Coming of Age - Bedroom Fantasies #22

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Sexynews #22 - Coming of Age

Coming of Age:  The party downstairs was starting to get a bit wild and loud. The drinks had been flowing smoothly all night, and the effect of wearing brand new stilettos were beginning to take their toll on Sami's feet. She entered the haven of her bedroom, not bothering to turn on any lights and strode purposefully to her walk-in robe, kicking off her tortuous shoes along the way.

Deciding it would probably be better to change out of her dress into something a little more comfortable, Sami unzipped her designer dress and let it fall to the floor. She felt along the clothes searching blindly for her jeans and a top. The closet was quite dark as the slatted door had swung shut behind her, and as usual, she had forgotten to replace the blown light bulb. Feeling for her jeans, she was startled as she heard the door to her room burst open and the muffled sounds of giggling and what couldn't possibly have been the words " I am going to fuck you good!"

Sami stood frozen, shocked but a little intrigued as to what was about to take place. Shaking herself into the present, she tentatively crept toward the wardrobe door and peered through the oak slats. Her room was illuminated only by the brightness of a full moon shining through the window, but what she spied made her stop breathing just for a sec.

A woman was kneeling on the bed, skirt bunched over her hips and lace panties strewn on the floor. She was head down and faced away from the direction of the wardrobe. Her rounded alabaster arse, sat high and proud, and behind it stood Jake. Her best friend's brother, Jake! The man who had fuelled every single fantasy and self-given orgasms in her life.

His jeans pooled at his ankles, and his cock was hard, huge, standing at full attention. It was beautiful. He was beautiful. Sami's breath once again hitched in her throat. Jake bent and ran his tongue the length of the woman's butt. He buried his head and spread her legs further apart. The doona muffled her groan, but Sami could see her grip the bed linen in joy. Her back arched more, and her butt seemed to swallow Jake's head. He stroked her with his tongue. Long licks and short little laps. He kept pace on his cock with one hand and with the other, he pummelled it in and out of the women's slickness. She bucked and moved in circles, drawing him in with his mouth and fingers.

Sami watched silently, awed and aroused, as she felt a bubble of desire low in her abdomen, and her juices saturated her lace thong.

Jakes rubbed the head of his shaft along the woman's crack, and then thrust deep and hard inside of her. She grunted loud at the force, but then they found their rhythm and rocked fast and hard.

Sami's desire overtook her, and she tentatively touched her own wetness. In the darkness of her closet, she could feel their heat but smelt her unique sexual muskiness. Her fingers stroked her folds and dipped inside herself. She seeped warm and ready and wished it was herself on that bed. Her fingers found her clit, and innately rubbed with the pressure she knew would quickly give her release.

Jake and the women moved in synchronicity, and Sami began to match their rhythm. As their moans of ecstasy got louder, Sami bucked against her hand in silence, not wanting to give her forced hiding spot away, but secretly wishing she could join them. Through the slats she watched, keeping the pace of her fingers even, she dipped her fingers into herself again and delighted in her softness.

Jake's hips circled and swivelled; with each thrust, he felt himself go deeper and deeper. This woman was wet, soaking actually, and it turned him on like nothing else, to know he could effect such desire in another person. He wanted more of her and quickly withdrew from her hot, dripping pussy. He replaced his cock with two of his fingers and beckoned her to cum by teasing her clit with fast, furious rubs. His penis ached, and his balls clenched, and as much as he wanted his own release, he wasn't quite ready to finish yet. The woman below him panted and groaned. She pushed back against his hand, drawing his fingers in deeper. She felt him move them languidly within her core and clenched her muscles tightly around them. She needed him to fill her in every possible way and so spread her legs wider and arched her back even more, so that he could take full advantage of what she was offering.

Jake felt the woman shift and watched as she wiggled her arse enticingly, inviting him to fill her completely. He couldn't believe it was possible, but he became even more rigid, and his cock throbbed with the rush of blood to its tip. With both hands working her, milking her, and her own hands plucking and squeezing her taut nipples, he bent forward and began to tongue her anus softly.

Sami momentarily stopped her self fingering and watched in pure fascination as Jake thrust his tongue into the woman's arse. The woman's audible sigh of pleasure was enough to tell Sami that what Jake was doing must feel fucking amazing. Sami felt her nipples pucker, and the bubble at her core felt as if it was about to explode.

Jake thrust his tongue in and allowed his fingers to move within her, revelling in the softness of a woman's inner being. His penis still throbbed and was so hard that it hurt, but the pain of it just heightened his pleasure. He wanted this woman ready for him, well lubricated and begging to take him. While continuing to lick and suck, and circling her engorged clit with one hand, he plunged his finger, coated and slick from her milking, into her arse. There was a bit of initial resistance as she tightened against the invited intrusion, but the resistance quickly melted as she opened herself up to him.

Sami's anus tingled as she watched, but the flood of her juices reaffirmed her desire of wanting to do this too. A little voice in her head kept repeating that she shouldn't be watching this, but her passion and the longing to have her sexual daydreams fulfilled one day, alleviated her guilt and allowed her to feel her own throbbing needs truly.

The woman loved the feel of Jake's tongue and fingers invading her. She had never felt so desired or wanted and sexually aroused in the entire 42 years of her life. With him, she wanted to be the ' dirty girl.' The one with no limits, no sexual inhibitions. The one that could actively indulge her sexual longings and perversions and feel liberated in fulfilling her fantasies, and not just be the staid, trophy wife and mother of three. At this very moment, with her cunt soaked in her desire and the fingers and tongue of a very virile, talented young man filling her being, she felt truly alive and fully herself.

Jake knew the woman was now ready to take him. He thrust his penis fast and hard inside her, hoping to coat himself with her wetness so that he could replace the fingers in her arse with his very willing cock. He continued to rub her clit, and then he gently nudged himself at the tightness of her anus. Jake felt her brace below him and then relax as she opened herself up, taking him in deeply. They began to rock together gently, he moving in half strokes, stretching her wide.

The woman had never felt such intense pleasure. It hurt a bit a first, but her desire and slickness soon made her a very accommodating channel. Jake continued to stimulate her by playing with her clit and filling her with his fingers. When she was full of him: his cock in her arse, his fingers deep in her pussy and her own now rubbing herself to the same intimate song, her core rumbled and tensed and then rushed forward in an explosion of orgasmic pleasure. It was unlike anything ever felt before. She honestly thought she might die. She throbbed and clenched every single muscle and nerve around him, drew blood from biting her lip, to stop herself from crying out in animal ecstasy, and then flooded both herself and him in squirting pulses.

Jake felt the woman's body tighten around him, and he increased his tempo, fucking her vigorously and deeper with both his fingers and cock. He knew she was close, and it felt as if the head of his penis was about to blow the fuck off!

This felt good. So fucking good! Her tightness and moist desire engulfing him. This woman was hot for an older broad. He was glad he couldn't see her face though because all he could picture was Sami.

Sami loved watching what was taking place in her room, on her bed. Her only regret was that Jake was fucking a faceless woman and not her. She had never really thought about doing it "there," but watching Jake thrust that big, beautiful cock of his into some one's arse made her almost cum on the spot, and she knew that she would be eager to try it. She wondered what it would feel like?

Dipping her fingers into herself to moisten them, she gently touched herself "there" and was surprised at the pleasure she felt. She explored nervously but grew more confident as the groans and grunts from her bedroom seemed to cheer her own.

With one hand, she alternated between rubbing her clit and dipping her fingers into her wetness. With the other, she prodded gently at first and then with more intent at the tight, forbidden ring, until she was fully immersed within herself. This felt so damn good. Fucking amazing actually, and for a moment she forgot about Jake and the woman, and brought herself to a deep and powerful orgasm, which left her reeling in intense, pleasured aftershocks, her pussy pulsating happily.

Sami silently laughed to herself, "that was awesome," and once again peered through the slats of her robe door, just in time to see the woman's body tighten and stiffen and her howl in pleasure while Jake swiftly pulled out of her and came all over her buttocks and back.

The woman slumped forward, languid, and spent. The glow from the moon illuminated Jake's still engorged dick, and Sami could see it glistening from their combined pleasure. Sami felt the sudden urge to taste it but remained firmly where she was.

Jake reached over to a box of tissues on the bedside table. This chick had literally exploded all over him. He felt the sudden rush of pride in being able to give someone such an intense orgasm. She had cum in torrents, squirting all over him, and it was fucking amazing. He gently wiped himself off her back, dabbed at himself a little then pulled up his jeans before helping the woman off the bed. He helped her straighten her clothes but pocketed her lace knickers as a souvenir. Drawing her in for a brief hug, Jake whispered something into her ear that made a smile light up her face. He then gently led her to the door out of the bedroom.

Sami was taken aback by Jake's tenderness with the woman who seemed a little shaky as she stood, but then again, he always was quite sweet, and the woman seemed to have had a mind-blowing orgasm. Sami still couldn't make out who she was due to the darkness, but there was a sense of familiarity about her. It didn't really matter, she supposed. That was until the light of the hallway illuminated the woman's face.

Holy fucking shit! It was her married aunt, Liz!

Sami slumped against the wardrobe wall, shocked but not upset.
Giggling to herself, she spoke out loud to the empty closet.
"Happy fucking 21st Birthday to me!"

Submitted by: MJ from Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia

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