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Their fingers trace long lines over my body, light and tauntingly slow. The whisper of their lips on my skin raises goosebumps and sends shivers down my spine. I thought I’d known what I was in for when I first asked to be tied up, but I hadn’t anticipated the trembling, aching, desperate arousal that came with losing control of my hands.

I want to reach out and grab their hips, dig my fingers into the delicate curves of their body and mark them as mine, but tonight isn’t about that.

“Doing alright, little one?” Their voice is gentle, teasing me with rhetoric they already know the answer to. My hips buck as soft hands dig blunt nails into my thighs, trails of pink skin left in their wake. Their mouth presses warm and wet and tantalising everywhere except where I need it the most, dragging a whimper from my throat.

“Oh, it’s like that, is it?” I can hear the smile in their voice without opening my eyes, revenge for all the teasing I’ve done in the past. Teeth drag against the ridge of my hip and then their tongue is on me, swiping in lazy circles designed to drive me insane. It works, just like they knew it would.

My climax sneaks up on me, the way it does when I’m teased for too long. They know, though, and pull away to look at me coyly. “Oh no, none of that now. Can you be good for me, little one?”

Warm breath ghosts over my hips, sending tremors down my legs.“Baby —” their mouth descends again, tearing whimpers and little cries of almost, almost, from me. I hurtle towards the precipice, only to be left aching once again. They raise a single eyebrow at me, and I know we’re going to be here all night…

Submitted by Stephanie from Lara, VIC, Australia

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  • Posted on by Anton

    Yes love hot sexy stories it makes me so hard

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