Invisible - Bedroom Fantasies #21

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Invisible  I was one of those infected by that crazy storm that came out of nowhere. Every time I got aroused, I disappeared. A shy girl at heart, I often wasn’t noticed anyway.

I was at the local. Sitting in the back corner and there was a hot couple at the table in front of me. He was an average build. Nice face, naughty glint in his eye, and she had the same look of mischief. I felt that familiar throb in my loins and reached for my whiskey and soda. I couldn’t see my hand.

This would look a little odd - a glass floating in the air. I glanced around. No one was looking, and downed my drink in one. I was going to need a little extra courage to follow through.

I moved to the empty chair beside him and whispered in his ear. “Put your hand on her leg.” He startled, glancing toward me, seeing nobody and looked puzzled, as he reached for her bare leg with his left hand.
I walked around the table until I was by her side. “He wants you. Show him you want him too”. Same startled confused look, and she ever so slightly bucked her hips forward. Not only was I invisible, but it seemed my voice had the power of irresistible suggestion. This was going to be fun. Before I could even suggest it, his hand had crept up under her skirt. She let out a little sigh and writhed her hips. He chuckled and suggested calling an Uber.

This was their first date. They’d met on Bumble and chatted for a little while before setting the meet, but neither of them had planned to go further just yet. I got into the front of the car when it arrived. They’d negotiated and decided her place was closer. I couldn’t put on my seatbelt anyway, so turned round, kneeling on the passenger seat to watch the two at play.

They kissed deeply as soon as they got in the car. Not even acknowledging the driver. Her hand reached for his bulging trousers, and she lightly ran her fingers across the soft cloth.
His fingers searched under her skirt, slipping into her lacy panties and finding her moist hole. I heard a groan from beside me. The driver had an extra mirror to view the back seat. He could see what was going on. I whispered to him. “Keep your eyes on the road.”

Paying very careful attention to the road, the driver got us to our destination safely. I whispered a little breathlessly “Thank you driver. You are a very good boy”.

Noting the intake of breath and smile of his response, I decided to complicate matters further.
“Invite him in”. The couple in the backseat were checking their clothes and getting ready to exit, and both suggested at the same time that the driver should come in. Introductions were made on the way to the door. I reveled in the confusion and excitement I could see in everyone's eyes.

The driver was Pete. A young 28-year-old, handsome guy. He looked like he might work out occasionally. Sindy and Jay were the tentative Bumblers, thrown together a bit faster than natural for either of them. Jay opened the door and ushered Sindy in. I followed closely behind poor, startled Pete.

Drinks were offered all round and soul music started drifting through the cozy lounge-room. It was warm inside, and coats and scarves were removed and thrown over chairs.

I whispered to Pete, “Sit on the armchair, so you can watch,” and grinned as he compliantly did my bidding.

Jay walked in from the kitchen with a tray of drinks, giving Pete a beer and Sindy a white wine. He’d gone for the whiskey. A man after my own heart, and shot the generous measure straight down, as he rested the tray on the ottoman while gazing at the gorgeous Sindy sitting nervously on the couch. I whispered to Sindy, "Just go with it, babe,” and to Jay. “Kiss her.”

Complying, Jay sat beside her and leaned his head forward for a passionate kiss that seemed to have the same effect on me as it did on Sindy. It started with a chaste touching of lips, and more of that followed before their lips locked together, each of them releasing low moans of pleasure. Sindy’s breasts were heaving as her excitement grew and I wondered why he wasn’t all over them. His hands rested loosely by his side. More instruction was required. “Gently pinch those nipples,” I whispered to Jay. Both hands reached up and into her bra, and Sindy groaned as he started to pinch and tweak her nipples. Their lips were still locked.

I looked back at Pete and noted the hunger in his eyes and the bulge in his trousers as he sat helpless to do anything but watch. I walked over to him, leaned down and grabbed his hard cock, squeezing and releasing. He bucked at the shock, but remained on the chair, watching the lip-locked couple. “Why don’t you gather up those scarves and give them to Sindy?”

He did as bid, and the mischief came back into her eyes as she saw him approach with his arms stretched out, offering the scarves as a slave might serve a meal. Still lip-locked, she reached for the scarfs and held them in her lap. I was close enough to the couple that I could whisper to them both “That’s enough kissing for now. Take your clothes off, and take delight in each other.”

They hurriedly stood and disrobed. Dropping and kicking clothes to the floor. Sindy kissed and nipped at Jay's tiny nipples before twisting him around and pulling his hands behind his back. She used her light, silky scarf to tie his wrists tightly together and slapped his ass three times. Redness blossomed as the blood rushed to his skin. She pushed him back to the couch where he sat looking a little stunned and a lot aroused. His cock was at full attention and seemed to bob toward her. Sindy pushed a perfect C-cup breast into his mouth and he suckled and nuzzled obediently as she started grinding her pussy up and down his proud cock.

“Bite me,” Sindy snarled a little.

This girl didn’t need any suggestions from me. She was in charge of her own game.

I was still standing, watching.

Pete was too. He hadn’t had any further instructions and just stood, hands by his side, mouth slightly open and a sheen of sweat forming on his upper lip. I whispered “Sit down, Pete, and pull your cock out.” I brushed my invisible hand ever so slightly over his bulge and gulped as that pulsing throb hit me again.
Jay was nipping and sucking on one nipple as he pinched and twisted the other. I was experiencing a voyeur's feast of my own imagining, with part of the play heading off on its own tangent. Sindy was still grinding, holding the back of the couch and riding Jay like a rodeo cowgirl. There had been no penetration.

Breathless, I sat on the arm of Pete's chair. He must have heard me, or sensed me, as he looked in my direction. His hands lay on his thighs, while his cock stood out of his fly, straining for attention. Really screwing with him now, I twisted around toward him, doubting he had the self knowledge to reach out to me. I balanced myself with my hand on the far side arm of the chair and breathed a hot gust of air onto his cock, then whispered “Stroke it, slowly. Keep watching the others and whatever you do, do not cum”.

His relief showed as his right hand sprung to the task. His strokes were gentle, thumb occasionally gliding over his helmeted head, then slowly gliding down the shaft. It was beautiful to watch.

Jay's scarf was still sitting beside Sindy. “Sure you can think of something to do with that, girl.”

She picked up the scarf and wound it once around Jay's neck. He was still biting, licking and sucking her nipples, but as she pulled the scarf tighter, he lifted his head, looking her in the eyes with fear. She pulled tighter, enough to put some pressure on, before she let go of one end. Stretching her arm out, quick as a whip, she pulled the scarf away from his neck.

She smiled at him as her grinding slowed. Leaning toward him, she kissed then bit his top lip and did the same to the bottom one, then kissed him deeply, her tongue exploring his mouth. Once more she raised the scarf, this time blindfolding Jay, as she rose onto her haunches and pushed her pussy into his mouth.

She cried out as his tongue went to work, grabbed his head and held him there. They were both moaning and sighing and breathless, and I was a dripping hot mess.

Pete was still stroking slowly and moaning at the sight of Sindy fucking Jay's face. Joyful gasps showing her pleasure as he licked. I leaned back to Sindy. “Hey girl, look around.”

She’d forgotten Pete was even there. And chuckled when she saw him. They were three very hot looking people, and I was experiencing a show I’d never forget. “Come on, big boy," Sindy cooed. "Take your clothes off and join us." Jay made a sound approaching dismay and Sindy jumped away from him. His mouth was red and covered in her juices. Sindy slapped his face as she growled that he should be more polite to his guests.

Sindy helped Pete with his trousers. He had stood up at her request but hadn’t moved to undress, waiting for my command. She pulled his belt out of the loops still holding it as she ripped his shirt open, dragging the crisp cloth over his broad shoulders.

He glanced around as if looking for me, and I gave him what he needed. “Listen to Sindy. You’re in good hands.”

I saw Sindy smile. My power of suggestion had no hold on her. She heard my whispers, but was controlling herself.

Sindy grabbed Pete's hand, leading him willingly to Jay who was still sitting blindfolded and neglected, but with clearly no dampening of his arousal. She asked gently if Pete had ever sucked a man before. He hadn’t. She pointed and demanded, “Get on it then." Pete bent to the task, taking Jay in his mouth and started bobbing up and down like a woodpecker toy on a keyboard.

At any stage, Jay could have stopped and objected. His hands were tied, But his legs were free and I hadn’t made a suggestion for some time.

Jay's hips were pushing forward into the amateur but increasingly eager mouth of Pete, who had been longing to touch Sindy, but was happy to bow to her will, discovering how truly yummy it is to suck a nice hard cock. Pete knelt at the couch, his broad, tanned and muscular back facing Sindy and I. Jay's blindfolded face was a mask of ecstasy, confusion and lust as he rode faster toward climax.

I was about to whisper, when I heard Sindy command Pete to stop. He knelt straight up, cock alert and waited for further instruction. Instead, Sindy looped the buckle end of his belt around her hand and whipped him, thrice across his bare back.

Pete cried out in shock, then asked for more. Three more stripes graced his beautiful back. Sindy dropped the belt and I noted a look of triumphant surprise. This was a fantasy fulfilled.

She sat on Jay's lap, straddling Pete now and purred a command for him to suck her pussy hard. Lowering his head, Pete did as commanded, Sindy grinding and squashing Pete’s cock and balls as she greedily enjoyed her second pussy eating of the night. I spoke in a loud whisper for all to hear, “You don’t have to take this, boys. Fuck her hard like she deserves”

It was like a switch went off in Jay. He struggled with his hands for a moment before easily sliding out of the silken bond. He was shaking and rubbing the feeling back to his hands as Pete stood, grasping Sindy by the hips and flipping her like a rag doll. He pushed his penis into her wet hole and pounded his thrusts into her. Sindy’s cries were a combination of ecstasy and disappointment, as she realised the tables had turned. Jay’s hands had recovered enough to grab Sindy by the face. He smiled vindictively and she smiled back as he kissed her before pulling her mouth over his cock. He groaned as her mouth expertly played over his throbbing shaft. She gagged a little as Pete pushed her into the oral action.

The fucking and sucking was quite frenzied, but I still wanted to see Sindy take the double bang. The boys clearly had the same idea as Pete pulled out, and dragged her away from Jay's cock. He kissed her with surprising gentleness as he and Jay signalled their preferences.

Jay disappeared into the kitchen for a moment, coming back with coconut oil.

Pete continued the passionate kiss and lay down on the ottoman, pushing the tray to the floor. His feet touched the ground and his cock stood upright. He hooked his finger into her pussy, pulling her forward us he thrust two fingers deep into her. She gasped and trembled as he found her magic spot, pulling his fingers out of her pussy, pushing them into her mouth so she could taste his juices. Licked clean, he helped her straddle his cock. She used her hand to guide him in and started riding him..

Jay came up behind her and leaned down to kiss her neck and face, tweaking her nipples one more time before adjusting her for anal access.

He’d used the coconut oil generously and was well greased to push slowly into her. The three gasped, moaned, and howled in unison, as Jay glided into her.

For me, the fantasy had been fully realised. I finally started to stroke and rub my happy place as the three enjoyed the sensations. Sindy filled with cock, Jay and Pete getting the sensations of wet pussy, greased arse and each other's throbbing cocks.

Jay pumped harder and faster as his excitement grew and Pete guided a deliciously helpless Sindy up and down. As Jay's strokes quickened, so did mine.

I’d love to say we all came together, but I was a couple of beats behind the 3, my cries echoed theirs as they all looked over. The climax had freed my arousal, and they all saw me for the first time.

I blushed at the thought of being seen, being known to have engineered this fuckfest. Sindy giggled first, and her jiggling made the other two gasp and laugh. I joined in nervously, hoping it would all be okay. The three exchanged kisses as they untangled themselves and walked toward me.

Pete bent to pick up his belt.

I disappeared.

Submitted by: Joanie Lee from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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