Sex Dungeon - Bedroom Fantasies #9

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Bedroom Fantasies - Sex Dungeon

Sex Dungeon: Someday, I'd like to have my own little sex dungeon with a bountiful selection of toys and devices. My play partner arrives at my sex dungeon, while I await his instruction, kneeling on all fours wearing only a collar and leash, wrist and ankle restraints and an anal plug tail. He would pick up my leash and lead me to the room with all of the toys, restrain me to the bed, on my back and begin to clamp on the nipple clamps, tugging at the chain afterwards. He'd give my pussy a few hard slaps with his hand before he grabs the whip and teases me with it before striking my tits and pussy. I would moan with pleasure and he would then retrieve the ball gag, put it in my mouth and tell me not to make a sound.

I'd look over at the bedside table where a few more toys had been placed. He would pick up the pussy pump and press it against my groin, pumping the device with one hand while his other had undoes the gag and he slides his cock into my mouth and deep down my throat. I'd be choking on his big, hard cock as I feel the pressure building on my pussy, from the pump. I'd writhe and wriggle, whilst gurgling and drooling on his cock. He'd pull out of my mouth and remove the pussy pump, as well as the anal plug tail I'd been wearing.

While I remain restrained to the bed, he would take turns using each of the toys laid out on the table, in each of my holes...anal beads, vibrating dildos stuffed in one hole while he inserts vibrating bullets in the other, the wand which he would press firmly against my clit on it's most powerful setting, all the while I am on the threshold of orgasm and simultaneously wriggling away from the intensity of stimulation.

After the pleasurable torture with a variety of toys, he'd fill one hole with a big dildo, while he fills the other with his cock...whichever hole is filled with a dildo or cock, I haven't a preference...either are perfect. My mouth would be filled with his fingers as he shoves them down my throat. I could only focus on the feeling of the dildo and his cock filling my other holes, I'd only think to suck his fingers in a slutty way, when he stopped thrusting for a moment.

With his other hand he'd be pulling tight on my leash and collar choking me just enough to push me over the edge and climax, right as he cums and shoots his load of hot cum, filling my hole. As he pulls out the dildo and then slides his cock out of my other hole, his cum drips down, trickling out while he slowly undoes all of my restraints with a sexy, cheeky grin and I lie there, feeling slightly ravaged and very satisfied.

-Submitted by Ms. M from Terrigal, NSW, Australia

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