Dom Switch - Bedroom Fantasies #115

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Dom Switch - Bedroom Fantasies #115I met him at the nightclub. It was dark and loud and smoke fills the air from cigarettes. I saw him across the room and couldn’t help but think he resembled the lead singer of one of my favourite bands. Like a carbon copy of him, it was unreal. He walked across the room, introduced himself to me, and pulled me in. I was immediately attracted to him. I felt my body shivering in excitement as we talked. All the words being exchanged were filthy promises of a dirty, kinky night.

He took me back to his place and wasted no time in pushing me against the wall, his hands going under my skirt, rubbing my clit through my underwear. My hands are roaming all over his body, unbuckling his belt, making his pants fall to his ankles. He reaches into a drawer and pulls out a toy. He presses a button with little resistance on the toy, making it start vibrating as he roams the toy along my collarbone. The vibration gets more intense as he presses another button, increasing the temptation for my knees to buckle.

The sensation moves down my body and once he gets to the sweet spot, he inserts the toy inside of me. To my sweet surprise, there is another function on the toy. As he withdraws and inserts the toy, in and out, he activates the function that also stimulates my clit. The pressure increases and before I can even remember where I am, I orgasm. A knee-buckling, eye-rolling back into my head orgasm. But I’m greedy and a switch, between submissive and dominant, and I want more.

So I ask him if he’s ever been pegged before. The answer is no but he would like to be, and he has the strap-on already in preparation for me to do it. He lays on all fours on the bed after I’ve handcuffed his hands together and used the leg spreader to keep his legs apart, his cock hard and my vagina being wetter than ever. I put on the strap-on, which is a double-ended strap-on so it goes inside of me and him, giving us both pure satisfaction. I put lube on the dildo section of the instrument and ensure he is fully lubed and prepared.

I get behind him, ask him if he is ready, and wait for his approval to proceed. He says yes. This dominant man who had my legs shaking moments ago is now at my whim, submitting to me. I slowly insert the dildo into his ass, in and out very slowly. The loud moans could be heard by the neighbours. I couldn’t tell who was moaning louder — him or me. I built speed, building the intensification of the orgasmic feeling growing inside of our nerves. The dildo and rhythm of my hips hit a spot for both of us as we both came in unison, leaving us both completely and utterly satisfied.

Submitted by Mikala from Victoria, Australia

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