suppressed the urge to make a joke about her looking as sweet as a lolly. I've only got eyes for my wife, but the thought certainly fit.

Sean then suggested that we find a booth and get some more drinks. Lolly says she just saw a group leave from down the back so we leave the girls to find the booth and head back over to the bar. Sean seems like a nice enough guy, he travels a lot for work so hasn't settled down yet. He met Lolly just tonight after her friends had left to go to a concert at the arena down the road. The bar and dance-floor is now practically overflowing with people.

As we head back, the narrow corridor is clear of people but the head high partitions means we have to peer into each one as we go past to see if the girls are in there. Lolly was right. They found the last booth right down the end. It's pretty secluded and it looks like I've missed out on something down here.

Discarded on the bench seat is my wife's lace bra that she's been wearing today, I must say I didn't see her get dressed today, nor have I had the chance for a peek but I recognise that bra there and today. I recognised the way it has held up her perky breasts all day. She knows it's one of my favourites... Sean was pretty quick to notice too "what do we have here?" Meanwhile, I probably looked like a stunned mullet and as I'm still trying to figure it out. I stumbled and almost dropped the drinks as I shuffled into the bench seat.

It turns out that Lolly has an interesting way of tying up a maxi dress at the front to support like a push-up bra, and I can tell you it works.  Sean was like, "Damn, it looks like you've grown a whole cup size, what did you stuff in there?" He was not wrong. My wife blushed a little at that moment and proclaimed it was all real. Then, after hesitating only slightly, she offered "here, have a feel if you don't believe me, Lolly here has done a good job". My jaw almost dropped to the floor. Not only has my wife removed her bra in the presence of our new female friend, but she is now asking another man to touch her. I'm not sure how I feel, jealous, a little angry, nervous, excited all at the same time...  The rest of the night, as you can imagine, only got hotter....

-Submitted by Mr. S from Northcote, VIC, Australia

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