Erotic Birthday Present for Hubby - Bedroom Fantasies #42

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Erotic Birthday Present for Hubby - Bedroom Fantasies #42

In the early days of their sexual relationship, Frank and Jacinta had experimented, like most young couples. Frank had become quite adept at using his large, yet dexterous fingers to locate and work her G Spot into multiple orgasms before he entered her himself. Because of his girth and length, they found that was the best way for him to be able to gain pain free entry. A good, old fashioned finger fucking loosened her up to take his generously proportioned endowment fully. But Jacinta worried that Frank was getting bored.

Try as she might, she struggled to come up with something they had talked about but never actually done. They had tried nearly everything over the years, with varying degrees of success. Except anal—and with a hulking unit like Frank, that was never going to happen. Not that he’d ever mentioned or even hinted at it. Thank God. She had enough trouble trying to get her mouth around it.

Probably the only thing they had joked about but never done or even seriously talked about was a threesome. It came up one night after seeing the aptly titled American Psycho. Frank had made a joke about trying it, pretending he wasn’t really turned on by the idea. But when his trousers started tenting like a circus big top, the game was up. When Jacinta called him on it he reluctantly confessed to being inflamed at the thought of having two women satisfying him. More out of petty jealousy than anything else, Jacinta pointed out that the scene did nothing for her but it might have if it were Christian Bale, another guy and a girl. And that pretty much ended the discussion then and there. Neither of them mentioned trying a threesome again.

The thought of seeing Frank with another woman did not sit well with Jacinta. She was not overly jealous by nature, but imagining another woman kissing him or seeing lips other than her own leaving glossy red lipstick prints on the tip of his beautifully cut penis made her feel sick to her stomach. As she began to analyze her feelings, she realized that her jealousy was more about the potential for him to have an emotional connection with another woman. It made her feel vulnerable and afraid she might lose him, or at the very least lose her special connection with the man she always thought of as The One.

What if the emotion card was taken off the table? What if it were simply a shameless fantasy being played out to satisfy his long time curiosity? After all, there would be condoms in use, so none of her juices would actually touch his skin. She might be able to handle another’s lips on his body, just not on his mouth or any of the other special places she had yet to deem out of bounds. Or perhaps not. Such was the dilemma she wrestled with.

After all, it was Frank’s special birthday. He’d done so much for her during their marriage that Jacinta had never wanted for anything. Her husband had always worked tirelessly to provide for them. She so badly wanted to give him a special, one time only gift of a memorable sexual fantasy. But, was having another woman touch and kiss him too high a price to pay?

Fast reaching a conclusion, she hurriedly opened her laptop before her nerve failed her.

Jacinta had planned Frank’s special night in total secrecy. Probably for the first time in their relationship too, as she was a terrible secret keeper. She was bursting to tell him what she had organized, but knew that the thrill of the moment was a one-time shot and she didn’t want to blow it or take the edge off it in any way. Everything had to be perfect.

Frank knew something was going on, but he knew better than to probe. Whatever it was, he knew that Jacinta was playing the cards close to her chest for the first time ever and he had no desire to spoil the surprise, which he suspected was a surprise birthday party. He had no idea how close, yet how far away from that notion his guess actually was.

“Would you like another drink? We’re not driving and I’d like to celebrate in style,” Frank suggested after dessert.
“You still have room after three courses?”

“It’s champagne. Mostly bubbles anyway, and what isn’t, is liquid, so it’ll just fill the gaps,” he said cheerfully. The two glasses he drank during dinner were having the desired effect in loosening him up, but there could be too much of a good thing.

The last thing she wanted was for Frank to have any more to drink. Having him fall asleep, snoring on the bed with a flaccid ‘champagne dick’ was one image she hadn’t visualized when she thought her plan through. He wasn’t much of a drinker, as a rule, and it didn’t take much to send him from being jovial to crashing into a comatose snore fest.

Jacinta looked discreetly at her watch. “I know, let’s have a bottle of champagne and some glasses sent up to the room on ice? I’m wearing something nice under this little black ‘come- fuck-me’ dress and I’d love to show you.” She winked cheekily.

“I thought you might want to go dancing or something. Make a night of it.” He suggested as a way of gauging if she had actually organized the party he strongly suspected she had. He knew her well enough to know she was excited about something and he was quite sure it was more than her sexy lingerie that had her on edge.

“Dancing? You?” she shrieked. “When was the last time you wanted to take me dancing? I’m thinking never. Anyway, this is your night and I want to go up to the room and celebrate with champagne, my sexy underwear, assuming I’m even wearing any,” she winked, “and my adorable husband who I treasure more than anything. How does that sound?”

“You had me at ‘no underwear’, babe. Can I make a special request, though?”
“Sure. This is your night. Anything at all is on offer. You just have to say.”

“Well, um, maybe to, ah, spice things up a bit,” he stammered slightly and looked down at the table, “I’d like to do something we’ve never done before and I’ve been too embarrassed to ask in case you thought I was a pervert or something.”

“What is it, honey? There’s nothing you could ask for that I wouldn’t do for you or share with you. I’d never think badly of you for asking for something. I can’t believe you said that.” Jacinta looked hurt at his admission. “Tell me what you want to do.”

“Can we pay extra for the adult movie channel and see if there’s a movie on that we can watch together? Maybe try something new if we see someone doing something we like on there? Is that too weird or kinky?”

“No honey. That’s not kinky at all. I’ve had much the same idea for a while now. I was hoping you wouldn’t think it was strange, wanting to experiment a little and have some naughty fun.”
Relieved, Jacinta signaled the waiter for the check, her mouth curled in a playful smile.

After helping to remove his jacket, Jacinta unbuckled Frank’s pants and with almost businesslike determination and precision proceeded to undress him fully, keeping an eye on the digital clock display on the bedside cabinet and hoping it was more accurate than most of the hotel room clocks she had experienced in the past.

“What’s the hurry? We’ve got all night. How about a little seductive foreplay while you undress me?”

Before she could answer, there was a sharp knock on the door and Jacinta made her way to answer it.

“You can’t answer the door like that!” Frank protested, shocked at the thought of her opening the door in her thong underwear, bra and heels. “It can’t be room service. The champagne was already here when we came up,” he observed.

Ignoring Frank’s plea, Jacinta checked the peephole before throwing open the door and welcoming Alexis into the room.

“It was room service, Frank, but not what you had in mind,” she said, closing the door and ushering Alexis into the bedroom.

“What the hell,” Frank screeched as he tried to cover his naked chest with his hands, thankful he still had his shorts on. “What’s going on?”

Disregarding Frank’s self-conscious state, Alexis strode toward him and held out her arms.

“My name is Alexis. Happy Birthday, Frank,” she said as she hugged him and kissed him on the face, leaving an incongruous, bright red lipstick print on his blushing cheek.

“Jaz? Wanna tell me what this is all about?”

“Relax Frank. You said you wanted to watch some hotel porn with me. Isn’t this better than television porn? I thought you said you wanted to be adventurous and experimental tonight?” she challenged.

“I meant with you. Not, well,” he pointed directly at Alexis, “her.”
“Let me break it down for you, Frank. Remember years ago when we watched that stupid American Psycho movie and you started getting horny watching the threesome scene? Well, this is my special birthday fantasy gift to you. Your very own threesome scenario to do with what you will.”

“Yeah, but,” he stammered, “what about you? I can’t be with someone else. I’ve never even thought about cheating on you. Ever.”

“I know that, Frank—consider this your supervised reward for all those years of faithful service. Besides, it’s not cheating if I’m here and joining in, too, is it?”

Standing with her feet together, one leg slightly bent and a hand on her hip, imitating a catwalk model pose, Jacinta, wearing only her sexiest lingerie, stood alongside the stunning Alexis in a short black dress, with long tanned legs and the perfect hourglass figure. Frank felt his resolve weaken and he sat on the edge of the bed, surrendering to his wife’s proposition.

“So, Jaz, do you think Frank should help undress me?” Alexis asked Jacinta as she drank her champagne.

Jacinta nodded. “I think he might like that.”
Alexis turned to Frank, smiled and began to slide her hand across her own stomach and up toward her breasts.

“Can I watch, honey?” Jacinta asked as she looked at Frank, licking her lips in anticipation.

Frank swallowed heavily, unable to speak, even if he could find the words.

“Come on Frank, you’re allowed to touch.” Alexis took hold of his hands and placed them on her legs, below the hemline of her dress. “You’re allowed to do anything you want. We both have permission to play, don’t we Jaz,” she said, looking over her shoulder at Jacinta for confirmation. Jacinta nodded, enjoying the sight of her husband with his hands about to slide up another woman’s dress.

Jacinta was surprised at her lack of jealousy. She had fully expected to be fighting feelings of possessiveness at seeing him interact intimately with another female, an attractive one, no less. Yet, somehow, it all seemed somewhat surreal, like a play she was watching as part of an audience, not participating in.

Turning around, Alexis bent at the knees to bring her torso toward Frank, who was still sitting on the edge of the bed, afraid to display his bulging erection should he be required to stand. “She wants you to unzip her, silly,” Jacinta coaxed him. “No need to be shy. I want to watch you strip her naked before we start having our way with you.”

With shaking hands, Frank fumbled with the zip before finally pulling it all the way down to her waistline. As the zip fell open, he caught his first close up glimpse of the unblemished skin which lay beneath. She wasn’t wearing a bra, either, causing him to wonder what she was wearing downstairs. A jab of his own arousal against his leg made him realize how much he’d like to see Alexis shimmy the dress to the floor and be standing fully naked before him to enjoy.
“Are you going to help me out of this thing, Frank, or are you just going to stare at my ass all night?”

“Sorry. I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to be doing,” he said meekly.

“Man the fuck up, Frank,” Jacinta shouted, jovially. “I bring you a beautiful girl to satisfy your every whim and you sit there like a timid teenager on his first date. You’re embarrassing me.”

At that, Frank put his hands on Alexis’ shoulders and pulled the dress down over her arms and down to her waist at which point gravity completed the task, leaving him to stare breathlessly at her perfect curves and the tightest, shapeliest ass he had ever seen.

“Turn around Alexis, before Frank bores a hole in your ass with his eyes, or anything else for that matter,” Jacinta directed, noting the growing erection which had broken free from its hidden position between Frank’s legs. Even seeing Frank become aroused at a naked woman’s ass near his face didn’t foster the feelings of jealousy she expected. For reasons she couldn’t readily explain, Jacinta was becoming equally aroused at the entire scenario.

“Alexis, I think Frank has something he’d like to show us. Would you like to do the honors?” All of them looked down to see Frank’s manhood trying to escape captivity, like a wild beast restrained against its will.

Frank lay on the bed, almost in a trance. He truly wanted to enjoy this moment, but was holding back for fear of doing or saying something that might upset Jacinta. It’s hard to unring a bell, once the bell has been rung. Although Jacinta had organized this birthday tryst, he was still scared. Had she thought it all through? Was there some line she expected him not to cross without sharing that demarcation with him?

“Grab her tits, Frank. I want to watch you enjoy how she feels,” Jacinta encouraged, trying to break the ice.

Alexis straddled Frank’s waist, trying to resurrect his boner, which had inexplicably deflated, by undulating the cheeks of her ass against him while she raked her hands over his chest. Jacinta knelt alongside kissing him, trying to work out how to break through his tension. Tonight was too important to let their insecurities get in the way.

Hesitantly, Frank reached up, as instructed, and began to cup Alexis’ breasts in his hands. The sensation of her firm, plump breasts in his hands and her soft, tight ass against his cock began to elicit a response. He felt a guilty pleasure as his twitching penis found its way between her ass cheeks.

Hey, honey. Feel this.” Jacinta took hold of one of his broad hands and guided it to the front of her G String. Pulling it aside, Frank slid his stout fingers inside her folds.

“You’re soaking,” he said, amazed at the sound his fingers made as they explored her more deeply. “Oh, babe. I’ve never felt you so wet before.”

“I know, you bad boy. That’s how turned on I am seeing you play with her. Seeing you get hard at her touch. Watching you enjoy her while you know I’m watching. I like watching and I want you to enjoy it, too.”
“Are you sure?”

“Of course, honey. I want this as much as I want it for you. I really want you to let go and enjoy it. Please. Do it for me, too,” she begged.

“Thanks Jaz. Just promise me you won’t let anything happen that you don’t want to happen. Even if it’s something you think I want, you have to stop it. I don’t want anything to hurt you in the future, not for one night of selfless pleasure.”

“OK, honey.”
“Promise me?”
“I promise. Now lick your fingers clean and get back to work.”

Finally free of the shackles of guilt and shame, Frank started to enjoy himself like a college boy at a frat party. He’d been given permission to go for it and he figured it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

He moaned and shuddered with delight as Alexis and Jacinta massaged him, each starting at one end and finally, tantalizingly slowly, meeting in the middle. His skin was ablaze with sensation as hands, fingertips, lips and tongues seemed to be everywhere at once. Teasing, caressing, sucking and nibbling him in places he never knew were so sensitive or sensual.

“You can touch us, too, Frank,” Alexis whispered soothingly in between licks of his inner thigh.

“Go on Frank,” Jacinta reassured as she pulled her mouth from his nipple, “we both want to watch you to touch us.”

With one hand, Frank fisted a handful of Alexis’ hair and pulled gently to encourage her to come closer so that he could grab her breast and tweak her hardening nipple. “That’s better,” Alexis praised as she began to squeeze and fondle her other breast.

“I want some too, Frank. I’m feeling unloved at the moment.” Jacinta purred for attention.

Frank looked deeply into Jacinta’s eyes. “I always love you, gorgeous. Bring them to me.”

Scooching closer, Jacinta leaned forward, allowing her breasts to hang in front of his face. “Kiss them, honey,” she pleaded.

Wrapping one meaty hand around her breast, he pulled her roughly until her nipple touched his lips. Flicking it with his tongue, it came alive and sought out his mouth, needy for attention. A sharp breath and a moan quickly followed as Frank engulfed her erect nipple with his hungry mouth and sucked it deep and hard.

“Suck mine, too, Frank. I want some of what she’s having,” Alexis lamented as she brought her delightful breasts to his face. “You have to learn to share. You have two lovely women with appetites that need to be satisfied, doesn’t he, Jaz?”

“That’s right Frank. Take her in your mouth so I can see you savour her.”

Jacinta pulled herself out of his mouth and watched in amazement as Frank hungrily devoured another woman’s breast like a famished beast. Seeing him harden at having her watch him eat Alexis, Jacinta stroked his cock with her fingertips before tickling his balls provocatively with her nails. His response was instantaneous and unmistakable and she grasped it firmly to feel it pulse and twitch in her hand. “That a boy, Frank. Now you’re having fun, aren’t you?” she murmured.

Jacinta took hold of Alexis’ hand and guided her to Frank’s beating manhood, carefully wrapping her fingers around its shaft.

“Look Frank, look at her hand around your cock. What’s it like to see the color of someone else’s nail polish on you like that? I like it. I want her to stroke you. I want to see you respond in her hand,” she growled.

“Oh my God,” Frank uttered, his eyes affixed on Alexis’ hand stroking the full length of his rock hard shaft.

Slowing her tempo to avoid an early launch, Alexis gripped him tightly below the head with her thumb and index finger, making the head of his cock swell and turn a glossy shade of purple. Turning to Jacinta, she giggled, “Wanna have a lick of my purple ice cream?”

“Yum. Looks delicious,” Jacinta replied with a smile before she lowered her head and began to tease the tip of his cock seductively with her flicking tongue.

As she opened her mouth to take more of him inside her, Alexis resumed her stroking action in time with Jacinta’s mouth. Frank’s eyes widened with delight as he watched the two women, one a total stranger, work him with an elegant synchronicity that belied the primal urges their mastery evoked within him.

“Don’t stop, babe. Please!” he wailed and began thrusting his hips.

Jacinta opened wider and took his entire, massive head in her mouth, sucking it and licking it as best she could without gagging. Meanwhile, Alexis, aware that he was too close to stop now, increased the rhythm of her strokes. As she felt his pre climax pulses begin to build, she brought her other hand into play and tickled his tightened balls lightly with her nails.

“Come on Frank, give it to her. Make her take it. Make her swallow it. Show her how much we get you off!” Alexis screamed at him.
“Yes, let me come. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

As he raised his hips to bury himself deeper in her mouth, Frank wrapped a handful of her hair roughly in his fist and held her head in place as he erupted inside her mouth.

“Oh fuck!” he howled as his legs trembled and his climax ripped through him.

Alexis held him in her hand until he was spent, then released him as his hips crashed back on the bed, exhausted.

Jacinta, cum dripping from the edges of her mouth to her chin, raised her head carefully to avoid catching him with her teeth and looked up to see her husband’s joyous post-come face. Frank, his hand still gripping her hair, brought her face to his and said, “I love you baby girl. That was fucking amazing.” He pulled her lips to his and kissed her like he’d never kissed her before.

They lay exhausted and sweaty on the bed, arms and legs tangled as if they were one. It was a night none of them would forget in a hurry and one which Jacinta was sure would go down as Frank’s best birthday present ever.

Frank kissed Jacinta tenderly on the lips. “Thank you so much. If I could talk, I’d try to find the words, but right now, I can’t. I’ve got nothing left.”

“That’s OK, honey. Close your eyes and enjoy replaying it in your mind. I know I am.”

He hugged his wife closer and enjoyed the feeling of having Alexis spooning him.

“Hey Frank?”
“You know what I’d like for my birthday?” She smiled brazenly.

Submitted by Cindy Lust from Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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