Virtually Yours - Bedroom Fantasies #18

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Virtually Yours: Dating has probably never been my strong suit. Over the years, I had gone on plenty of real world dates with different guys, occasionally a blind date set up by friends but nothing serious ever really eventuated from them and no one really captivated my attention for long. Most times, we’d have a pleasant evening, perhaps a goodnight kiss and we’d say our goodbyes. I’d usually avoid their calls after or make some excuse as to why I was too busy. Every once in a while, someone would pique my interest enough to get a 2nd date, perhaps a 3rd or even a one night stand. That was usually the extent of it.

My friends all encouraged me to try online dating and to get onto Tinder or something similar. I’d create a profile, fluff it up with all the interesting bits about myself but quickly lose interest. Online dating was never really something I was brave enough to carry into a real life date.

Of course, there was always the virtual reality dating that captivated my attention. In a virtual reality world like Second Life, you can be and do anything you want. There are no limits and that in itself was a real mindfuck. There was something alluring about getting kinky with a perfect stranger that I would never actually meet that always drew my curiosity. You never really knew who was on the other side of the computer screen which made it all the more mysterious and suspenseful. Being single, I have a drawer full of my favourite sex toys so I’ve always been perfectly content to hop online and fuck my virtual brains out with the first guy that caught my interest until I was fully sated. Most times, that’s all the men really wanted anyway so it worked for me.

It wasn’t long until I got hooked into the BDSM scene. I know, it’s not real. You don’t really feel the whip on your backside and you’re not really in blindfolds but the visuals and mental stimulation would really turn me on. I started to wonder what it would feel like in real life and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try it. Lucky for me, I met a guy in-world who lived in the next town. He was quite masterful at making me cum in Second Life. We spent many evenings together having virtual sex. I loved how he could use words and visual manipulation to get into my head. It was incredibly intense. 

Then one night, he asked if he could call me. I nearly refused but the way he got into my head and stimulated thoughts made me want to know more about what this man could do to me so I gave him my number. As soon as I picked up the phone and answered, I heard his deep voice on the other end. It was low, sensual but sooo very erotic. I could almost picture the face that went with this magical voice. I wondered if he looked like his avatar, tall, dark skinned, shoulder length black hair, firm square jaw...  definitely my type! 

He asked me what I was wearing tonight. I didn’t want to spoil the mood and tell him I was in my fluffy pink pyjamas so I told him I was wearing lacy black panties and nothing else. He seemed to like this. He told me to reach down and touch myself, rub my finger against my clit and taste it for him. He hadn’t asked me to do anything in real life to myself before but this time was different and I wanted to do a lot more! I did as he commanded, rubbed my clit, dipping my finger in and out of myself as I did and brought my finger to my lips and tasted. 

I had never tasted myself before so this was new to me but surprisingly, it turned me on as much as it must have turned him on. I could feel my vulva swelling with arousal each time he spoke with each thing he ordered me to do. Hearing his raspy breath as he spoke sent my senses reeling with anticipation. I wanted so badly to feel him touch me, to feel his hand smack my ass… to be naughty so he would punish me. He could sense my arousal and asked if he could meet me…. tonight. WHAT?!?! So soon? For real? I was so incredibly turned on but the thought of him doing all of the wicked things to me in real life that he did in SL made me feel incredibly daring so I agreed.

We agreed to meet someplace public to start the evening. I quickly freshened up and tossed on a low cut blouse, my sexiest tight jeans and a bit of make-up. I looked pretty stunning by most measures but by this point, I was a nervous wreck. Was I really going to be able to go through with this?!!?! I didn’t even know what he looked like! What was I thinking?? I suppose I could always turn and walk away before he saw me if he wasn’t as visually appealing as he sounded.

An hour later, I arrived at the nightclub he asked me to meet him at. I’d never been there before nor had I ever heard of it but it was public and this was a good start. The club had an inconspicuous entrance. You probably wouldn’t think much of it in general passing but it certainly drew an interesting crowd of people at night. So many were dressed in goth and chains. Wow!! That was different!

I looked at the people standing in line at the entrance to see if I could spot him but he was nowhere to be found. I decided to wait a few minutes and just as I was about to walk closer, a man walked up from behind me and gently tapped me on the shoulder. I turned toward him and there he stood… every bit as intoxicatingly sexy as he sounded and far more interesting in person than he was in SL! He was so tall. His hair was dark brown and shoulder length, just like his avatar. He had mocha brown eyes that seared into my soul and followed my every move. He was wearing tight black leather pants, commando style boots and a black button up shirt that was unbuttoned at the top, revealing a mass of dark chest hair peeking through. My head just came up to his shoulders and as I looked up at this devilishly handsome man, my insides turned to liquid. 

He took my hand into his hand as our eyes met and brought it to his lips for a kiss. Do men actually still do this? Apparently he does! He introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Damian. I’m so glad you were able to come tonight.” I stammered a moment but found my voice. “Hi D-Damian. My name is Renee. Thank you for inviting me.” as I smiled sweetly up at him. He beckoned me to follow him into the club and I complied. Unlike everyone else who stood in line, we got VIP entry. He must be someone pretty important there because they greeted him like they knew him very well and let us pass right through the doors without hesitation. 

We walked through a dark hall that was dimly lit. I could hear the faint sounds of music playing… getting louder as we approached. It was slow, seductive, yet heavy and entrancing. It was a male singer, singing Summer Breeze but in an almost seductive way I’ve never heard before. It definitely set the mood.

As we entered the main club area, it was almost like we had entered a dungeon…. or a vampire’s den… full of people who looked like they would bite and draw blood any minute. Smoke filled the air from the fog machines for added effect. It was dark except for the black lights that lit up anything white in this bright neon colour. There were balcony levels in the walls above, with chain link fences covering and women dancing nearly nude behind them.

On the stage, there was a man and a woman dressed in leather and chains. She had a flogger in one hand with him on his hands and knees as she swatted his rosy red bum for the audience to enjoy. Every move she made showed she was in charge and he was her submissive, ready to do her bidding. Their show bordered on foreplay with strong hints of sexual intentions. The scattered array of Sex Toys laying around on the ground certainly gave me the impression that there was more to come. Looking around the room, I saw that there were couples huddled together in the booths, separated by walls for some semblance of privacy, engaging in sexual foreplay of their own. 

Some of the women wore erotic lingerie, some had nothing but nipple tassels covering their breasts and many of the men wore next to nothing… except some leather straps and erotic fetish clothing. Many people had whips and paddles in their hands, engaging in spankings and other erotic sex acts with their partners. There were some who played together in groups. It was nearly a full on orgy except nobody quite went all the way, or at least none that I saw. I’m sure there was much I didn’t see happening. Sexual energy filled the air everywhere you looked. It was intense and every nerve in my body was completely alive with anticipation. Nothing on Second Life could have EVER prepared me for THIS! I was hooked.

I felt Damian’s hand on the small of my back as he ushered me forward and directed me to a booth, elevated higher, in the far back corner, away from prying eyes yet in perfect view of all that was happening in the club. This was not designated for just any guest. This was clearly a table reserved for him or people of a certain status. I wasn’t sure what to make of everything but I knew that I would never be the same after this night. Something about the place, the man, the music… all of it, stirred a dark part of me, deep inside that I never knew existed. 

As we sat down, Damian gazed into my eyes a moment before asking if I wanted anything to drink. I wasn’t sure if I should allow my senses to be altered or not but it seemed like the perfect time to have one so I accepted. He ordered us both these most exquisite mudslides. They had a silky smooth texture that lingered on my lips. He watched me sipping seductively through my straw a moment before speaking… I believe it had the desired effect because his eyes darkened a bit as his gaze intensified. “I wouldn’t mind feeling those lips sucking me like that...“ Well that caught me off guard a bit. Right to the point but I guess I should have expected that considering our interludes in Second Life. I looked up at him, a little nervous but continued sucking my straw seductively, maybe a bit more seductively, trailing my tongue across the tip a bit… I was definitely interested in sucking anything he wanted me to.

He moved closer and brushed his hand against my cheek gently. I felt his hand move across my face as his fingers slipped around to the back of my neck to slowly pull my face close to his. He bent down and our lips met, slowly at first. It was a gentle kiss but as it deepened, so did my need for more. I felt my insides quiver with anticipation as he pushed me against the seat for a full on assault on my senses. His hands roamed every inch of my body as we kissed. I felt a hand slip up my shirt until it rested on my breast. I sucked in sharply as he pinched my nipple between his thumb and finger and began squeezing as his other hand slipped down my pants and found my honey pot. As he worked his sexual magic on my body, his mouth crushed mine in a soul crushing kiss and just as I was on the brink of cumming, he stopped. 

Placing one finger on my lips, he signals for me to be silent. “Not yet my pet. First, I want to have my fun with you.” He bent me over the table and slid my pants down, revealing my bare bum. He ran his hands across my ass to warm it up and then he came down on me with the first smack. As it struck, I could feel the vibrations coursing through me, setting my body on fire. And then he smacked my ass again, this time harder. He rubbed his hand against my ass between each smack, making sure to brush it against my clit to further my excitement. He continued smacking my ass like this for a few minutes before reaching around to pinch my nipples some more. They were rock hard and my vulva was swelling with arousal. I was so incredibly horny. If he smacked one more time, I might just come from the vibrations alone. I think he sensed this. 

He pulled my pants back in place and ordered me to sit back down and face him. As I did, he gave me a wicked smile and unbuttoned his pants, revealing his large, engorged cock. “I want you to show my cock a little love.” he said as his hand stroked the length of it. As if under his spell, I bent down and slid my tongue across the tip of it, making sure to run it along the slit a few times before wrapping my lips around his fat knob. I began sucking it slowly at first, taking it deeper each time I went down until I could feel it hitting the back of my throat. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me down harder onto his cock, making me gag each time I went down on him. It was almost brutal but I loved every second of it. Just when I thought he was about to cum, he pulled me off of his cock and stuffed it back into his pants. 

“Again my pet. We aren’t finished here. Come with me.” He took my hand and led me down another dark hallway and up a flight of stairs. We entered a dark room with a balcony that overlooked the crowd below. It was inconspicuous enough that we could be seen but it wasn’t likely we would be. I felt him press against me from behind as his hands slowly lifted my blouse and pulled it off. He unfastened my bra and let it fall to the floor as he cupped both breasts into his hands and began to rub them, pulling at my nipples until they were both hard and pointy. It was almost painful but in a very pleasing way. The burning sensations shot through my body, down to my nether region, setting every nerve in my body on fire.

Next, he bent me over the railing as he pulled down my pants again. This time, he took them off completely. He had a leather paddle in his hand as well. I felt him brush it against my ass like he did with his hand before each smack. Oh yes!! This was fucking hot! He continued his erotic assault on my ass until it was rosy red and hot. Then I felt him slip the paddle between my legs as he used it to tease my clit. I squirmed as he pressed it into me, sending shockwaves through my body.

Next, I felt his engorged cock pressing against me, rubbing up and down the length of my clit, pushing it into my pussy just a little to tease me before pulling out and sliding it up and down my clit again. Sensing he might have some difficulty fitting his huge cock into me at first, he reached down and placed his fingers on either side of my pussy, parting my lips as he slowly pushed the length of his cock into me. I braced myself on the railing now, as he took me from behind. 

He fucked me hard and fast. I let out cry after cry of intense pleasure as he pounded my pussy with his huge cock but my cries only blended in with the noises from the crowd below. There was something very carnal about the way he fucked me, almost animalistic and I loved every second of it. Knowing that there were probably people below who could see us made it even more exciting. He grabbed me by the hair and used it as leverage, pulling me back harder onto his cock with each thrust. I could feel the tension building in my body as I reached my breaking point and came all over his cock. 

Soaked with my cum, he pulled it out of me and ordered me to suck him off. I got down on my knees, took his cock into my mouth again and began sucking him violently. I was hungry for every inch of him and sucked him like I was starving for cock. Each time he hit the back of my throat, I gagged but it definitely turned him on more. He grabbed me by the hair again, pulling me harder onto his cock with each thrust. He fucked my mouth almost as hard as he fucked my pussy. I met each thrust with my own force as I took every inch of him until he pulled out of my mouth and sprayed his hot cum all over my lips and face. I could taste the salty drops as they landed on my tongue. I licked the head of his cock as he unloaded the last of his cum onto my lips making sure to let him see his pearly white cum on my tongue just before swallowing. He rubbed his cock against my face, smearing the remaining cum across my lips, before slapping me across the lips with his cock for good measure. 

“You did well my pet. This is just a taste of what’s in store for you. I have a room full of interesting play things to tease and torment you with. Next time, you will find out.” And with that, he walked off, leaving me standing there, nude and alone in plain sight. I faced the crowd, saw the women dancing behind the fences across the room and decided to join them.

Submitted by: Renee from Melton, Victoria, Australia

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