Hi! How's Your Day Been? - Bedroom Fantasies #108

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I walk into a silent house. My husband’s car is outside, but there’s no indication of where he is or what he’s doing. I call out 'Hiiii! Whatchya doing?', hoping for a response to explain the lack of usual commotion. His reply is a simple 'Hi, how’s your day been?' as he greets me in the hallway, but before I have the chance to answer, his hands are around my waist pulling me into him, his lips attaching to my neck, gently kissing all the right places, and slowly walking me backwards until I’m pressed up against the wall.

“Well it’s getting a lot better now,” I breathe out, closing my eyes and tilting my neck sideways to further enjoy his unexpected, but exciting and very welcome, greeting. My husband lets out a small 'hmmm' against my neck in acknowledgement, quickly amping up his pace.

Within seconds, my fingers are wrapped up in his hair, my legs around his waist and his mouth on mine. Using one hand to help hold me up, he brings his other up to make quick work of removing my bra and starts gently massaging my nipples. Alternating between softly rubbing and pinching, he knows just what to do to get me wet almost immediately, switching to my other nipple right when he can tell I’m beginning to really enjoy myself. I know I’m not the only one though; I can feel his solid erection, still contained by his jeans, pressing into my soaked underwear from under my skirt.

Without taking his lips from mine until the last possible second, he removes both our shirts hastily, reconnects our lips and reaches under my skirt. My eyelids flutter shut and I breathe out a slow, sensual moan as his fingertips come into contact with my clit, relieving some pressure that has been building between my thighs. I can feel myself beginning to build to my climax and quickly grasp his button and zipper, freeing his straining penis from his jeans. “Please,” I moan, begging him for what I know is coming.

One ask is all he needs to lift me higher up against the wall and slide me down slowly onto his cock. Watching me to make sure I’m comfortable, he goes softly for a couple of thrusts, before steadily building up the pace until he’s fucking me as hard and as fast as he possibly can. Our bodies are an array of sweat, messy hair, and roaming hands, surrounded by the sounds of our moans. Neither of us are holding back, and our climaxes are both getting closer with every thrust.

I attach my lips to his neck and kiss the spots I know will drive him wild, and he reaches between our bodies to rub my clit in a circular motion, knowing it drives me crazy every time. He knows how close I am and moves faster, building my body up to an exploding orgasm that makes my head tip back, my eyes close, and a million moans escape my lips. Watching my release is enough to trigger his own, and with a few last, deep thrusts, he orgasms hard, moaning as he finishes inside of me. Slowly pulling out and placing me back on my feet, he gently kisses me on the forehead, grabs my hand and leads me to the shower.

Submitted by Georgia from Corio, Victoria, Australia

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