Sex on the Plane - Bedroom Fantasies #24

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Bedroom Fantasies #24 - Sex on the Plane


I think to myself As I sprint to the gate, I can’t miss this flight, I have to get on this damn plane! ‘Melbourne to Spain, now boarding gate 3.’ “Oh no, I’m not going to make it. ”

I finally find the line and ‘Thump’! I hit the ground hard, head first. How embarrassing, I gaze up a little dazed. In a haze I see this tall, dark haired, blue eyed man standing over me. He reaches out his long chiselled arm gesturing for me to take his hand.

“Are you okay? I’m so sorry I didn’t even see you down there.”
A look of regret shooting across his face.
“ I’ll be fine.”
“Here let me help you with your bags it’s the least I can do!” He begged slightly. I laughed, “Sure can you take the heavy one.” Blushing as he was still holding my hand and I jerked it back to my side like a little school girl.

We strolled onto the plane. I search for my seat hoping to get the window and space for my bags. The plane is crowded every seat already filled. Finally I get to my seat, “Damn it! the isle seat ” I uttered under my breath in annoyance.
“Fuck!” I hear from a seat over.

I gaze over only to see the same tall, blue eyed man next to me.
“I hate the the isle seat, but on second thought, this might be an alright flight.” he expressed as he looks at the ticket in my hand. I start blushing. Startled by his comment I start to get butterflies. He reached up to put his bag in the over head locker, His shirt rising I can see his well toned torso. I sit down quickly and try to focus on anything else.

The plane starts taking off and I can’t help but be nervous. I get a tap on the shoulder and I look over only to see the blue eyed man reach out his hand.
“Rafael, and you are?”

“Melissa.” I reply quickly and apprehensively. Rafael shook my hand, shivers racing up my arm, Butterfly’s shooting through my stomach. We start talking, for what seemed like for ever, Nothing but sexual tension rising. Questions getting deeper and more intimate.

We hit some turbulence and the drink of the elderly woman next to me flies right into my lap and chest, leaving me soaked and staining my white blouse. I stand up, only to find that my blouse has become completely translucent leaving my hard nipples on display. I get up and run to the bathroom mortified. Rafael follows. I try to close the bathroom door but Rafael wedged his muscly, big hands stopping the door from closing. He pushes himself in locking the door behind him.

“Please, let me help you.” He whispered. His strong, soft hands slowly unbuttoning my blouse. His finger brushing past my firm, perky nipples. He runs his long fingers down my stomach a long trail of goose bumps follow. I exhale deeply as I lock eyes with him, slowly unbuckling his leather belt. He lifts me up onto the cold bathroom counter, keeping me warm with just his body. As he enters me slowly and tightly, holding me with just his hands, I can’t help but let out a big moan. He covers my mouth with his hand only to realise he’s turning me on more. With every thrust my moans getting louder and louder. He throws me against the door, my breasts pushed up against my chest.

“Am I hurting you?” He asks politely
“I’m a big girl, I can handle it.” I reply devilishly the thrusts getting deeper and quicker my body slamming against the cold metal door. My moans echoing through the plane. I can’t stop now my thighs shivering as I’m climaxing.

We’re both startled by a loud knock. It’s a flight attendant the whole plane can here us.


Submitted by M. Georga from Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia

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