Midnight Romp - Bedroom Fantasies #43

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Midnight Romp - Bedroom Fantasies #43

We are laying in bed, semi-awake, trying to snooze or go back to sleep. You roll over to cuddle me. Pushing your semi-erect cock into my lower back. Your hand travels down my stomach towards my pussy, thinking you’ll have a little play...see where it leads.

You discover my hand already there. Slowly playing with myself, putting pressure on my clit. Your cock grows harder, pushing further into me. You cover my hand with yours. Start guiding mine to where you want it to go. Start pushing my fingers inside the lips. You can feel the wetness.

You push my fingers inside myself. Helping them move in and out. Your fingers are also pressing against my clit. My breathing is getting heavy. I’m starting to wriggle. My bum moves back into you, pressing against your now very erect cock.

You remove my hand so you can replace it with yours. Your fingers easily slip inside me as I’m so wet. My arse is grinding against your cock, making you harder and hornier.

You pull me onto my back and bury your face in my pussy. Your tongue licking up all my juices. You’re quite aggressive and forceful in your movements causing me to cry out with pleasure. I push you away. Crouch over the top of you and put your cock into my mouth. You sigh. I begin stroking you and sucking you. You grab my head and force your cock further into my mouth.

You're pushing your hips up towards my face. You’re beginning to groan. Telling me I should stop. I keep going. Pulling and sucking in rhythm. I know you’re close. I can tell by your breathing and moaning. Suddenly you thrust your hips and explode in my mouth.

I move up to straddle you. My tight wet pussy slips onto your still hard cock and I begin riding you. You pull me down to kiss you, tasting your own cum in my mouth. It excites you. You grab my hips and move me backwards and forwards. My clit is grinding on you and I begin panting, the pressure beginning to build.

You clasp my hands with yours, giving me something to hold onto while I rock on top of you. The pressure is mounting for you too. You’re getting close to cumming again.

I ride you harder and faster, wanting more of your hard cock. Wanting to release the build up of the pressure. My clit feels amazing and I can’t hold off anymore. I cry out as I cum, my hands still clasping yours. At the same time you thrust your hips into me and release the pressure that’s built up in you too. We are both breathing hard, tired but satisfied.

We fall asleep cuddling. But sleep doesn’t last long for you and you soon wake. Quietly, you slip out of bed and extract things from the second drawer.

You quietly slip handcuffs onto my wrists and link them to the bed. You slip the blindfold over my eyes, which causes me to stir and wake up. I fight but can’t do anything as I’m restrained.

You begin to tease me with the feather wand. Running it up and down my body. I squirm as it tickles me. You bend over and kiss me. I react and kiss you back passionately. Suddenly you stop. The next thing I know your mouth has been replaced with your cock and I’m sucking it hard into my mouth.

I feel you move, and while I’m still sucking you, I feel your mouth on my pussy. Our bodies are moving together as we pleasure each other. You move off me and there is silence. I’m not sure what will happen next. Then I feel something being inserted into me. It’s vibrating and pleasurable.

Then you enter me as well and the feeling is enormous. The buzzing on my clit plus you fucking me hard while being blindfolded is mind blowing. It doesn't take long for me to cum. My breathing is hard.

The vibrations against your cock are pushing you over the edge. Plus seeing the pleasure you’ve just given me makes you explode inside me.

You remove the handcuffs and blindfold. You cuddle and kiss my head, making sure I’m OK. Our breathing slows, steadies.

Your cock is still rock hard and you’re still horny. You turn me over and pull me to my knees. Grabbing hold of my hips, you enter me from behind. You push my shoulders down so I’m laying on the bed. My arse in the air, you’re pumping me hard, loving the feeling of your cock going in and out of me.

I’m moaning with pleasure and reach for the toy close at hand. I use it to put pressure on my clit while you’re fucking me hard. You ease off the pace, trying to prolong your orgasm. Then you start building up again, going harder and faster until you cum, grunting with pleasure.

We move into the shower, aiming to wash off the sex. While the shower warms up, you move behind me to cuddle. Your cock starts growing hard as our naked bodies are pressed to each other and ideas start forming in your head.

You pull my head to the side and kiss me, our tongues entwining. Your cock grows hard behind me. Then you push me toward the floor. My hands come out to stop myself falling, coming to rest on the floor. I’m bent in half and you take the opportunity to enter me again from behind.

I push back into you, using the force of the floor to gain momentum. You’re grabbing my hips and pulling me into you, your cock driving in and out. I’m moaning, the force of you inside me giving me pleasure. You’re grunting with excitement, your breathing heavy. And you let the orgasm take you and you cum again inside me.

Submitted by Lisa from Bentleigh, Victoria, Australia

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