My Mistress Shares - Bedroom Fantasies #110

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My Mistress Shares - Bedroom Fantasies #110

I'm lying on my back with my legs spread open, because Mistress has told me to do so. She has been kissing me roughly and as I spread my legs, I feel a cool breeze, which only draws my attention to the area further. As she starts to squeeze my nipples, hard, her right hand wanders down to between my legs, grazing my thighs and lower belly, cruelly and purposefully ignoring my throbbing cunt. She tells me that she has a surprise for me.

A present. I murmur my gratitude as she calls out a woman's name, Larissa. In through the bedroom door walks a brunette, with big brown eyes and beautiful breasts, on display in the leather contraption she wears. It's somewhere between lingerie and a harness, with strategically placed holes that instantly make me think of the places on her body that I want to get to know.

Mistress beckons her over and forces Larissa's face in between my legs. With the sudden release and surge of pleasure, I feel as she starts to lick my throbbing clit. I involuntarily start to moan. The Mistress is pleased. She attaches nipple grips onto me tightly, making sure that, no matter what pleasure is to come, I don't forget that she is in charge.

She positions herself behind Larissa, greedily licking at her cunt as Larissa continues to lick mine. I scream out to be fucked, for Larissa's fingers inside me, and the Mistress laughs, "Larissa doesn't know how!" I beg her to help me.

The Mistress takes her place next to Larissa, roughly moving my thighs apart far enough for them to both be lying in between my legs. The pressure is almost too much as they look at each other, and then at my cunt, each with a look of animal hunger. I start to beg again and Mistress threatens to stop if I don't behave myself.

I lie back, chastened, waiting for her to decide when and how I will be pleasured. She explains to Larissa that she will show her what to do and that Larissa should follow her instructions. The Mistress inserts her middle finger easily into me. She laughs as I shudder. "Someone's eager," she says, taking her finger back out and popping it into her mouth. "You taste so good, I hardly want to share. But I am a kind mistress after all."

"Larissa, it's your turn." Larissa slides her own middle finger into me and then offers it to the Mistress. They take turns, one finger after another until the Mistress suggests they share the task at hand and help me out of my pitiful state.

As they both enter me simultaneously, Larissa bends back down to continue licking my clit. As I moan and groan, they start to move faster, as one, until I can take it no longer and start to thrust myself against their eager hands and Larissa's velvety tongue. I cum in seconds. Before I can catch my breath, the Mistress turns to Larissa. "Your turn," she says. 

Submitted by Ceara from NSW, Australia

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