Dinnertime Gift - Bedroom Fantasies #113

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Dinnertime Gift - Bedroom Fantasies #113

It's a Friday night, I leave work a little early to swing past Sexyland as they have a new Bluetooth controllable wearable vibrator that I am keen to buy for my partner. It is our usual date night and she has booked a fancy restaurant, so I thought it would be fun to spoil her with a little gift for our night out.

I get home early and make sure it is charged and get it connected up to my phone. When she arrives home, I introduce her to her new toy. She likes the look of it and is instantly on board with trying it on before we head off. The wearable sits partially inside the vagina to hold it in place while the vibrating portion sits snugly against the clitoris.

To assist her with putting it on, I kiss her neck, stroke her breasts, and rub her upper inner thighs to make her a little wet. It slides in and she tells me it is comfortable. We head out to dinner and get a nice, quiet, dark spot in the corner and order some food. We talk about our days and she even forgets for a moment that she is wearing a vibrator. But I don't.

I pull out my phone, which at first seems rude, but then access the connection to the vibrator and dial it up, just a little. She gasps as the first vibrations hit right on her clit, sending shivers down her legs and up her spine. She loses track of what she is saying as she squeezes her thighs together and more pulses of pleasure tingle through her body.

She looks into my eyes and smiles, then bites her lip; she is very happy with her gift. I dial it up a little more and she needs to re-adjust in her seat. It is working a charm. Her breathing starts to get heavier but the waitress comes back to bring food so she needs to hold it together for a moment. She's trying so hard not to react to the vibrations but I dial it up a little more and she jolts in her seat. The waitress gives an awkward smile before walking away.

There's no time to mess around anymore, she is getting so close to climaxing and the vibrator is hitting all the right spots. I reach under the table and up her skirt to hold it more firmly against her as I dial it up to max. Within seconds her whole body is trembling as she cums, biting her lip so that she does not let out a loud moan. 

I feel her underwear instantly become a whole lot wetter as she squirts a little. I switch it off and allow her to recover before she heads to the bathroom to clean up a little. I want to follow her in and continue the fun since I am sure she is up for it, but I do the right thing (this time) and stay seated and wait for her to return to eat our meals. This was just a teaser, the real fun will begin when we get home...

Submitted by Thomas from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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