Cold Hard Paddle - Bedroom Fantasies #109

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I gasp in anticipation as the blindfold is secured over my eyes. My wrists and ankles are already bound to the bed frame, but the restraint doesn't stop there. A gag is placed in my mouth, impatiently, and I'm told that I won't be getting what I want so easily tonight.

You see, I'd misbehaved the night before, and my partner ended up late for a work function with some important clients. He'd held up an act, pretending to be mad at me, but I knew he would do anything to relive that night again. I'd had his cock soaking through his tuxedo pants with precum before I'd ever even touched him.

But this...this is a display of domination and control I've never seen from him before.

I want more.

I feel a cold, hard paddle being run slowly down my chest, feathering one of my nipples before he continues to pull the wood down my stomach. My body is twitching and my hips are bucking up in anticipation but I can tell he's going to drag this out for as long as he thinks I deserve. I feel him lift the paddle up, and I'm filled with disappointment until he starts tracing the outline of my pussy lips with his fingers.

"Do you think you deserve my touch after how you behaved last night?" he says, and I nod cautiously. I can feel a wetness soaking my underwear and my nipples are hard as rocks. "I think you need to be punished first."

He slides the paddle under my panties and pulls them down so slowly that I want to scream in frustration. "This pussy needs to be punished, don't you agree?" I manage an 'mmhmm' through the gag. Then, nothing. My clit is throbbing in anticipation, heightened by the fact that I cannot see, talk, or move my sensitive body. I think my punishment is going to be a complete lack of touch before I feel the slap of the paddle against my pussy lips. I flinch and yell, but it only makes the wetness of my pussy drip further down my thighs. Another slap and my hips buckle forward. He keeps spanking my naughty pussy, harder each time until I hear him growl, "I think you're enjoying this too much."

I'm quickly untied and flipped over, and as fast as I've been moved to my new position, his throbbing cock has pushed its way into my ass. I gasp in surprise and shock, but my body quickly adjusts to his thick length filling every inch of me. My hair is taken in his hand as he pulls my sweaty body up to meet his. I can tell all of his teasing, watching me struggle and pant under his touch, has brought him close to cumming because I can feel his warm dick throbbing inside me. He pulls out, takes my gag out and tells me to open my mouth. A hot stream of cum trails down my tongue and all over my tits, and I hear the door open. "Stay in here and think about what you've done." And just like that, I'm left to my own thoughts, revelling in what has just happened, still sticky from his cum.

Submitted by Jordyn from Watson, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

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