One Night Stand - Bedroom Fantasies #23

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Less than an hour later, we were back at the boys' glamourous apartment on the other side of town. They had floor to ceiling windows that looked out over the bay, and on the clear night it was, I could see the lights of the fishing boats dotted on the horizon. Fred had gone to turn on some lounge music, while Oliver was fixing us drinks, so Samantha and I made ourselves comfortable on their white leather couch. It was a little sleezy, but these guys clearly worked hard and liked to enjoy the finer things in life.

Fred came over with two drinks in hand, and placed one into mine, making eyes at me. He sat down so close to me, I could feel the warmth of his body against mine, and enjoyed a sudden sensation building in my snatch. He'd finally taken off his suit jacket, to reveal a tight shirt against a young, ripped torso. His chest was built, and his shoulders broad. I looked him up and down like an appetiser, and my eyes shot him a devilish look.

Tonight, was the night, I thought to myself.

Oliver switched up the music tempo to something more upbeat and Samantha got up and started dancing over towards him, being swirled around by his hands, allowing them to glide down her silk dress, landing on her shimmying hips. I could see where that was going, and quite frankly, I wanted a piece of my own action.

Meanwhile, Fred was talking to me about life, his much-loved real-estate job, and how much he loved to head out kayaking on the weekends. While it was nice making small-talk and appreciated the gentlemanly approach he was taking to make me feel comfortable, tonight, it wasn’t what I wanted.

Tonight I wanted to release all of the pent up sexual energy I was harnessing. I wanted him to treat me like I was something to lust after and long for, someone to take to his bedroom for hours of mindless sex; not someone he wanted to take home to meet his parents. I wanted him to treat me like a girl he wanted to fuck and forget.

His hand was on my bare knee, and he was stroking his fingers toward my inner thigh. Progress. I felt tingling sensations trickle down my spine, and into my pleasure mound with excitement building. I was getting wet thinking about how good it would feel to have him inside me, for him to pull my hair back and enter me from behind his hands firmly on my hips leveraging his movements. Feeling his strength and power fiercely as if physically telling me who was boss and thrusting deep inside me with each breath. I could imagine us being in a sweaty, entangled mess, gasping for air as we were caught up in the moment, hungrily anticipating the next surge of pleasure bringing me closer to climax.

His eyes locked on mine, "You wanna come check out my kayaking medals Bianca?" I snapped out if my trance and looked into his eyes. His luscious lips curled up to the right, and his daring eyes lit up as they looked deep into mine. There was something about him that made me want to throw caution to the wind, and grab his hand instantaneously, but I stuttered.

I looked over at Samantha who was pashing Oliver, one arm dangled around his neck, while her hips danced around his, flirtatiously giggling between breaths. I didn't want to leave her in such a vulnerable state, but I knew that she was a grown up and could handle whatever the night would send her way too.

"Get a room!" Chuckled Fred in their direction. They broke apart, looked at each other with wonderment and questioning, before Oliver stuck his arm out at an angle, ready for Sam to latch on and yelled "Indeed we will" he shot back with mischief in his tone, turning Sam on her heel to follow suit. Their footsteps trailed off down the wooden floors to the bedroom, Sam still giggling loudly stopping only as the door slammed behind them. I hoped she knew what she was doing and didn't regret what happened behind closed doors, but at the age of 29, she was certainly old enough to make her own bed, and apparently have sex in it too.

"So, bedroom?" Fred asked again, looking lustfully at me. His hand was now on my inner thigh, with his fingers creeping up towards my panty line, before grazing on the seam where they met my thigh. It was the first time I had been touched in over a year, and I could feel the fireworks building within me. I needed a release. My body was buzzing with sexual energy and I could feel the chemistry between us growing by the second.

"I'll have to think about it. Actually, I think I could use some convincing" I said flirtatiously, my eyes lingering on his mouth.

He lent in to kiss me and it was like fireworks had gone off inside of me. He began with a light nibble on my lower lip, opening my mouth slowly and searching for a connection. My heart began to race as his tongue toyed with mine, his soft lips, passionately pressing into me asking for more. He was a great kisser, and my mind imagined the rest of his oral talents would please me the same. His body turned to mine, his hand moved inside the outer edge of my underwear, light fondling my freshly waxed pussy as my heart began beating faster. His cold digits made me quiver and pull back ever so slightly in selfish relief, before he removed my panties, placing them in his pocket and insinuating I was his for the night.

He looked at me deep in the eyes before dropping to his knees in front of me, circling my clitoris in figure eights with his index finger. He knew what he was doing. Small numerals to start, and bigger as I got wetter. He watched me enjoying myself, and as our gaze caught, he gripped my thighs and pulled me towards him before leaning his mouth down to my bare mound delicately delighting me with the touch of his tongue. I let out a quiet moan, pulling ever so slightly back from his mouth looking up to the heavens for mercy.

He watched my face, and listened to my breath as its pace fastened, and I was close to my edge. I felt like I was out of control, like he owned my body and knew exactly what to do with it in order for me to submit holey, utterly and completely. I threw my hands overhead as if to insinuate surrender before he knowingly plunged one of his fingers inside me. It was like nirvana. God was I wet. He turned his hand slightly, for a better angle, moving it in and out with slow movements, using his spare digits to keep the momentum flowing up top and watching me for instruction. Inside, he alternated with small and large come hither movements, warming up my g-spot and preparing me for climax. I could barely contain myself, as I tried to grip whatever I could to stay in control, to move as he moved, to be in the moment and allow his control. My mouth gasped for air, and I grabbed a cushion off the couch to hold back my moans, ready to lose myself to the moment.

Ready to come.

Then without warning, he stopped and withdrew his finger, as I let out a gasp and caught a smirk forming on his face.

I looked at him with annoyance, astounded he could remove me from the fantasy I was building in my head so fast. "Bedroom?" He asked again. This time his grin was broader, knowing it was a sure thing.

He rose from the ground, still leaning towards me looking down into my eyes. I tried not to launch myself up and lunge at him, but instead, rose gracefully, grazing my body against his as I did, to set the tone of teasing. This was going to be fun. I put my hands on his, pulling them down to his hips so I could take control, then kissed him hard on the neck to show my intention. I moved up to his mouth, starting slowly as he did with me, my hands now resting on his chest as if putting up the pretence of resistance. His hands moved up my body, and tightly grasped my waist, making my feel so small as though I was about to be smothered under his brooding mass. His fingers massaged into my lower back, creating a tingling sensation right up my spine and making my nipples stand erect. He pulled me in closer so our hips were touching, and we could feel each other's chests contracting under the intensified tension building.

I was so worked up, I just wanted to have him here and now, but after such a long dry spell; I managed to push through and enjoy the foreplay. He started to slowly thrust his hips into mine, letting me know he was getting to his edge, while I stood my ground, letting our nether regions meet. He was hard for me, and I could feel his sizable member against me as he moved closer. Wet with excitement, he sensed my frustration, and lent down to pick me up with his hands grabbing my butt and lifting me to his hips. I wrapped my legs around him, before he playfully nibbled my neck, and carried me to his bedroom to finish what was started.

On arrival, he slammed the door shut and pushed me up against the wall, holding my hands over head with one hand. He was strong and sexy, making it known he could have me in whatever way he pleased. My heart was racing with the thrill of a one-night stand, knowing that a mere stranger was about to fulfil me in every possible way, and tomorrow I could pretend it never happened.

I was breathing heavily as his other hand crept back up my thigh cupping my pleasure mound, with two fingers finding their way inside me. I was so wet and ready for him, I just wanted to pounce, but I wanted more, to enjoy this for as long as possible. Moving more rapidly then before, I began to let out moans of fulfillment from my heavenly trance. I could barely take any more and he knew exactly where he was leading me.

“Keep going, keep going” I managed to say between gasps, encouraging him to keep the motion flowing. My hair was becoming thick with sweat as his body heaved against me. I ripped at his shirt, fumbling for the buttons in between heaving breaths. He stopped momentarily to help take it off; then his pants, and underwear, before reaching for the hem of my dress and ripping it off over my head, tying it loosely around my wrists to reveal my naked body. He got back down to his knees tenderly sucking my nipples and kissing my torso all the way back down to the land down under.

“Stop” I said muffled by own shortness of breath, “enough” I contested.

I couldn’t take any more teasing, I was ready to land my prey and indulge in the main course. I undid the dress from my wrists and came down to my knees to meet him on the floor, kissing him hard on the mouth, down his neck, his ripped abdomen and landing my lips on his cock. I played, I toyed, I circled his head and tongued his frenulum back and forth.

He groaned, enjoying the pleasure that I was now turning on him. I looked him in the eyes, and covered his head with my mouth before taking him all in. His size was intimidating yet exciting, and all I wanted was to feel him deep inside me, penetrating my pussy. I took him in as far as I could, watching his eyes roll back with each movement, getting faster and faster.

I could feel his body moving, pulsing with mine; before coming to one last sip and removing my mouth from his member. I eyed him like prey, knowing that this was the moment I had been waiting for. I walked toward him on all fours seating myself in his lap, grinding against him, gently biting his neck and running my hand through his damp hair.

“Are you ready?” he said taking my gaze, and fumbling for his wallet to grab a condom. “Ready.” I confirmed.

He pulled back to put our barrier in place, then gabbed my ass lifting me on top of his shaft. It was like all my Christmases came at once as I felt the warmth of him inside me, his hardness, his manliness. He was hard and big, and hit my walls like only a man can. It was sensational, and I knew it was only a matter of moments before I had the most tantalising climax of my life. I rode him hard and fast, his breath and mine intertwined.

We were on the same path to a mutual conquest and I gripped my hand tighter around his neck to stabilise my momentum. His hands on my waist lifting me up and down, thrusting in deeper, harder. We were both dripping in sweat; longing, waiting, wanting before one last moment of delight took me over the edge letting out one last almighty mutual moan of completion before slowing down to be in the moment.

My heart was beginning to slow, my breath becoming easier, my eyes becoming focused on his. I felt complete. I felt fulfilled. I felt completely in control of who I was, and who I knew I would go on to become.

Submitted by Elouise from Melbourne

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