Babysitting Bonus - Bedroom Fantasies #111

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Babysitting Bonus - Bedroom Fantasies #111

The night was almost over, the kids were tucked in and would be sound asleep by now. At around 10pm I heard the front door. I went to meet the Rosenbergs and collect my pay, but to my surprise, it was only Mr. Rosenberg that had returned home.

He looked tired. "Hi Sir, how was your night? The kids are upstairs, asleep." Based on his reaction, he must have forgotten I was looking after the kids tonight; organising a babysitter was more his wife's domain.

"Sorry, Kate is it? Thanks for looking after the kids. You can call me Ryan." He spoke slowly while looking me up and down.

"Okay, well I should probably get going now, will Mrs. Rosenberg be returning soon?" I had been there for much longer than I had originally agreed, and I was expecting a nice bonus.

"Crap, Sally organises your pay, doesn't she. I'm sorry Kate, I have no cash."

Disappointed, I responded, "Well that's okay, I can just wait around for Sally?"

Mr Rosenberg looked both uncomfortable and excited. "Sally won't be coming home, we separated tonight. She's staying at her sister's."

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry, Mr. Rosenberg!"

He assured me it was okay and that it was a long time coming. Then he started walking towards me as I started packing my bag. "Well that's good. I should go, but please let me know if there's anything I can do. I'm happy to pick up extra shifts to help out."

He thanked me and said, "That's very sweet Kate, but what about your payment for tonight? You've been looking after my kids for over 4 hours now, I can't let you leave empty-handed”. He was right in front of me now, looking down at me. I'd never realised how tall he was, or how small I was. "Maybe we can arrange a new method of payment now that Sally won't be around." He moves even closer, his legs touching mine.

"What did you have in mind?" I knew what he had in mind, it was poking into my left thigh.

"Why are you in such a rush to get home?" He put his arms around my back.

"I have to study, I've got a test tomorrow." He pulls my body closer to him again. "Sir..." I can feel his throbbing cock between my thighs now, it feels bigger than anything else I've ever had. I squeeze my thighs together to get a better feel. He smiles and slides his hands slide down my back towards my ass and squeezes.

"I bet the boys love you," he whispers in my ear.

"I don't want boys, I want a man."

He groans and squeezes harder, it almost hurts, but I'm so turned on I don't care. I unbuckle his belt and he pulls it off 'for later use'. I pull his pants down and put his cock back under my skirt and between my legs. He now feels how wet I am and can't contain himself. He tugs my panties to the side, bends his knees and slightly raises me up to my toes so that he can ram his cock up me. I gasp in shock and he quickly covers my mouth.

"Shh...the children are sleeping."

Submitted by William from Box Hill North, Victoria, Australia

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