Sharing My Wife - Bedroom Stories #15

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Sharing My Wife:  My wife, Julia, and I have always been pretty open about our fantasies. She’s always told me about her interests in other men and I’ve told her about women that turned me on. There’s always been this back and forth banter about going out with our other lover, even though neither of us actually had another lover. I’ve never really been sure how I would feel about being with another woman, much less letting my wife be with another man. I mean, I would feel a bit of jealousy in the pit of my stomach but at the same time, the thought of her with another man also turned me on… like, a lot.

Sometimes, when we would be having sex, I’d imagine walking in on her and my best friend having sex. This has always been a huge fantasy of mine but I never honestly thought it would be anything more than that. My mate, James, is always hanging around and has dinner with us at least 3 times a week. We’ve often referred to him as our other partner in a joking manner but nobody ever really took it on board to mean anything more. Every Saturday night, James would crash at our place after an evening of dinner, drinks and movies… or whatever other fuckery we’d get into. James and I used to play in a band together so sometimes we’d pull out the drums & guitars and have a jam session. There was always something going on.

Then COVID-19 crept up on us and we suddenly found our lives changing dramatically. James’ regular visits were curtailed and we were no longer allowed to have visitors. Not long after, James lost his job and was unable to hold the lease on his apartment so we invited him to come stay with us until he could get back on his feet. Well every night was suddenly a party night! Bottle shops were still open so we kept a regular stock of James Dean and other particulars on hand. 

One Friday evening after we were thoroughly smashed and crashed out on the couch, I looked over and noticed Julia leaning seductively into James with his hands running up and down her thigh. He did this for a few minutes until his hands dipped closer and closer to her pussy. Julia was visibly turned on and parted her thighs for him to continue his exploration. I couldn’t help but to feel aroused by this. I wondered if they would go further as my cock began to strain against my pants from the excitement. Part of me was nervous as fuck but a big part of me was silently cheering them on.

She seemed to notice they had my attention and smiled seductively at me and motioned for me to come over to them. So… I get up and walk over to her and stand in front of her with a puzzled look on my face. She looks up at me with her pouty lips and gives me the most seductive look. I can tell she’s got something devious on her mind. She pulls me closer and begins to unzip my pants. My cock is bulging by this point and springs free from its confines and into her waiting hands. 

James continues feeling his way around her body more, reaching between her legs, rubbing his fingers against her pussy. She begins letting out moans of pleasure each time she feels his fingers brush against her. He then reaches under her shirt and begins to take one of her breasts into his hand and fondles it. She leans closer to him and they start to kiss, while she has my cock in her hand, stroking it. I can feel the head of my cock glistening with precum as the excitement grows.

Feeling a little dumbfounded but incredibly turned on, I think of my next move but before I can act on it, she reaches down and begins unzipping his pants too. He helps her slide the pants off and starts stroking his own cock a moment, signalling his interest in taking this to the next step. Julia takes her cue and bends down to greet his engorged cock with her tongue. She licks the head of his cock, her tongue swirling around it and then up and down the length of his entire cock. She then takes his cock firmly into her mouth and begins sucking it… slowwwwly at first. You can see every vein protruding in anguished torment as he is straining to maintain control. Julia has always been very masterful in her cock sucking skills and this was no exception.

As Julie quickens the pace, I notice her ass brushing against my cock each time she goes down on James. Lucky for me, Julia had on a skirt this evening so I lift it up and pull her panties down. Her pussy is glistening from her own excitement. I begin rubbing my cock up and down her clit. She lets out a loud moan as she presses herself into me. I can tell she’s dying to be penetrated. Each time I brush my cock up and down her clit, I press it into her just a little, deeper each time… to drive her further into a frenzy.

She’s moaning loudly now. Her moans sound a bit garbled with James’ fat cock thrusting deep into her mouth and she would occasionally gag a little from the size of him. Something about my wife gagging on another man’s cock was almost enough to push me to cumming right there but there was no way I was going down like that. I rammed my cock deep into her pussy and began thrusting my full weight into her. My balls were slapping against her loudly with every thrust. Just as I was about to explode inside of her, I pulled out and stopped myself. Oh this was sooo hard tonight! I never have been one to have trouble with controlling my ejaculation but tonight was definitely pushing me to my limit. 

I pulled Julia off of James’ cock and turned her around to face me. I wanted to cum on her lips and watch her swallow it. Julia was all too happy to oblige. She took my cock into her mouth and began sucking violently on it. Not wanting to be left out, James positioned himself behind her and slowly pushed his cock into her pussy. I could see everything happening all at once and it was so fucking hot! My cock pumping Julia’s hot lips while James pounded her pussy with his massive cock was more than I could bare. 

She was straining to take the full size of him but I could tell she was loving every moment of it. He reached around and began stroking her clit while he fucked her and I could see her body tense up as she always does just before an intense orgasm. She was ready to blow and so was I. Just as she reached her climax, I felt her mouth tighten around my cock as she froze in place. I let her finish her moment and begin thrusting my cock deep into her mouth again. I feel the head of my cock pressing against the back of her throat just as the pressure builds up into one explosive release. I pull out just in time to watch my cum spray all over her tongue, her lips and alllll over her beautiful face! She begins wiping some of it with her fingers and sucking it off each one… making sure I see her swallowing every drop. She knows I love it when she swallows.

James seems content pounding away at her pussy as I finish off in Julia’s mouth but once he sees what a beautiful mess I made, he seemed to want to join in on the fun. He pulls out of her pussy and pulls her around to tend to his cock next. She takes every inch of him into her mouth… I don’t know how she does it. He has to be at least 8 inches long. She doesn’t seem to mind, but she’s definitely back to gagging again. Something about her gagging on his cock almost makes me hard again. I slip my semi hardened cock back into her pussy and begin fucking her while she continues sucking on James. As he gets closer to cumming, he grabs her head and begins pulling her down harder onto his cock. I can hear him let out a loud moan as he explodes into her mouth. My mate is cumming hard into my wife’s mouth and my cock is now fully aroused again and pumping wildly into her pussy as she swallows every drop of his cum. 

I can feel her body tensing up again as she cums on my cock. This time, she’s cumming harder than ever before and the tightened feeling of her pussy muscles squeezing me as she cums on my cock sends me over the edge for the second round. I unload into her pussy as I pump harder with each thrust until I’ve given her my last drop. Barely able to stand after cumming twice in one night, I make my way back to the couch and crash beside Julia and James. We all just lie there, unable to move or speak. 

Suffice to say, we found new ways of having fun every night after. James never moved out. He kind of became that other partner we always joked about. We shared Julia whenever and wherever and everyone just seemed… naturally content with the idea. She’s still my wife and best friend but there is something erotic about sharing her with another man that none of us can get enough of.

Submitted by John from Epping, Victoria, Australia

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