My Master's Bidding - Bedroom Fantasies #29

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Bedroom Fantasies #29 - My Master's Bidding

As I lay there on my wooden bed frame, strapped to the edges with the Fifty Shades of Grey resist straps around my wrists and ankles, I await my master, who is in next room, to come over for an erotic, passionate night of pleasure.

He walks in wearing a tight white T-shirt with black suspenders that are holding up his black leather tearaway pants. He stares at me up and down while I’m in red lace lingerie.

He asks me if I have been a good girl. I stare at his bright blue eyes and say, “I can be whatever you want me to be,” with a little giggle and a smirk. All he says back is "Good".

He leaves the room and returns with a candle and a lighter. He then lights the red candle and lets it drip all over my neck to get the excitement rolling, and for me to surrender to his power, as he is my master after all. I beg for the whips to come out. As he reaches for them, he whispers in my ear, “Do not tell me what to do.” My body shivers with excitement while he slaps my tits with the leather whip, then glides it over my body to reach my pussy, followed by a nice big slap to get her nice and awake for the intense night of pleasure.

He rips his pants off, showing me his nice thick dick that is covered in pre-cum. He grabs my hair and starts to ram his thick cock down my throat. Saliva is going everywhere while he smears it over my face, telling me that I’m such a good whore. Time goes by and I’ve been deepthroating for 30 minutes or more. With his cock so deep down my throat and on the edge of cumming, he gives me a small surprise of cum, making the deepthroat even easier while he’s fucking my throat with his cum. At this point, cum is leaking out of my mouth.

He’s had enough with that hole and goes to my pussy to fill that with thick creamy cum as he passionately French kisses me. He always says that if he wants to be a master cook, he has to eat it too ;)

As I lie there under my master, he’s getting so deep that it feels like he’s digging for gold. As he finishes on that hole, he rips the straps off my ankles and wrists to turn me over and fuck me in the ass. He rams it in my ass with my face down on the bed. He then reaches for the ropes and ties my hands behind my back for an easy handle. Then he pulls me towards him while he grabs my tits and kisses my neck while saying, “Now that’s a fuckin' good girl.”

While he’s ramming his 10-inch cock into me, he’s choking me from behind. I would love nothing more than to pleasure my master.

You would think that this is the ending, but this is just the beginning of an intense, aggressive, meaningful night of sex. After all, he’s on the edge of cumming again. Edge cumming is the most amazing thing — you get more bang for your buck and if you're like me, one drop of cum and you can’t get enough! ;)

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    I’ll tap that!!😍

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