A Trip to the Library - Bedroom Fantasies #107

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“Follow me,” he whispers into my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I feel my mesh briefs dampen under my vintage dress as my husband, Andrew, moves in front of my wheelchair and leads me through the seemingly endless aisles of books. I wonder what he has planned for us. My mind flicks through the possibilities. I could tell from his tone that he had one thing on his mind. Before long, I notice that the books around us are dustier, the noise of other people has quieted, and the light has dimmed a little. He’s taking me to the stacks, I realise, rolling behind him. My breath quickens, and, as he turns to wink at me, I notice his hardness swelling in his dress pants.    

When we finally reach the rearmost corner of the massive old library, Andrew carefully places me with my back to the wall. He applies my chair’s brakes with one hand, the other running up my thigh. I feel his hand brush my flesh above the top of my stocking. I’m so glad I wore my briefs over my garter belt today!

“I can’t believe this is actually happening!” A giggle escapes my lips, followed by a sharp intake of breath as the sexy-as-hell man in front of me deftly slips my underwear off and lifts my skirt and slip. I feel his hot breath on my dripping honeypot and a shiver runs up my spine. He kisses the soft skin of my inner thighs, his beard tickles my legs and clit. I let out a quiet moan. He’s teasing me. He knows how wet this gets me. Between his skilled tongue, the teasing, and the thrill of him eating me out in public, I know it won’t take him long to make me come. I carefully scoot my thick hips forward in my wheelchair and lean my head back against the wall.    

Andrew looks up at me from between my legs and smiles cheekily at me. “Is this what you wanted, love?” I bite my lip and smile back at him, but the only word I can find is “please.” It was all he wanted to hear. The next moment, I feel his lips wrap around my pink clit, the small nipples on my full breasts hardening, visible through the thin cotton dress. After three years of marriage, he knows exactly how I like it. He’s the only man I’ve ever been with, but believe me when I say that I don’t feel at all like I’m missing out. 

Andrew is an incredible lover — he always has been. And he knows how badly I’ve wanted to do this. Happy, happy birthday to me. He’s found the sweet spot now. I feel his lips suck my clit as his tongue flicks between it and my juicy kitty. I try to keep quiet — we’re in public after all — but Andrew gets off on my noises and I can’t help but let out moans and whimpers as he focuses all his energy on pleasuring me. My body opens to him, inviting his fingers to come and join the party. He instantly finds my G-spot. I let out a low moan. He’s working hard now, moving faster and more intensely, and within moments I’m coming hard all over his hand and face, squeezing my heavy breasts hard through my dress and panting heavily as he gently cleans us up.

“Happy birthday, my love.”

Submitted by Laura from Lilydale, Victoria, Australia

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