Blood Lust - Bedroom Fantasies #19

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Blood Lust:  Tonight was the night I was finally going to meet my prince charming and make all my dreams come true! Ok, so was every other Friday night but I’m forever the optimist so without losing hope, I plan my Friday night out as I always do. Most nights out, my bestie, Jenna and I travel into the city where we dance the night away at our favourite nightclub, Ground Zero. I slip on my sexiest skinny jeans, a slightly revealing blouse, my favourite stilettos, fix my hair & face and quickly head out the door to meet Jenna at the train station. 

Jenna is a good 12cm taller than I am with her long, blonde hair, well endowed breasts and slender physique, so she’s usually the one the men hit on first. Being relatively short with my mousy brown hair and hazel eyes, I’ve never really had much trouble attracting the guys, but I probably don’t scream easy sex as much as Jenna does. Nothing wrong with her being more outgoing and forward with her sexuality but it didn’t win me any favours with the guys we met. They’d usually be instantly drawn to her, as though they could sense she was horny and ready to pounce. And really, she was ALWAYS HORNY! 

Tonight was a little different. Instead of going our usual haunt, Jenna decided we were going to try a new place she had visited earlier in the week. Not one to argue with a change of scenery, I agreed. It was a good 4 or 5 blocks away from the train station which was ok but then we turned off into a dark alleyway. As we walked further into the darkness, I started to feel a bit of a chill creep up my spine. There was something ominous and scary about the location of this place but Jenna didn’t seem phased. She promised me this was going to be so worth it and that it was all the rave. 

As we arrived, I couldn’t help but to notice how isolated and creepy this place looked. Just a baron door in the middle of what seemed like nowhere, down a dark alley. Yea, that didn’t really give me the best of vibes yet Jenna knocked loudly on the door as though she owned the place. She was really eager to get inside… clearly there must be a reason. 

As the door opened, a man dressed in black leather appeared. Jenna held up her hand and showed what appeared to be a tattoo of a bat on the underside of her wrist. It wasn’t just any bat… there was something oddly unique about this design and it clearly wasn’t a new tattoo either! How had I never noticed this tattoo before? Had she been here often? Had she kept this place a secret from me all this time? Why? 

The man quickly stepped aside and nodded ominously toward us as we passed through the door. Inside, it was dark with candles along the wall that lit up the corridor just enough to see where we were going. The music playing in the background was heavy yet seductive. As we entered the room, it was nearly dark but lit up with red lights. Crowds of people were dancing to the music. There was this erotic feeling in the air as the crowd seemed to vibrate with a seductive energy that penetrated every corner of the room. It was very crowded… almost impossible to believe after standing outside such a baron alleyway. Did all of these people enter the same way we did or was there another entrance? So many questions filled my head yet.

There was something erotic about the energy in this room… that almost penetrated the soul. If there was ever a dark corner in my heart, this place could surely find it. The mood and the feeling was so very alive yet…. not of the world I was accustomed to.There was a darkness about it that made me feel aroused in a strange way. As we approached the bar, Jenna ordered a Bloody Mary. Ha! Looking around at the dark crowd of people, that surely seemed appropriate. “These are beeeeeaaautiful! You MUST try one Meagan!” Jenna exclaimed over the music. “Sure, why not.” I replied. 

Five minutes later, our drinks arrived. Jenna sipped hers first and if I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was licking actual blood from her lips as she quickly downed a generous portion of the drink. Surely my eyes were playing tricks on me. I nervously took a sip of my own drink. It was strangely different from anything I had tasted before, surely not any Bloody Mary I’d ever had before. It wasn’t blood either, or at least I hoped it wasn’t. Blood wouldn’t taste like that, would it? I actually enjoyed the taste and before I knew it, I had sipped nearly half the drink myself. 

The room began spinning as the effects of the drink began to hit me. What ever was in that drink was potent and it made me feel…. amaaazzzing! As we walked away from the bar, I started noticing people’s facial expressions changing. There was something incredibly darkly erotic about the mood. Jenna disappeared into the crowd and didn’t seem to be coming back anytime soon. 

A man walked out from the shadows and approached me. “Good evening… my name is Derek. How are you this evening?” His eyes lingered on mine as he spoke, almost as though he were in a trance… or was it me who was entranced? I wasn’t sure of anything at this point. I stammered a moment and responded, “Very good, thank you. I’m Meagan.” I replied as I smiled up at his handsome face. He was sooo very handsome! Tall too. I barely came up to his shoulders. He had black, shortly trimmed hair, steel blue eyes that pierced through my soul and a smile that sent chills up my spine. There was a ruggedly handsome charm about this man that captivated my senses. He was standing so close to me now, I could almost smell him and he smelled soooo good.

We chatted for a few moments… mostly about myself. He was very inquisitive and seemed to want to know a lot about me. His voice was addictive, almost like a drug. The way he spoke when he looked at me made my insides melt. I was a little too intoxicated to give much thought to what we spoke about and quite honestly, aroused as well. Something about this man awakened every sense in my body and made me weak at the knees. I had no doubt in my mind that I’d do anything this man wanted me to tonight. He seemed to sense this. Derek invited me to come sit with him so I agreed. He escorted me to a room in the very back. Nervously, I followed him. As we entered, I couldn’t help but to notice how ornately decorated the room was. It looked like something out of an old haunted house with its exquisite decor and finely crafted furnishings. He shut the door and locked it. 

He then turned toward me and placed his hand on my shoulder, drawing me close to him. I felt his hot breath on my cheek as he spoke. “Will you be my queen for the night?” he whispered softly into my ear. What an odd question but I was under his spell and unable to deny him anything. “Yes... “ was all I could say before I felt his hands on both sides of my face, pulling me into his embrace as his lips came crushing down onto mine. Pushing me against the wall, he began exploring my body with his hands, caressing every inch of me. I could feel his lips trailing down my cheek to my ear… nibbling gently as I suck in sharply from the intense wave of desire that coursed through me. Then I feel his lips moving further down, to my neck. Sucking gently on my skin at first, then with a slight piercing feeling as he bit into me. Two sharp teeth penetrated my skin and as much as this should have hurt, it felt amazing, almost sexual. Rather than experiencing a searing pain I might have expected, I felt a euphoric rush burning through my body as his teeth sunk into my skin, a pleasure mixed with pain that sent my senses spiralling out of control. He drank from my blood as he undressed my body. What was happening to me?!

He released me and stood back a moment. Standing completely nude before him, with blood trickling down my neck, trailing over my breast, he looked at me as if perfectly satisfied with what stood before him. He bent down to lick the blood from my breast, circling his tongue around my nipple as he did. His tongue traced the trail of blood all the way back to my neck as he pushed me toward the couch behind us. Kissing me on the lips again, I could taste my blood on his lips and it suddenly hit me… this tasted a lot like the Bloody Mary I had earlier this evening… only more intense. Had blood been laced in my drink this evening? It must have been!

As he pushed me back onto the couch, he positioned himself over me. Having fully unclothed himself as well, muscles rippled beneath his skin. His body was solid and lean as it pressed against mine. Dark black hair covered his chest and trailed down toward his cock… which was completely erect and thick. I gulped as I anticipated him fucking me with that. 

He began kissing down my neck again, but kept kissing down further, taking each breast into his mouth as he sucked them gently. Kissing down my belly, down, down further. I could feel his hot breath against my skin as he began kissing my thighs, then carefully sliding his tongue along every inch of my inner thigh until I felt his teeth bite down into my skin again. This time, it hurt a little but the more that he drank from me, the more aroused I became and the better it felt. How? Why? So many questions… so many feelings I couldn’t explain or understand.

As he drank slowly, I could feel his fingers running up and down my clit in unison with the sensations that coursed through my body. He slowly pushed one finger inside of me and then two…. as my hips began to move to the rhythm of his movements. He released me from his bite and continued kissing my skin until he reached my clit with his tongue. Finishing what his fingers started, I felt his tongue as it probed deep inside of me. Bucking wildly now, I could feel the tension rising as I began to cum as his tongue moved in and out of me. His breathing became ragged. I could sense his own desire increasing as he enjoyed the taste of my orgasm on his tongue. 

As I reached my pinnacle of pleasure, I felt him drag his tongue from my pussy, up my belly again, all the way up my body until his lips were on mine again. I could taste myself on his lips again…. An unusual mix of blood and sex. Before I could process what just happened, I felt his cock pressing against my pussy, easing himself into me until he fully penetrated me. The sheer size of his cock as he filled my body stirred my senses again and brought me quickly to another orgasm as he began thrusting. 

Having never experienced multiple orgasms before, this was my first and it seemed as if the intense waves of pleasure would never stop. Feeling the weight of him against me as he drove each thrust deeper, sent me spiralling into a frenzy of erotic pleasures, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. He fucked me slow and hard, making sure to draw out each movement so that we both felt every intense sensation. I could feel his hot breath against my cheek as his muscles tensed and movements intensified. Thrusting harder now, I could feel him cumming inside of me, filling my body with his seed. 

Kissing me gently on the lips again, he gazes into my eyes a moment before speaking. “This wasn’t quite what you were expecting tonight was it?” he asked. Feeling a little confused, I wasn’t sure how to respond. Was he some sort of vampire? What did he do to me? Why? I looked up at him, mesmerised by his sharp blue eyes, I responded, “N-no… I don’t know what I expected. H-how? W-why did you bite me? Why did it feel so good? Are…. OMG… you’re not a... “ Before I could finish my question, he responded, “...a vampire?” Gulping in shock, I nod. “Vampires aren’t really what people think they are my luv. Yes, we drink blood but it’s not for survival. We drink blood because it is the most sensual way to share your body with another. We never take more than we need and we only take from those we are compatible with.” 

Compatible with?” I query, a little unnerved by this revelation. “Yes, compatibility is very important or it could be very deadly.” For who I wondered…. but he continued to explain. “We can smell your blood anytime you’re within ten feet from us. If it smells sweet, we know that we can share. If it doesn’t smell sweet to us, we know not to drink.” How odd this sounded! “Blood can be very toxic to us if it isn't compatible. Compatibility is not easy to find. You came in with your friend, Jenna, didn’t you? She is one of us. She knew you were compatible. She brought you here for me.” 

“What?!?! What do you mean?” I demanded. Feeling anger and confusion welling up inside me, I was almost in tears. “Please don’t be upset Meagan. She meant well by this. She knew that you would be compatible and that you were searching for someone. She knew that I would be drawn to you as you are to me.” He was not wrong. Even now, I felt my body tingling with desire just being close to this man. He bent down to kiss me on the lips again. “Will you share your body with me again?” Looking into his blue eyes, I was unable to resist any request this man made….. and the night did not end there.

Submitted by Charee from Epping, Victoria, Australia

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