Steamy Train Ride - Bedroom Stories #14

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Steamy Train Ride:  It’s a warm, summer evening as I walk swiftly to the train station to catch my ride home. After a long day of hard work, I was ready to unwind. I’ve never been one for small talk and like to get to the point pretty quick. That has usually served my purpose well with business but not so much with women. Most women I've met want to be wined and dined before jumping in the sac and as a gentleman, I usually oblige. I don’t mind spending big money on a really hot night and most of my female companions seem to enjoy the effort. I engage in the ritualistic small talk and we usually end up catching a taxi to a swanky hotel for the night.

Tonight was a bit different. As I seated myself in the carriage and adjusted my luggage for the ride home, I noticed this insanely hot blonde sitting across from me. I couldn’t help but to be mesmerised by her long wavy blonde curls and plump red lips. OMG.. those lips and the places they could explore could drive a man insane. As my eyes trailed up and down her voluptuous curvy body, my eyes couldn’t resist resting on her beautifully sculpted breasts. Lucky for me, her blouse was very low cut and outlined nearly every detail of her taut, perky nipples, while the v-neck design gave me an incredible view of her lovely cleavage. 

She was dressed in a relatively short skirt that revealed beautifully tanned legs and of course, she had on stilettos… my absolute weakness. Her long, slender legs brushed against mine every time the carriage would sway on the tracks. This sent jolts of electricity through my veins. I could feel my cock starting to grow harder. Looking intently at her beautiful, sexy lips again, I kept thinking about how amazing those lips would feel wrapped around my cock. What man wouldn’t give their left nut for a blowjob from this gorgeous vixen?

She must have realised I was perving her because she looked up and gazed directly into my eyes but rather than rebuke my blatant admiration, she gave me the sexiest smile I think any woman has ever given me. What could a bloke do? I smiled back and being sharp with my words, I quickly asked her where she was headed on such a lovely summer evening. Without missing a beat, she replied with a melodic voice, “On my way to Sunbury… and yourself?” Oh, this had to be dumb luck! I responded, “I’m also getting off in Sunbury…. Errr… well, I’d like to be… ‘getting off’. Care to join me?” I know! That was brazen and not my typical gentlemanly approach but I was horny and she was hot. There was no way I wanted to let this one slip away.

She arched her eyebrow in a way that I could tell her interest was piqued. She definitely caught the hidden meaning intended in my ‘getting off’ comment. Her lips formed a most seductive smile as she asked me, “Why wait? Let’s go now!” Now there was an idea I had never considered! Looking around, I suddenly realised we were the last two passengers left on the train carriage. Oh yes! This was definitely happening! 

Before I could think of my next move, she was suddenly on her knees, with her face moving closer to mine until I could feel those delicious lips of hers on mine! I wrap my arms around her, pulling her in closer. Crushing her against me so that I could feel those huge, beautiful tits pressed against me. I deepen the kiss, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. As our tongues battle for control, I feel her hand reaching down to unbutton my pants. Oh yes baby! Keep going! With my fly wide open and her hands seductively fondling my cock, I can feel every single inch of me fully exposed and waiting for more of her. 

I slide my hands up under her blouse and feel my way to her breasts. To my delight, she had no bra on… and each breast filled each hand perfectly. I lifted her shirt just enough so that I could see them and swiftly took one into my mouth for a taste while one hand fondled the other. Flicking my tongue around each nipple, she arched back, pulling my head onto her harder. She wanted more… so much more. 

After a full and total assault on her beautiful breasts, she pushed me back into the seat and lowered her mouth down onto my shaft. Her lips were sooo soft and warm as she caressed the tip of my cock… I could feel them open slightly, enough to trace the head of me with her tongue… ooh that hot, wet tongue… felt sooo silky against me! I feel her tongue trailing down the full length of me, down to my balls… She gently takes one ball into her mouth and begins to suck on it… very softly… then the other. With my cock firmly in her grasp, she strokes the length of me as she moves her mouth back up my shaft until she takes my head into her mouth. I feel those plump lips of hers surround my cock, going lower, lower, omg… she’s taking all of me into her mouth. I can feel the back of her throat! She lets out a slight gagging sound. I don’t know why but this turns me on even more. As she begins sucking my cock more vigorously, I take my hands and grab the back of her head to pull her back down with each thrust. I can tell she likes this because she reaches down and starts playing with herself. She’s clearly very horny. 

Taking my cue, I stand both of us up and bend her over the seat. I slide her skirt up to reveal her perfectly shaped ass. To my surprise, she wore a g-string that was quickly pushed aside for easy entry. As I pushed my cock into her wet pussy, she gripped the back of the seat tightly… bracing for all 9 inches of me. I’ve always had a particular fascination with watching my cock as it slides in and out of a woman’s pussy. This particular occasion was even more exciting with the possibility that others might also be watching. I wanted to be sure I gave the best performance ever. 

I begin thrusting deep into her pussy, over and over…  With every thrust, she’d let out a carnal cry. If there were any other passengers on the train on other carriages, they could surely hear us but we didn’t care. I fucked her faster and harder until I could feel her tensing up and making one last, final cry. She reached down to rub her clit frantically as she reached the end of her climax. I could feel my own tension building up and I was ready to blow. Instinctively, she pulled herself off my cock, turned around and had my cock in her mouth again. She sucked me wildly until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I blew my load all over her lips, her face, in her mouth… it was beautiful! She took her fingers and wiped away the cum, licking it off of each finger and swallowing. She cleaned up nicely.

And before I knew it, we were quickly dressed and back in our seats… just in time to exit the train and go our separate ways. And that… was the BEST train ride ever!

Submitted by Mr. Z from Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

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