Fertile Imaginations - Bedroom Fantasies #114

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Fertile Imaginations - Bedroom Fantasies #114

As a man of limited experience, I find this question somewhat daunting. Not from a lack of inspiration though, but rather far too much of it.

I have had the pleasure of being a part of just a handful of sexual relationships. Each one was precious and memorable, was endlessly exciting and thoroughly enjoyed. All that said, in a world where fantasies come pre-packed and delivered through the internet directly to our fertile imaginations...well, I don't know about you, but I have yet to try half the things that have caught my attention. Those things sweet or taboo which tease us, tempt us, drawing us in with the thought of unexperienced pleasures. One wonders where to start. Where I could start.

Perhaps I should spin a tale of the forbidden star. A tale of those fierce bedroom passions that lead a pair to take things where they had never gone before.

Her. On her knees and gasping as my tongue teases and tastes, eagerly working its way upward from clit to slit and beyond. Worming its way to probe deeply into unexplored territory. The shift in the tone of her voice as she relaxes into the pleasure of it. The carnal moans as I violate her deeply, face buried between two flawless cheeks. Those last words as she finally admits to herself how much she wants this and begs me to do it. Do her. When she, face buried in the pillows, finally begs me to fuck her ass.

Me. On my knees behind her. Meat in hand. Both of us slick and ready. Her gasping, wanton breaths as I press into her. The tightness, the warmth as she relaxes and begins to receive me. The slow, painfully slow slide as I resist my bestial inclination and instead give myself to her with gentle tenderness. Letting her grow accustomed to newly learned pleasures. Filling her slowly, delicately, thrust after careful thrust. Each one just a careful inch. Each one just a hair's breadth deeper. All until my hips press against her and she feels me in my fullness.

Us. Together. Slowly building in pace and passion. My hands, straying from her hips to deliver a firm spank, or reaching up to grope and tease. Her voice, urging me onward, begging me to push harder, fuck faster, to take her more and more completely. My voice, scarcely words and barely human, the bestial side unleashing a sound that's half grunt and half roar as it and she spur me onward to new heights. Her blissful scream as she crosses into that blessed abyss and my call joining hers as I follow her over the line. My balls tightening as I pump into her. We both collapse. I hold her close, still buried deep inside her. We rest, both thoroughly spent.

Submitted by William from Balaclava, Victoria, Australia

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