First Lady Love - Bedroom Fantasies #16

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First Lady Love:  It was a cold winter evening and I was walking home, after closing up shop. I work at a barista in the city and lucky me, I live in a high rise apartment a few blocks from my workplace. I’ve always loved city life with the bustling traffic, the street-side musicians and noisy commotion that always filled the air. As I reach the corner of my block, I notice a woman passing me by. She slows her pace as she walks past me but there was something familiar about her that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. She looks me straight in the eyes and smiles at me in a strangely unsettling way. I smile back shyly and continue my trek home. I couldn’t quite shake her as I entered the house. Something about her held my attention and captivated my thoughts as I tried to unwind for the night.

Home is always a lonely place for me. Living alone was never really as exciting as I imagined it would be. But after 10 years being married to a man who always had company over, band meetups, parties, etc… I thought living alone might be a nice, quiet change for once. It was… for a few months but I eventually got tired of the same routine, day in, day out. I never really got into the party scene and all the crazy commotion that went along with being married to a performer. I also never expected my partner to run off with one of his groupies, although I probably shouldn’t have been so surprised by it. Temptation has a strange way of weaving its intricate web around your life and taking you for a wild ride.

Temptation… now that’s something I haven’t had in a long time. I could really go for some temptation… something new, something exciting. I desperately need to feel alive again. With all the crazy parties my ex would throw, you would think I’ve had my share of excitement but being the reserved type, I tended to shy away from it all. I would usually stow off somewhere by myself while everyone else had their fun and read a book or something.

So… home again, looking at the same four walls. It’s ok. It’s comfortable at least, stylish and decorated just the way I like it. I don’t have to worry about anyone else messing it up or coming home to a house full of drunk people. That’s always nice! Sooo… I quietly run a hot bath with some luxurious bubbles, turn on some soft music, light some candles, grab my best friend (my oh so wonderful vibrating Buzzy) and slip into my bath.

Holding my Buzzy in my right hand, I position him just over my clit and begin to rub him gently up and down it… feeling the vibrations awakening every nerve ending in my body. As I feel the familiar wave of ecstasy building up inside of me, I begin to push him in just a little… feeling the slow penetration of every inch as Buzzy pulses and vibrates gently. Finally deep inside my pussy, I switch the vibrations up a notch, no, another notch, no all the way. I feel Buzzy rumbling madly inside me now with the vibrator's clitoral stimulator at the hilt brushing up against my clit. I begin thrusting Buzzy in and out of me now.. Stopping momentarily to press Buzzy’s clitoral nub into my clitoris a bit… then back to thrusting. With every thrust, a new wave of pleasure courses through me until I begin my ascent into oblivion. I can feel my body shuddering with relief as I reach my climax and every part of my body throbs with wave after wave of intense pleasure. I sink into the bath, completely spent and satisfied. Not a bad way to end a day.

The next day, I awoke to a chilly but sunny day. I can live with a little sunshine after so many days of cold, wet weather. Melbourne is always so fickle. You never know what you’ll wake up too and the weather can change in an instant. Today’s forecast was looking to be pretty good and that was wonderful as far as I was concerned. Feeling a bit of pep in my step, I walk to work quickly, unsure if I’m actually eager to work or if it’s just being around other people I am craving. Either way, I’m just glad to be there.

Then it suddenly happened. She walked into the bistro… the woman I nearly bumped into last night with the unsettling smile. I hadn’t really given much thought to her after… well, maybe a little. I did feel a little turned on as she walked by but wasn’t really sure if it was actually her or just my need to feel a release after a long, stressful day. She’s a woman after all! Being shy as I am and relatively reserved most of my life, I’ve never really been very adventurous and explored my sexuality quite the way some of my friends had. I just never felt compelled to…. but this woman stirred something in me I never expected to feel. I WAS straight after all… wasn’t I?

Well, she got to the counter and there it was again, that smile. Seductive almost. I’m not sure why I felt like it was personal but I could feel her gaze as though it had seared through my soul. As I took her money for her order, her hand brushed against mine. I felt a jolt of electricity shoot through my veins. OMG! It WAS her! I was so incredibly turned on by… HER! She seemed to notice and paused a moment, looking at me inquisitively. Before I could finish completing her order, she takes the receipt from me, takes out a pen and scribbles something on the back of the receipt before passing it back to me and walking away.

As she walked away, I took a look at what she had written. It was her number… and just below it, she wrote, “Can we meet up after work? Call me. Charee xo” I quickly looked up to see where she had walked off to but she was gone. She must have already picked up her order and left. She looked so familiar but I just couldn’t work out where I knew her but it suddenly dawned on me that she had been my customer here the day before. She ordered a latte from me then too. I was so busy but even then, she caught my attention. There was something so commanding about her, strong yet sensual. She carried herself differently from other people or so it seemed to me. 

The rest of the day went along smoothly but as usual, I was so tired and ready to relax…. just not alone. I thought back to the invitation on her receipt and decided tonight, I was going to bust out of my bubble and do something different. I picked up my mobile and dialled the number. I was so nervous! Who knows, maybe she was just lonely and looking for a friend. I could use a friend too so why not? What’s the worst that could happen? 

I heard her voice on the other end… so sultry… yet strong. “Hello?” I stammered a moment, unsure of what to say next but then, “Hi… Charee, right? It’s me, Renee from the barista… how are you?” I had no idea what to expect next but she replied, “Hi lovely! I’m so glad you called. I’ve been thinking about you all day and was hoping to hear from you. I was wondering if I could get together sometime… for dinner maybe. Are you busy tonight?” Wow! Just like that… she wanted to meet? Ok.. why not? I hesitated a moment but responded, “Yea… sure, I’m not doing much. What did you have in mind?” She invited me over to her house, said she would love to have company for dinner tonight and spaghetti was on the menu. I was secretly hoping something else was too but I was desperate for company so anything would do. It’s not like I would know how to respond to anything sexual with another woman anyway… if that was her intention. I couldn’t help but to wonder if it was possible though. I was actually quite famished and quickly agreed. The idea of having dinner at this woman’s house gave me a spine tingling feeling… something about her made my head spin with desire.

Fortunately, she only lived about three blocks down the road. That was so much closer than I expected and once I got to her apartment, I knocked softly. I heard footsteps approaching and the door opened quickly. There she was, with that sultry smile again. She moved toward me and before I had a chance to calculate my next move, she hugged me and pressed her lips against my cheek. She wore the most intoxicating perfume. It was feminine yet somewhat masculine… perhaps a bit musky even. It set my senses on fire. I suppose her greeting wasn’t too out of the ordinary for some cultures but coming from her, it was like a jolt of lightning hitting every nerve in my body. I hugged her back, my arms lingering a moment longer than I expected but it felt so good to touch her.

She then motioned for me to come in and I did. She led me into her dining area. It was dimly lit with candles and she had very sensual sounding music playing in the background. The candles smell of vanilla with a touch of something else. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but it was a lovely fragrance. It suited the mood just right. She walked into the kitchen a moment and came back carrying two plates. Both had a delicious portion of bolognese with a side of garlic bread. Two glasses of wine were already sitting on the table to compliment this delicious meal. It was no ordinary friendly dinner. There was definitely something more going on and my senses were reeling with excitement!

We both ate our food with moderate chit chat. We discussed the weather, a little about politics, told each other a little about our past relationships and when dinner was over, we sat at the table for a brief moment as silence washed over the room. There was a definite feeling of sexual tension lingering in the air. The way she would speak in a sensual manner, smile as she sipped her wine and gazed at me when we would be lost for words...  I could sense she was aroused and not ready to let this night end. She got up from the table, walked over to me, took me by the hand and urged me to follow her. 

Unable to deny this woman any request, I followed her. She led me to a darkened room… with a faint hint of light emanating from a single candle. The music continued playing… soft, dark, seductive. She pushed me up against the wall and began running her fingers along my cheek. I could feel her hot breath on my face as she inched closer… Her lips brushed against mine, softly at first then harder. I had to catch my breath from the shock-waves she sent down my body. As my lips parted, she quickly thrust her tongue inside my mouth and began kissing me passionately. Her hands had slipped under my blouse now and I felt her fingers rubbing my nipples, softly pinching and tugging at each nipple until each throbbed with an aching desire for more.

Slowly lifting my shirt over my head, I felt her dip lower until she had one nipple in her mouth. I couldn’t help but to savour the feeling of her tongue as it flicked gently against my nipple. Her tongue swirled around as she clamped it between her teeth and gently tugged. Unsure of what to do in return, I resigned myself to running my hands up and down her back… daring myself to lift her blouse up too. Surprisingly, I couldn’t resist the urge and before I knew it, I had managed to pull her blouse off of her as well. Unclasping her bra and letting it fall to the floor, I was dazzled by her beautiful breasts. Mine were always small enough that I could get away with not wearing a bra but perky and cute. Hers were just… wow… big, beautiful but so perfect. I let out a soft gasp as I gazed longingly at her beautiful body. 

She seemed to notice my interest and with one hand, began to touch herself… rubbing a nipple between two of her long, slender fingers. I reach up and replace her hand with my own… touching her nipples… rubbing both and slowly arching down until I could take one nipple into my mouth for a taste. She tasted of vanilla and her skin was so soft to the touch… felt like silk under my tongue. I never imagined the feel of another woman could be so intoxicating but every silky inch of her milky skin against mine heightened my arousal more. Flicking my tongue against her nipple, I heard her catch her breath as she arched back a bit, pulling my head in toward her more. I could tell she was very turned on and so was I. She began moving her hips in a back and forth motion, pressing them against me.

As I continued exploring her breasts, I felt her hands begin to roam further down my body until they reached just inside my pants… further down… Oh my goodness!!! I feel her fingers pressing against my clit now, pressing just enough to stimulate my nerves then slowly she begins to rub her fingers up and down my clit. She lingers a little as she presses against my button with each stroke then gently dips a finger inside of me… twisting her finger a little to stimulate my nerve endings so perfectly. Every move she made was timed perfectly, as though she could read my mind and knew exactly what my body needed. Of course she would know. Who could know what a woman needed better than another woman? 

She gently pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me, with her hands still commanding my pussy like it was her own. She stopped momentarily and reached over to retrieve something from the bedside table. It was a small contraption that she slipped onto her finger and with the flick of a switch, it began vibrating. Before I could catch my breath, she quickly pushed her hand back down my pants and pressed this orgasmic device against my clit, rubbing it gently, then pushing it into me. Good god! The vibrations and her movements were enough to nearly push me over the edge. Sensing I was nearing a climax, she began kissing me again, pressing her body into me as she assaulted my pussy with her finger vibrator. I could feel the pressure building, building… omg… nearly there and before I knew it, I was cumming all over her hand. She pushed her vibrating finger deeper while her thumb massaged my clit until I lay there motionless and thoroughly sated. 

Then she reached over to her drawer again and this time, she pulled out a very strange looking double-ended dildo. It had two ends… one much larger and longer with a curve that led to the other end which was a bit smaller. After quickly discarding our pants and panties, she slowly inserted part of her curious device into her pussy then proceeded to brush the other end against my clit. And there it was again… the fire building up inside me again, already. The thrill of what she was about to do next sent my senses reeling. She pressed a button and it began vibrating as she continued rubbing it up and down the length of my clit and slowly pressing it into me. I could feel every inch of this thing penetrating me, deeper and deeper until it filled me completely and she was pressed against me, hips gyrating as she enjoyed the other end of the toy.

She began to move in and out of me slowly at first, quickening the pace until she was thrusting more forcefully yet there was something so erotic and sensual about how her hips gyrated with each thrust. My goodness... but she was a woman and she felt AMAZING!! I never imagined being with a woman could be anything like this. It was almost like she was reading my thoughts and knew every move I wanted her to make. Every touch, every kiss, every sound that escaped her lips drove me wild with anticipation.

Hearing her panting against my ear as she fucked me harder sent my pulse racing. I could feel her body tensing up as she let out a loud cry and began to shudder and climax. Grinding her hips wildly into me as she came against me, I could feel my own body responding with an intensity I’ve never felt before. Each sensuous thrust pushed my own body past the point of no return as I felt another climatic wave of pleasure wash over me. This time, it felt much stronger and came over me like waves crashing in a thunderous storm. I’ve never experienced a multiple orgasm before but I was certain this had to be one because it seemed like it would never end. She seemed to sense my ongoing state of arousal and kept thrusting deeper but slowly this time to grind every wave of pleasure to its max. She hit all the right spots. She knew all the right moves and I all I could do was surrender my body to this onslaught of erotic pleasure. And when my body finally settled a bit and the last wave of intensity washed over me, I felt her slowly pull out as she lay beside me, holding me close.

Running her fingers through my hair, massaging me gently, she kissed me on the forehead as I slowly drifted off to sleep. I must have slept heavy because when I awoke, it was morning again but I was alone in the bed. I nervously began to dress and walked into the main room to find her serving a beautiful breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast… even pancakes. It smelled like heaven. How did I get so lucky? And the rest of the story… well… we began to see each other regularly after. Our nights were filled with passionate adventures and I found my nights weren’t so lonely anymore. I had finally found what I was missing… 

Submitted by: Charlotte from Diamond Creek, Victoria, Australia

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