Hair Salon - Bedroom Fantasies #26

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Bedroom Fantasies #26 - Hair Salon

As I entered the hair salon I felt a wave of excitement come over me. I was there for my regular treatment with Pablo. My husband: Jaxon, came along with me as we were heading out afterwards on a date to the waterfalls. We waited on the soft comfy couches at the entrance of the salon and perused the array of mags left out for us.

Under a pile of women's mags, I spotted an edition of ‘Naughtygasm’. As I flicked through the mag I saw a spread of a hot guy ejaculating into this hot girl’s mouth. I felt my temperature rise and my heart begin to beat faster. I was so turned on and all I wanted to do was satisfy my craving.

I glanced over at my husband who was gazing at me and I rubbed my hand over his pants and felt his huge erect cock pulsing. Now was not a great time for our hormones to be running wild but I have no control over them. “Celia” Pablo called. Please come take a seat at the basin. Your husband can come over too and sit over there by the bench. The salon was quiet today and only Pablo and his new apprentice Sandy were working.

As I sat down at the basin, Pablo covered my eyes with a towel so to not splash water on my face as he washed and massaged a treatment into my hair. I could hear whispering but was enjoying the tingling feeling I was feeling whilst he was rubbing his hands through my hair.

Jaxon took a seat in the reclining leather chair and waited patiently.

Jaxons story.
Celia sat laid back at the basin with a towel over her face about to get her hair done. As I sat down in the reclining leather chair, I knew it was going to be a boring wait whilst she waited for the treatment to work its magic in her hair. I glanced over and noticed Sandy flirtingly look at me with her big brown eyes. She was wearing a short pink skirt and a tight white blouse. I was already feeling horny and this girl was hot!!

I placed my hand in my lap and gently began to stroke. She was licking her lips and running her hands through her long blonde wavy hair. She came over to me and strutted around me and gently started touching her breasts with her soft hands. My earlier arousal already had me on edge and I started getting hard again. I watched her as she rubbed her hands over her breasts and then down to her skirt. She slightly lifted her skirt up and I could tell she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I was now almost exploding in my pants and wanted her badly.

She began to unzip my fly quietly so Sandy couldn’t hear and she pulled out my gigantic cock. I felt like my heart was about to pound right out of my chest. She kneeled down on the ground and began licking up the side of my cock. I wanted to explode but I restrained myself. She started stroking me up and down and sucking around the head of my penis. I reached down, grabbed her by the waist and spun her round. I sat her down on my cock and she began gliding up and down. I was feeling my cock pulsate inside her as I held back the urge to fill her up with my cum. My body was tingling with blissful sensations.

As she stood up I rubbed my finger over her clit. She turned around and I moistened my fingers in my mouth and I teased her dipping my fingers in and out of her. As I began sucking on her clit, she began to squirt on my hand. I felt like I was ready to explode again. I hadn’t felt this aroused in my whole marriage.

I slid my fingers out of her wet pussy and put them on my lips to taste her. I was ready to orgasm but didn’t want it to end. She started to breathe heavily and I knew she was getting close too. I forced her back down on my cock and penetrated her hard. I sucked her nipples and we both knew we were about to cum. As I took a deep breath I pulled her close and pushed my cock in her as far as I could filling her up. She simultaneously was pulsating as I was ejaculating. I had the best orgasm I’d ever had. She came all over my cock and slumped down into my lap with a soft sigh. I’d never had such a satisfied release.

She hopped up and knelt back down on the ground. I was still having waves of pleasure come over me and it was about to get better. She started sucking the cum off my cock and I was getting aroused again. I’d never had multiple orgasms before but I was feeling like it was going to happen. She began sucking harder and faster and my heart was racing with excitement. I was gently thrusting into her throat and my penis was pulsating inside her mouth. I started fucking her mouth harder as I was about to explode. Again! She held the base of my cock tight and sucked hard and I exploded inside her mouth. She took my load into the back of her throat and didn’t even gag. I’d filled her up again and she swallowed it all.

My body was filled with ecstasy as I ejaculated and shivers were going up and down my spine. My body was tingling in places I didn’t even know could tingle. Sandy had made me cum twice in a row and I’d never done that before. Especially while my wife was in the same room getting her hair done. I think that made it all the more exciting the thrill of being caught. I’ll not hesitate next time my wife asks me to go the salon with her again…

Submitted by Bel from Lilydale, Victoria, Australia

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