The Three of Us - Bedroom Fantasies #8

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Three of Us: My biggest fantasy involves coming home with my man and another girl. We walk inside and instantly he pushes her up against the wall and starts kissing and groping her. I walk into the room and set up the restraints, where they both soon follow, with her being naked. We tie her up and start caressing her body; whilst she watches us passionately kiss and touch each other as well.

I slide my way over her body, seductively touching her breasts before ferociously throwing my head between her legs. My partner, at the same time, thrusting his hard cock into her mouth. With his hard throbbing cock, my partner then moves to fuck our new friend. I move over to him and hand him a rabbit vibrator when I make him fuck me with that whilst he is having sex with her.

Fucking almost to the point of climax, we quickly change positions, where my partner is now fucking me and our new lady friend is sitting on my face with her wet dripping pussy. I pull her down tighter over my face, tasting everything there is about her whilst slipping not one but 2 fingers inside her. Her hips start to shake which instantly makes me want to cum. My partner then flips me over and grabs my hair and fucks me from behind where we both climax at the same time.

-Submitted by Ms. M from Abbotsford, VIC, Australia

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