Shared Lover - Sexynews #25

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Sexynews #25 - Shared Lover - Gang Bang his Girlfriend

I want my boyfriend to share me with 19 other guys of his choosing. I want to see him See me be used & enjoy being a cumqueen.

I want to be roller skating in a short skirt & tight top down the road & be invited into their factory. I skate in & they slide the door closed behind me. I am so friendly, I hug everyone & as I am in tight & close, they each get to touch me & enjoy themselves while they explore. The exploring gets more adventurous, hands start sliding my top under my titties leaving them exposed, fingers slide up under my string & when the first finger dips into my honey, it gushes & I can feel my wetness on the inside of my thighs. Clitty is begging for attention.

I start feeling the bulges in their pants & unbutton this guys overalls to reach inside & tug on his super hard cock. And as I pull it out & reveal it to myself, I am so quick to bend down to taste it.

My boyfriend is standing back, watching, smiling & by the size of the bulge in his pants, very happy with what he sees. He reaches inside his pants & I enjoy seeing that. It turns me on more.

As I take that whole cock in my mouth, I have my hips pulled down so I sit on a face & have my juices sucked out of me. I see Bae’s look of satisfaction & interest, it’s so naughty. I take the opportunity to enjoy myself too so I tilt my hips as far forward as I can so my petty little bum is chasing that warm, wet tongue. I like it. I like it a lot. Bae really likes it. He’s tugging his cock now. I swing my hips through & drag the entire length of my pussy over that face so he can pash my clitty. I grind. He groans. I suck cock harder. Cocks are out & being thrusting at me from everywhere. I touch each of them with my hands, my mouth. They swap positions with each other & take turns at licking me out, having their cocks sucked by me, pulled by me, rubbed on me. I cum, often. From their touch. From their excitement & use of me. From the look of lust & pride on Baes face. From the size of his cock.

I get picked up, turned around, touched, cum on, cum in, doubled, spit-roasted & then my ultimate fantasy, bukkaked.

My boyfriend gets to use the excitement I have being cum over & in & feels it too. He’s so hard. He fucks me hard, from behind in front of them all, he reaches around & rubs their cum over my titties, his thrusting getting so deep & intense, I am rubbing my clitty & squirt. Much to their excitement. Much to my excitement.

Submitted by Sharynstar from Berwick, Victoria, Australia

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