Saucy Sex Bedroom - Fantasies #28

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Bedroom Fantasies #28 - Saucy Sex

She’s a saucy minx, dressed in rugged khaki pants and sachets around with her form fitting rockers tee. Her two plump bossums, those lovely ripe nipples poke through. I can make them out as she bends down. As she throws in clothes into the washing machine, I watch her vicariously with her every move.

It’s dark outside, the laundry mat silent, a twenty four hour service kept the place going. Strangers crossing paths that were much too unlikely to have met otherwise out in the big wide world. Waiting patiently for my own washing to be done, I try to pretend I’m reading a magazine. I just can’t help but look over and take long glances over at her. 

She was divine, short red hair, spiked to perfection and square rimmed glasses, black frames to hide all her mystery. Her tender lips look juicy to kiss and all I want is to pounce on her.

She finally looks my way as she comes towards me and sits beside me on the communal couch. We smile friendly at one another, her leg brushes against my naked legs. My short blue mini skirt is eagerly awaiting her touch.

I can feel my heart begin to race and pulsate, I’d never felt such an attraction like this before. Then she leans into me and whispers, “I want you naked, spread eagle on that table right now”.

My eyes widened with first shock then delight.

I pause for a minute to compose my excitement then she takes my hand and throws me up against the wall. She breathes me in and exhales a delicious spearmint scent from her chewing gum.

She kisses me and takes my breath away. She pulls me over to the folding table, swipes off all the clothes and indicates for me to get on it. She pulls off my white tee, then my bra, skirt and panties.

She looks me over, her eyes are big and beautiful. She licks her yummy lips before she goes down on me. Spreading my thighs wide, using her right hand, she tends to my clit before her wet tongue takes over.

I grab the sides of the table and clutch it with all my might, with each tongue flick the more intense it gets. Her other hand then makes its way up to my breasts, she tenderly squeezes them and holy moly, she makes me moan like no one has ever done before. I cum so intently, I know I’ll be craving her more and more.

I try to turn the tables and go down on her, but she backs away and waves her finger at me.

Her soft sweet voice echos,

“Next time,baby”.

And I grin like a fool thinking to myself,

‘She said next time’.

Submitted anonymously.

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