The Farmer - Bedroom Fantasies #20

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The Farmer:  Sex was the last thing on my mind. I had been driving home from my parent’s farm when the lights dimmed, spluttered and went out, the engine dying immediately after. I let it roll off onto the embankment cursing my luck.

Thank god the sky was already lit by a huge full moon so I wasn’t left in total darkness.

That was all there was to be thankful about. There was no reception on my phone, and while it was a warm night, it was a long walk back to the last farmhouse I’d passed, especially in the only pair of shoes I had with me. I picked them up from the passenger seat, having not been game enough to drive in them. I loved my heels, but not for an 8k trek on a dusty road in the dark. I had left work on the Friday straight from the office. Dad always gave me a hard time about my city clothes. I’d forgotten to pack shoes this trip and had been clomping around in a pair of my mother’s too big gum boots. He would be in stitches to see me now.

I didn’t know what to do. It was only just after 9pm, maybe someone might pass by? I decided to give it half an hour, then would have no choice but to go get help.

The knock on the window made me scream. I looked up to see a farmer, wide brimmed cowboy hat throwing a shadow over his features.

“You okay out here love? Sorry, didn’t mean to frighten you.” I looked all about wondering where he had come from. I couldn’t see any lights or vehicles anywhere. I went to wind down the window, but the car had no power at all. I had to click open the door. “Umm, my car just died. I’ve just left my parents place, the Monroes, they live off Brumbys,” He nodded.

“Des is ya Dad? Yeah, I know them. Everyone knows everyone around here. What you want me to do? Take you back to theirs and grab a trailer? Your Dad and I can come back and get your car. I am guessing you don’t live anywhere near here.” He snorted as his eyes took in the heels still in my hand.

Even in the moonlight I could see the glint in his eye ,which he made no attempt to hide. His eyes slid over my body. Taking in every inch of me. I took the opportunity to take a little peep at him! He was much older than me, rugged. The silver moonlight bounced off his jawline. His body tall and firm. I realised he was waiting for an answer.

“Umm, that would be great.” I was thankful for the lift. He held out his hand to help as I stepped out of the car. I asked where his car was and bent to slip on my heels. He laughed and reached out to stop me. “The sheep are lambing, I’m out on the quad.” He took the shoes from my hand and tossed them back into the car. “You will snap your ankle in those, I will just carry you. The bikes over the fence and down the hill over here.”

I froze.
“Umm, you can’t carry me.”
He pfft at me.
“You weigh nothing,” he said and without warning he grabbed me, hoisting me up in front of him, my legs automatically wrapping around his body.
For the second time that night, I squealed.

I wiggled to be put down. He laughed. My arms were clamped around his neck, and he peered down at me, the brim of his hat knocking the top of my head.
“Hang on tight,” he said, taking a few long strides over logs and sticks towards the fence before putting me down briefly.

“Can you climb through, or shall I toss you over?” he pulled apart the wires, I didn’t bother answering as I slipped my leg between the wires and quickly climbed through. He followed with ease and had no sooner stood up before he hoisted me up onto him again.

“Umm, wouldn’t it be easier to carry me on your back?” I asked. “I guess,” he said, then added, “but this is way more fun, don’t you agree?”

I had to admit, it kind of was. He wasn’t even watching where he was going, his eyes just looking into mine as he stomped confidently through the paddock. There was no mistaking his hands which had slid lower, cupping my arse, his fingers only millimetres from the sides of my vagina. I wasn’t sure if it was just in my imagination, or if he really was slowly bouncing me against him with each step.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his. I could actually feel the sexual energy working its way around us. It made me think of a tantric video my girlfriends and I had watched recently. We had laughed at the absurdity of it. But here I was, feeling this, electricity, as I connected with his eyes, touched his body, inhaled his scent, and listened to our breathing match each other. Taste was the missing sense. I wanted to taste him. This was crazy! My heart began beating faster. My breath coming quicker. I wiggled, feeling the tips of his fingers slide closer to the centre of me. Oh my god I wanted him to taste me!

I hadn’t imagined it. With his fingers now caressing me between my thighs, he lowered me slightly, pushing me against him. There was no mistaking the bulge in his pants. His fingers massaged me over me jeans, digging in, pressing, stroking. He kept up the rhythm, lifting me, crushing me against him, pushing me down on top of him, my breasts massaging his chest with each step.
Finally, his lips came closer to mine. I leaned in too, our mouths parted, but still not touching. I felt his breath wash over me. We were both panting now.
I moaned without meaning to. That was all it took. He put me down as his mouth crushed mine. He had my pants undone, pushing them down, my panties caught up inside them. His hand slipped down, stroking me, slipping between my wet folds before dipping his finger deep inside me. I gasped. He wasn’t mucking around. I didn’t want him to... I kicked my pants away, opening my legs wider.

My hand went for his jeans, but he slapped me away.
“Not yet, baby. Not yet.”

He shuffled me back a few steps and sat me sideways on his bike which I hadn’t even known was behind us. It had a wide seat, 4 wheels. He bent down in front of me, parted my legs and breathed against my skin. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back, anticipating what would come next. He flicked his tongue out, licking quick, making me jolt. His hands came up around my thighs, holding me still as he went to work.

He tasted me, ravaged me, his movements becoming stronger with each lick. He pulled me further towards him, I almost slipped off the seat, but it gave him more room to suck and push and lap at me with his tongue. I knocked his hat off, curling my fingers into his hair. I was trying not to slip off the seat, but also wanting to push my body harder into his face.

Cold air hit my parts as he sat back and pulled me down onto the earth, the grass prickling and tickling at my naked legs and arse. He lay on top of me, coming up and kissing me deep, his lips wet with my juices. I lapped at his lips liking the tangy flavour.

He fumbled with his pants. I didn’t even get to touch him as he pushed his hard cock against me. He stopped for only a second. I could hardly make out his features in the darkness with the moon behind him, but I knew he was looking into my eyes. I pushed my hips up, giving the slightest nod, then cried out as he sunk himself deep inside me in one swift movement. He groaned, stilled and then we began to move together. It was exquisite, slow, but deep and rhythmic. His mouth didn’t leave mine as he thrust harder, deeper. I tilted my hips up, opening wider, feeling him fill me. I felt the vibration begin to build deep in my belly. I scratched his back as I ran my hand down to his arse, pushing him into me, rocking against him harder and harder, making me cry out again and again.

Tiny tremors raced through me, I felt him expand more inside of me. He pumped in long hard strokes, making growls deep in his throat with each push, sliding his tongue into my mouth, biting my lip, one hand wrapped into my hair.
I began to quiver and shake. The pressure inside boiled over making me cry out like never before. My legs jerked as I felt the pleasure and release rush through me, radiating from my belly, down my legs into my bum and along my spine. My body jerking uncontrollably as I cried out again and again, my body squeezing him, gripping him, clenching his cock inside me. It was all he needed to lose it. He stiffened and shuddered against me. I felt the hot spurt of his cum shoot up inside, drenching me, slipping out between us, dripping.

We came back to where we were. The ground now uncomfortable under me. He lifted his weight off my chest and ran his hand down my face, cupping my cheek. Without words, he got up, and helped me to my feet. He handed me my discarded panties and jeans. We smiled at each other as I slipped them on, feeling strangely okay about what had just happened. He started the bike climbed on and waited for me to sit behind him.

We didn’t speak. I put my arms around him, holding on tight as we rode over the paddock. I was trying to get my mind around what had just happened. I didn’t even know this guys name! I had never even had a one night stand let alone random sex out in the open with a totally hot stranger. I wondered if something like this could ever happen again.

He must have read my mind. He took my hand and placed it over his crotch. He was hard again already. The bike vibrated underneath us. I began to rub him. It was my turn to play. As he rode, I undid his jeans, slipping my hand inside. I stroked him, feeling the wet tip of him, circling my finger around, squeezing gently.

He kept riding as I touched him. Finally the paddock turned to a track, and at the end a farmhouse. He turned off the engine, got off and stretched his hand out to me.

I took it as he helped me off the bike. He never took me back to my folks house. He did get my car towed early the next morning. It took his mechanic mate two days to get the parts and repair it. I never asked what was wrong with it. I did however spend those two days with neither shoes, nor panties on, and I loved every second of it. 

Submitted by: S. LeFey from Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

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